Sean Brodrick – Wed 20 May, 2020

Here are the metals stocks that Sean is investing in

Sean Brodrick joins me today to focus on the resource sector and shares the type of stocks he is investing in. When an entire sector is moving up like the precious metals stocks it can be easy to get stuck in under performing stocks. That’s why it’s important to constantly review your portfolio and adjusting to balance out positions.

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David Erfle – Gold Market Commentary – Tue 19 May, 2020

A focus on the moves in silver and silver stocks

Dave Erfle joins me today for a look at the recent moves higher in silver and silver stocks. When silver starts moving it can be a sign of a few different factors including the type of investors entering the sector and a gauge of inflation expectations.

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Company Updates From Management – Fri 15 May, 2020

GR Silver Mining – More High Grade Results From Plomosas

Marcio Fonseca, President and CEO of GR Silver Mining (TSX.V:GRSL & OTCQB:GRSLF) joins me to recap the news from yesterday outlining more high grade gold and silver results from the Plomosas Mine Area.

We discuss the higher gold component and the number of veins the Company thinks are in this area. Marcio also outlines the exploration work the Company will undertake to further define these veins and work toward a resource estimate.

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Company Updates From Management – Thu 14 May, 2020

SilverCrest Metals – Restarting work at Las Chispas and addressing the 9million share block that went up for sale today

Chris Richey, President of SilverCrest Metals (TSX:SIL – NYSE:SILV) joins me to get us up to speed with the restart of operations in Mexico at the Las Chispas Property. He outlines what the strategy will be for drilling.

We also discuss some share specific topics. Starting with the merger of SSR and Alacer, with the focus being on SSR who is a large shareholder in SilverCrest. Also the potential of SilverCrest being included in the TSX Composite Index.

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Company Updates From Management – Wed 13 May, 2020

Endeavour Silver – Discussing an operational turnaround, organic growth and exploration potential

Bradford Cooke, Founder and CEO of Endeavour Silver Corp (TSX:EDR – NYSE:EXK) joins me to provide a broad overview of the Company’s growth objectives this year.

We begin with the 3 operating mines. 2019 was the worst year, operationally for the Company but Brad addresses how the Company is working to turn this around. We then discuss the organic growth opportunities in the more advanced projects held by the Company in Mexico. Finally a look at the exploration that is planned for this year, which also includes a couple properties in Chile.

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David Erfle – Gold Market Commentary – Tue 12 May, 2020

A focus on PM stocks and the M&A in the sector just this week

Dave Erfle joins me to focus on the precious metals sector. We recap the 3 M&A deals that were announced yesterday and what those mean for the broader sector. We then look at the gold and silver space in a broad sense. There are so many encouraging signs right now for the PMs that it’s hard to not get excited.

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Company Updates From Management – Tue 12 May, 2020

GR Silver Mining – Recapping recent news – Bought Deal Financing, Plomosas Exploration Results

Marcio Fonseca, President and CEO of GR Silver Mining (TSX.V:GRSL & OTCQB:GRSLF) joins me to kick off today with a recap on the news from last week.

the Company announced a $6million bought deal financing that was quickly up-sized two times to $8.1million. There was also another round of exploration results from the Plomosas Project.

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Jordan Roy-Byrne – Technical Commentary on the Metals – Wed 29 Apr, 2020

Gold Juniors and Silver Stocks Outperforming – Here’s what to watch next

Jordan Roy-Byrne joins me to address the fact the gold juniors and silver stocks have been outperforming majors miners, gold, and silver in the past week. While this is happening on low volume, if this trend continues it signals another bullish sign for the overall sector.

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Richard Postma – The Doctor Is In – Tue 28 Apr, 2020

Doc is shifting his focus to something other than gold stocks – Listen to find out where he sees value now

Doc is back and shares where he is finding value in stocks. We start with his thoughts on gold, GDX, and silver. Then we move to the area and stocks that he is watching and has been buying.

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Company Updates From Management – Mon 27 Apr, 2020

First Majestic Silver Mining – General Updates on Production and Exploration Potential

Keith Neumeyer, President and CEO of First Majestic Silver Mining (TSX:FR – NYSE:AG) joins me for a general overview on the production and exploration front.

As the worlds largest primary silver miner I receive a lot of emails from listeners asking about First Majestic. We dive into the three production assets and some of the improvements that that are being built out to improve the overall profitability of the Company. I also get Keith to comment on the M&A in the silver sector.

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