Is Stock Market Volatility About To Spike Higher Than March?

Chris Vermeulen

April 21, 2020
Chris Vermeulen

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Dana Lyons Commentary – Fri 17 Apr, 2020

The Risk/Reward Balance for US Markets and Hints From Volatility

Dana Lyons kicks off today by sharing his thoughts on the balance between risk vs reward in the US markets. After the quick rebound in markets there are some internals that have Dana concerned. We also look to volatility which remains elevated.

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Chris Vermeulen – The Technical Traders – Tue 7 Apr, 2020

Bonds and volatility balanced with the recent run in US markets

Chris Vermeulen joins me today to address the recent moves higher in US markets while also considering the drop in bonds and volatility. To wrap up the call Chris also shares his strategy for trading high volatility markets while reducing overall risk.

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Peter Hanks – Broad Market Commentary – Fri 3 Apr, 2020

A bit of calm in the markets this week but watch the USD and upcoming earnings season for new opportunities

Peter Hanks joins me to discuss the US equity markets, rising USD back over 10 on the USD index, and the oil market continued weakness.

The US markets have been relatively quiet this week compared to the prior weeks. However watching some specific sectors like the currency markets are showing that fear remains and when it comes to a crashing oil market we re not out of the woods. Finally we will have earnings season kicking off in under 2 weeks. This will an earnings seasons for the record book – not in a good way.

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Peter Hanks – Broad Market Commentary – Fri 20 Mar, 2020

After extreme levels in volatility and central bank policies are we finally seeing some calm enter the markets?

Peter Hanks, Analyst at DailyFX kicks off today by looking at the US markets and some related factors that are showing fear has dissipated to a small degree.

14 central banks have cut rates and the major central banks are aggressively buying assets which is helping but even the news of California going into lock down is not forcing a sell in US stocks. Maybe the worst is behind us – Maybe not though…

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Wed 11 Mar, 2020

Another day another 1000+ down more for the US markets – When will this end?

Chris Temple joins me on another wild day for the markets. Investors are scared again today and selling is hitting almost everything. We try to make light of it all.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 24 Feb, 2020

A Comprehensive Market Wrap – US Markets, the VIX, Gold, and Bonds

Chris Temple wraps up today for us with his thoughts on the big moves in US stocks, gold, bonds, and the VIX. One aspect of today to note is the fact that selling or buying did not pick up during the day. Most markets that we watch started the day either way up or way down and stayed in a relatively tight range throughout the day.

As Chris notes throughout the interview let’s see what the headlines bring for the rest of the week.

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Weekend Show – Sat 25 Jan, 2020

Hour 1 – A Focus on US Market Health, New Fed Nominees, and Base Metal Investments
Full First Hour

  • Segment 1 – Jesse Felder kicks off the show by sharing why his main focus is the US markets and volatility. He weighs sentiment, fundamentals, and technical factors in this segment.
  • Segment 2 – Chris Temple joins me for a look at the two Federal Reserve nominees Christopher Waller and Judy Shelton. There are some interesting comments about the type of policy the Fed could shift towards.
  • Segment 3 – Dave Erfle and I shift focus to the resource sector. We discuss where Dave sees value in metals stocks as the gold stocks continue to lag.
  • Segment 4 – Adventus Mining has been quietly de-risking an interesting base metals asset in Ecuador. With a busy 2020 ahead, including a large exploration drill program, Christian Kargl-Simard President and CEO of Adventus shares all the details you need to know for this year.

Exclusive Company Interviews This Week

Jesse Felder
Chris Temple
Dave Erfle
Adventus Mining – Christian Kargl-Simard

Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 16 Dec, 2019

The bullishness continues for US markets, but is it justified?

There’s no denying that the US markets have been on quite the run to close out 2019. Whether we attribute it tot he Fed injecting capital into the repo market or some better trade comments a lot of money that was on the sidelines is now in the equity markets.

Chris Temple joins me for a discussion focused on the overall health of the markets while also touching on volatility as the VIX is below 12 today. As much as the markets should have a very natural pullback optimism can carry these things way further than expected.

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Exclusive KE Report Commentary – Mon 9 Dec, 2019

History shows volatility will be picking up this month

Peter Hanks, Daily FX Analyst joins me to share some recent research he has done on the VIX and general volatility for the month of December. We have been talking a lot about the speculator short position in the VIX but this month could force them to unwind these positions if history is any indication.

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