Company Updates From Management – Mon 6 Jul, 2020

Mountain Boy Minerals – More information on the planned exploration at American Creek and BA

Lawrence Roulston, President and CEO of Mountain Boy Minerals (TSX.V:MTB) joins me to follow up on our initial call with more information on the American Creek and BA Projects. We discuss the historic high-grade silver exploration results and planned work with drills turning in August. The Company also just announced that the financing underway has just been increased to $3million, from $2million.

Click here to listen to the initial interview with Lawrence for a broad overview of the Company and exploration strategy.

Click here to view the Company’s presentation and note slide 10 that we focused on.

Exclusive Company Introduction – Thu 18 Jun, 2020

Mountain Boy Minerals – An Introduction to this explorer in the Golden Triangle

Lawrence Roulston who a lot of our long time listeners will remember from his days writing the Resource Opportunities newsletter is back on the show. Lawrence is now the President and CEO of Mountain Boy Minerals (TSX.V:MTB).

I have Lawrence discuss what drew him to the Company and the Golden Triangle in general. We focus on the American Creek Property which will have exploration starting up shortly. Have a read over the Company presentation below and send me your questions to

Click here to read over the Mountain Boy Minerals presentation.