Weekend Show Politics – Sat 23 Nov, 2019

Hour 2 – Current US Political Issues
Full Second Hour
  • Segment 1 – Dr. John Huber explains the vitriol associated with the impeachment hearings.
  • Segment 2 – David Howowitz discusses the principles behind his best selling book The Plot to Overthrow Christian Americas.
  • Segment 3 – Best selling NT Times author Dr Jerome Corsi discusses urgent political issues.
  • Segment 4 – Dr. James Corsi introduces a revolutionary new affordable way to secure our southern borders.

Dr. John Huber
David Horowitz
Dr. Jerome Corsi
Dr. Jerome Corsi – Part 2

Chris Temple from The National Investor – Tue 19 Nov, 2019

Here’s what we think was really behind the meeting between Trump and Powell

Chris Temple is with us to share his thoughts on the slowdown in the markets and recent comments out of China regarding a Phase 1 deal. Another out of the blue news story that came out yesterday regarding a meeting between Trump and Powell. There are few actual details on what was discussed but Chris has some thoughts, that are speculation, but could very well be what was discussed and what we should all prepare for.

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Ed Moya – Senior Market Analysts at OANDA – Tue 12 Nov, 2019

Markets on hold waiting for Trump’s speech – Here’s what to watch for.

Ed Moya kicks off today with a look ahead to Trump’s speech at the Economic Club of New York. Trade will be a major focus mostly in terms of the US/China Phase 1 deal and rolling back of tariffs but the US/Europe trade war in terms of auto tariffs could be brought up as well. We also look at the general health of the US markets and the recent weakness in gold.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 5 Aug, 2019

Is the ongoing trade war going to be the biggest policy mistake for markets and the economy?

While it didn’t take long for Chine to fire back with their own tariffs against US goods. This is pushing US markets and the US dollar significantly lower while providing another boost to gold and treasuries. Chris Temple joins me today to share his thoughts on the escalation of the trade war and market moves. The overarching question is will these trade wars end up being a major policy mistake which pulls the globe into a full on recession…

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