Weekend Show – Sat 26 Oct, 2019

Hour 1 – Featuring Jesse Felder, Rick Bensignor, and Matt Geiger

This first hour is full of extended segments with topics ranging from overall US markets health to opportunities in depressed markets, and of course comments on the resource sector. It’s fascinating to see three different types of investors and money managers all have similar outlooks for risk on and risk off assets.

Please feel free to share your thoughts by commenting or emailing me at Fleck@kereport.com.

  • Segment 1 – Jesse Felder, Founder of The Felder Report kicks off the show with an extended conversation starting with a discussion on distinguishing between a bubble and a mania. We then look to some of the sectors that Jesse sees as offering great value for investors.
  • Segment 2 and 3 – Rick Bensignor, Founder of Bensingor Investment Strategies shares his thoughts on the US markets, Emerging Markets, copper, and gold.
  • Segment 4 – Matt Geiger, Managing Partner at MJG Captial focuses on the resource sector. We chat about the weakness in the USD and how that could impact the metals; how he is positioning his fund for tax loss selling season; and what he thinks will finally drive M&A activity in the sector.

Exclusive Company Interviews This Week

Jesse Felder
Rick Bensignor
Matt Geiger

Weekend Show – Sat 19 Oct, 2019

Hour 1 – Emerging Market Opportunities, Resource Sector M&A, Ecuador Updates, and an Update From SilverCrest Metals
Full Hour

I will be at the Schachter Energy Conference today in Calgary on the look out for some attractive oil and gas companies. If anyone is at the conference please email me (Fleck@kereport.com) so we can meet up.

The first hour of the show I feature Adrian Day, SilverCrest Metals, and Chris Temple with an update on the situation in Ecuador. I hope you all enjoy and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Segment 1 and 2 – Adrian Day kicks off the show by looking at the relative value in global markets compared to US equities. In the second segment we shift focus to the resource sector and discuss why M&A has been slow in general.
  • Segment 3 – SilverCrest Mines released news on reconciliation results from the Babicanora Vein. Eric Fier, CEO of SilverCrest provides some more details on the results that yielded higher grades and more ounces from the February 2019 resource model. Click here to read over the full news release.
  • Segment 4 – Chris Temple wraps up the first hour with an update on the political and business situation in Ecuador.

Exclusive Company Updates This Week

Lobo Tiggre – The Independent Speculator – Wed 2 Oct, 2019

Gold stock trading strategies and thoughts on the Osisko Gold Royalties and Barkerville transaction

Lobo Tiggre, Editor of The Independent Speculator shares his trading strategies for the gold and silver stocks he likes. With the recent volatility in gold it is important to have a strategy when taking a position. We also discuss the Osisko Gold Royalties takeover of Barkerville Gold Mines.

Click here to visit The Independent Speculator website to stay up to date on what Lobo is covering in the metals space.

David Erfle – Gold Market Commentary – Wed 25 Sep, 2019

Comments on the Osisko Gold Royalties Takeover of Barkerville Gold Mines

Davie Erfle, Founder of the Junior Miner Junky joins me to discuss the Osisko Gold Royalties takeover bid of Barkerville Gold Mines. The Market is already selling down the shares of Osisko after this all share deal was announced. It is usually good to see M&A activity in the sector but unfortunately this is another deal that is not being looked favorably upon. We also look at the gold price and it’s sharp move down today.

Click here to visit Dave’s site and if you are a junior stock investor consider signing up form his newsletter.

Phil O’Neill – MP1 Captial – Wed 15 May, 2019

Comments on the sale of Atlantic Gold

Phil O’Neill, President of MP1 Capital joins me today to share his thoughts on the news out of Atlantic Gold. The Company has been sold to an Australian miner, St Barbra in an all cash deal for just over C$800million. Outside of simply the sale this deal is very telling of the overall markets in North America vs. Australia for resource companies.

Click here to visit Phil’s site – MP1 Capital.