Chris Vermeulen – The Technical Traders – Wed 29 Jul, 2020

Precious Metals Volatility – The Fear Trade Is Growing But Where Does Gold and Silver Go From Here?

Chris Vermeulen kicks off today with a focus on the precious metals. Gold and silver have been extremely volatile but remain in an uptrend, with most other safe haven assets. The performance against the US markets is key.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 27 Jul, 2020

Today is all about the pop in gold and silver and drop in the US Dollar

Chris Temple joins me to wrap up the markets today. It was a day where gold and silver made another strong move higher, all supported by a further fall in the US Dollar. Chris has a bit of a warning for metals investors that are not taking profits at these current levels.

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Dana Lyons Commentary – Fri 24 Jul, 2020

Market breadth is weakening but it now the time to go short?

Dana Lyons kicks off today by focusing on the overall breadth of the markets. We have discussed at length the weak breadth for the markets but Dana points out that it’s actually getting worse. However this is still not the time to be rushing to cash as a couple leading sectors continue to show strength.

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Jordan Roy-Byrne – Technical Commentary on the Metals – Wed 15 Jul, 2020

All this talk about a correction needed for gold stocks – We discuss

Jordan Roy-Byrne joins me for a close look at the action in gold stocks in a broad sense. There are a lot of analysts waiting for a correction but the stocks keep moving higher. Jordan and I discuss what a reasonable correction would look like and where he sees opportunity in the sector.

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Jordan Roy-Byrne – Technical Commentary on the Metals – Wed 8 Jul, 2020

Can we still argue this is just the beginning of the gold stock bull market

With gold breaking out again and the stocks, both large and small, moving higher it has everyone wondering just how early stage is this bull market.

I chat with Jordan Roy-Byrne today about the significance of these breakouts for the metal and stocks. We discuss whether he thinks this is still early stages of the bull market. Also where he sees value in precious metals stocks.

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Chris Vermeulen – The Technical Traders – Tue 30 Jun, 2020

People are not afraid to buy stocks but a correction is due

When it comes to US markets there seems to be a lot of investors willing to buy dips. Even in this short term minimal downtrend a correction is due.

Chris Vermeulen joins me to share his thoughts on the potential of a correction in the near term. Also what a correction would look like in terms of level and the other markets that would be hit.

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David Erfle – Gold Market Commentary – Tue 30 Jun, 2020

Gold breaking out and stocks continuing to get a bid higher

Dave Erfle joins me today for a focus on the precious metals sector. with gold closing at it’s highest quarterly close ever this is drawing more investors into the sector.

We discuss Dave’s trading strategy for the stocks and the environment where even small metals stocks with no news are getting a strong buy.

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TG Watkins – Techincal Trader – Mon 29 Jun, 2020

US markets and gold stocks – Are the summer doldrums around the corner?

TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading joins me to address the theory that the summer doldrums are right around the corner for US markets and gold stocks. We spend a lot of time comparing the moves in gold vs the gold stocks. Looking at the long term chart is easy to tell gold is much closer to all time highs than the stocks.

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Weekend Show – Sat 27 Jun, 2020

Hour 1 – Markets and Metals – The Relationship Between Gold Stocks and the US Markets
Full First Hour

Thank you everyone for the all the emails throughout the week on companies you are interested in. There’s clearly a lot of interest and excitement for the sector. Finally! I’m working on getting back to everyone and setting up calls with the companies. Please keep the emails coming to

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On this weekend’s show I focus on the current relationship between precious metals stocks and the US markets. I have a wide range of guests sharing their thoughts on what the key drivers will be through the election.

  • Segment 1 – Trader Vic Sperandeo kicks off the show by focusing on how the Fed policies are supporting the markets.
  • Segment 2 – Mike Larson is up next to dive into the internals of the US markets. We also look at what gold and bonds are telling us actual money flows.
  • Segment 3 and 4 – I have a round table discussion with Chris Temple and Rick Ackerman. We touch on everything from the US election’s impact on the markets, gold’s test of $1,800 this week, and the inflation/deflation debate.

Exclusive Company Interviews This Week

Trade Vic Sperandeo
Mike Larson
Chris Temple and Rick Ackerman

Jordan Roy-Byrne – Technical Commentary on the Metals – Wed 24 Jun, 2020

Gold’s breakout but watch the stocks and ETFs for confirmation

Jordan Roy-Byrne joins me to discuss the breakout in gold over the past day. Yesterday was a key close and today in early hours trading gold moved up to $1,796 on the future market. It has turned around since but there is no doubt the uptrend continues.

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