Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 25 Nov, 2019

Outside of trade rumors here’s what’s driving the US markets higher

Chris Temple kicks off today with a look at the markets which continue to mover higher. The reasons being given for this move deal with trade comments coming out of China. We think there is much more then just another comment that we have learned means little to nothing in the long run. Pay close attention to the comments given on the short VIX trade and the mentality of investors as we close in on the end of the year.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Fri 22 Nov, 2019

Updates On US/China Trade Issues – From Both The US and China Perspective

This week was relatively slow for the markets and general news however some of the developments in the trade talks between the US and China – which are more negative – need to be noted. Chris Temple joins me to outline the comments made by Trump earlier today and recap some of the news from the week. Although the markets haven’t taken significant note of the more negative shift in tone it doesn’t mean it will be ignored for long.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Tue 19 Nov, 2019

Here’s what we think was really behind the meeting between Trump and Powell

Chris Temple is with us to share his thoughts on the slowdown in the markets and recent comments out of China regarding a Phase 1 deal. Another out of the blue news story that came out yesterday regarding a meeting between Trump and Powell. There are few actual details on what was discussed but Chris has some thoughts, that are speculation, but could very well be what was discussed and what we should all prepare for.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 13 May, 2019

Trade War Escalation Shift Money To The Risk Off Assets

We start another week discussing the trade war between the US and China. Tensions are ramping up again and the markets are selling off, with US markets down over 2% across the board. Money is flowing into risk off assets such as treasuries and gold.

Chris Temple and I discuss what this all means for the markets and the economies of each country. There are a lot of comments regarding which country can outlast the other and if China is really dumping US dollars.

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Lobo Tiggre – The Independent Speculator – Thu 25 Apr, 2019

Key Topics For Metals Investors – Chinese Data and US Market FOMO

Lobo Tiggre, Editor of the Independent Speculator joins me today to look at some of the other areas that have a large impact on the metals markets. First is the recent data out of China that has been generally better. The argument can be made that it’s all the PBoC freeing up capital but Lobo has some other ideas on the actual data presented. We then move to the US and the sense of FOMO that encompasses the US markets. These are two major drivers to the metals markets. Even Lobo points out that there could be some more downside but he is not selling his positions.

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Jayant Bhandari – Wed 10 Apr, 2019

China’s Demand For Resources and A Company The Jayant Thinks Has Some Near Term Upside

Jayant Bhandari joins me today to share some details on a recent trip he had to Hong Kong. He thinks that China is doing much better than some of the recent data and commentary has been outlining. This will all lead to at the very least stable demand for a wide range of resources.

We also discuss Ascot Resources. Jayant thinks the recent selling after the closing of the IDM Mining acquisition has put some selling pressure on the stock which could provide a near term upside opportunity.

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Exclusive Comments from Marc Chandler – Mon 1 Apr, 2019

Lot’s to look ahead to… US economic data, Brexit updates, and the possibility of foreign money flowing into China.

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global Forex and Editor of the Marc To Market website joins me for a look ahead to data on tap and that has already been released. There is a lot of negativity as we turn the corner into Q2 but Marc has a different take of things. He thinks the economy could be in for a period of slightly better data and a little reprieve from the downtrend. Remember markets tend to lead the data.

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Weekend Show – Sat 2 Mar, 2019

Hour 1 – US Economic Data, Resource M&A Activity, and An Update From Novo Resources

This week’s show is packed with some important comments from Peter Boockvar, Matthew Zabloski, and Quinton Hennigh. As we ended the week the US markets started a short term breakout while the precious metals started to breakdown. We focus on the big picture themes for US markets, global economies, and the metals. Also be sure to listen to the comprehensive update on Novo Resources to wrap up the first hour.

  • Segment 1 and 2 – Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer at Bleakly Advisory Group shares his thoughts on the recent data out of the US, China, Europe. Plus we address the recent comments out of the Fed regarding inflation running over 2%. – Click here to visit Peter’s site, The Boock Report.
  • Segment 3 – Matthew Zabloski, Managing Director at Delbrook Capital takes a look into the resource sector. We discuss large number of resource funds shutting down and recent M&A activity.
  • Segment 4 – Quinton Hennigh joins me for a comprehensive update on Novo Resources. It’s along interview but answers a lot of your questions.

Peter Boockvar
Matthew Zabloski
Quinton Hennigh – Novo Resources

Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 14 Jan, 2019

Weak Data Out Of China and A Consolidation Of Major Gold Producers

Chris joins me today to comment on the weaker than expected data out of China and a consolidation of majors in the gold sector. Regarding the data, we continue to see poor data out of China which is making the overall investing environment a choppy affair. As for the gold market we now have Newmont and Goldcorp combining to form the largest gold company in the world. What is this saying about the overall gold sector?

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