Exclusive Comments from Marc Chandler – Fri 1 Nov, 2019

A valuable recap of the global economic data from this week

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx joins me for a comprehensive recap of economic from the US and around the world and how it all impacts the markets. We have seen a shift to a more risk on attitude but the safe assets are not getting hit as hard as one would think. All this data needs to be looked at in a big picture sense to help investors navigate these choppy markets.

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Brien Lundin Commentary – Thu 31 Oct, 2019

What’s Driving Gold and Comments On Gold Juniors

Brien Lundin joins me today for a conversation on the gold market. With gold holding up very well as US markets moved to all time highs and the Fed pausing on rate cuts the overall story for the PMs is encouraging. We discuss what is hold gold in this higher trading rage as well as drive into the juniors and address what it will take have more money flowing in.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Wed 30 Oct, 2019

Recapping the Fed Press Conference and US Economic Data From Today

Chris joins me for an in depth discussion on the Fed statement and press conference. The Fed delivered a rate cut but it is being considered a hawkish rate cut as they will be on hold until next year. We also look at the ADP jobs number and GDP data point from this morning.

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Ed Moya – Senior Market Analysts at OANDA – Tue 29 Oct, 2019

This Week Is More Then Just The Fed

While most everyone will be watching the Fed statements and press conference tomorrow there are a couple other important events to watch. Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins me to share his thoughts on the Fed meeting but also look to some earnings from big tech, Facebook and Apple. There is also jobs data that will be released and trade updates on the possible Phase 1 deal.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 28 Oct, 2019

US Markets continue to all time highs but will this be another short lived breakout?

Chris Temple joins me today for a look at the US markets and overall sustainability of the current all time highs. The markets have consistently reversed and sold off very shortly after all time highs have been reached all year so will this time be different? We also address the selloff in gold today and how the overall environment is impacting this.

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Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report – Thu 24 Oct, 2019

Earnings Season For Precious Metals Companies Is Off To A Good Start

Craig Hemke, Founder of TF Metals Report joins me to discuss the continued involvement of the Fed in the repo market as well as the Agnico Eagle Q3 earnings. While no one knows how it will all play out with the Fed injecting more money into the repo market it is not a good sign that it is expected to continue into next year. As for Agnico the revenue and earnings numbers were very good. This is very encouraging for the overall sector moving forward.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Thu 24 Oct, 2019

A Look At Some Of The Weaker Markets – Energy and Uranium

After Chris and I chatted yesterday focusing on some of the opportunities he sees in the market we shift our focus today to some of the more beaten down sectors. We start with a couple comments on the Fed continuing to inject money into the repo market and then quickly shift to the energy and uranium sectors. If you want to be a true contrarian then these areas should catch you eye with how low the share prices are.

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Jordan Roy-Byrne – Technical Commentary on the Metals – Wed 23 Oct, 2019

A steepening yield curve and a Fed pause might not be as bad for gold as you think

Jordan Roy-Byrne joins me for a broad look at the main drivers for gold. Over a year ago Jordan was saying that gold would finally move when the Fed switched course from rate hikes. That happened at the end of last year and helped gold go though a very good 2019 so far. Now it is important to understand what could happen to gold if the Fed stops it’s rate cuts. We cover a lot in the interview but it is all important to understand.

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Exclusive Comments from Marc Chandler – Tue 22 Oct, 2019

Important Updates on Global Politics and Upcoming Central Bank Meetings

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx joins me to recap all the major political and central bank events on tap for the next week and a half. We start with Brexit and move to the Canadian election results, all with a view of what it could do for markets. Finally the ECB is meeting this Thursday and next Thursday we hear from the Fed. We share what to expect.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 21 Oct, 2019

Updates on Brexit, US Bank Earnings, and Looking Ahead to The Fed

Chris Temple kicks off today by discussing where we stand with Brexit and just how far it could continue to get pushed back. We also look at the earnings picture in the US especially when it comes to the banking sector. Finally a couple comments on the ECB and Fed to wrap up the big picture.

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