Chris Temple from The National Investor – Fri 29 Mar, 2019

The US markets just had the best quarter in 10 years but it’s not a all clear heading into Q2

Chris Temple, Founder of The National Investor joins me today to share his insights on the markets and other factors that will drive money flows into Q2. As Chris points out, Q1 was the best quarter for US markets in 10 years but as we turn to Q2 there are still trade concerns, Brexit muddiness, and a USD that is grinding higher.

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Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report – Thu 28 Mar, 2019

The drop in Palladium and now the broad PM selloff. The metals need one key thing to drive them higher.

Craig Hemke, Founder of TF Metals Report joins me today for a quick look at the drop occurring in Palladium. We also discuss the fall in all the other PMs and what it will take to get the metals moving higher in a sustainable fashion.

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Brien Lundin Commentary – Thu 28 Mar, 2019

Why Is Gold Lagging The Other Safe Haven Assets?

Brien Lundin, Editor of The Gold Newsletter joins me to address the fact that gold has been lagging the other safe haven investments. With the USD on an uptrend putting in higher highs and lows and bonds continuing higher, gold still has not broken out or established a more long term uptrend.

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Exclusive Insights on the Gold Market – Thu 28 Mar, 2019

Addressing The Metals Selloff Today and How To Balance Taking Profits and Reinvesting at The Right Time

Phil O’Neill, President of MP1 Capital joins me today to share his initial thoughts on the selloff in metals today. We discuss where the selling is coming from and if this will lead into an early start to the summer doldrums. We then shift focus to address a problem that most investors have when they cash in some profits on an investment. This problem is immediately reinvesting the money in lesser companies and sometimes giving those profits right back.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Wed 27 Mar, 2019

With A Yield Curve Further Inverting What Other Markets Are Going To Break

Chris Temple joins me to wrap up the market moves today. The 3month/10 year spread continues to invert and the USD closes in on the 97 level. Those are just a cou0ple markets that investors need to pay close attention to when considering what the Fed is going to do next.

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Rick Ackerman’s Technical Forecasts – Wed 27 Mar, 2019

Technical Updates For Gold and The Broad Markets

Rick Ackerman is with us today to share his outlook for Gold and the US markets. He outlines a couple targets for both pullbacks and breakouts that need to be watched closely.

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Company Updates From Management – Wed 27 Mar, 2019

Palamina Corp – Updating The Investor Interest In Peru and Current Work Plans

Palamina Corp holds land in the Puno Gold Belt in Peru that is garnering a lot of attention in the marker right now. With Miramont and Auryn currently exploring in this area as well I wanted to get an update from Palamina on its work plans for this year.

Andre Thompson, President and CEO of Palamina joined me to share his thoughts on this renewed investor interest in the Country. We discuss the process of getting permits to drill and what the Company is planning in terms of exploration.

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Be email me with any follow up questions or comments on Palamina – I am happy to answer any of your questions or pass them on to Andrew. In full discloser I am a shareholder of Palamina.

Jordan Roy-Byrne – Techncial Commentary – Wed 27 Mar, 2019

With All This Talk About Metals Stocks vs Metals – Here’s What Is Really Important

We have been hearing a lot about how the metals stocks have been performing better than the underlying metals prices and how that is bullish for the sector. While it is positive to see the stocks outperforming it does not confirm a full on bull market. Jordan Roy-Byrne joins me to share the indicators and relationships that are more important to watch.

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Company Updates From Management – Wed 27 Mar, 2019

New Dimension Resources – Trenching and New Target Updates

New Dimension Resources (TSX.V:NDR) released trenching results yesterday from its Los Cisnes Property in Argentina. These 4 trenches are part of a larger 8 trench program as well as a 16 trench program at the Sierra Blanca Property, also in Argentina.

I chatted with Eric Roth, President and CEO of New Dimension to get some more information on the high grade trench results. We discuss the importance of trenching when looking for new targets undercover and the value of high grade.

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David Erfle – Gold Market Commentary – Tue 26 Mar, 2019

How The Gold Stocks Are Fairing Compared To Gold and US Markets

David Erfle, Founder of the Junior Miner Junky joins me to share his thoughts on how the stocks are fairing against other aspects. David is very excited about how the sector is setting up and thinks this week’s close will be very important.

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