Company Updates From Management – Fri 6 Mar, 2020

Auryn Resources – Updating the progress in Peru and the possibility of a spin-out company

Auryn Resources (TSX:AUG, NYSE:AUG) has been busy this year on its properties in Peru (Sombrero and Curibaya) and raising $15million to fund its exploration plans for the year.

Ivan Bebek, Execuative Chairman of Auryn joins me to recap the recent news from this year. We start with the DIA being obtained for the Sombrero Project and the new high grade targets at Curibaya. Next Ivan outlines the possibility of spinning out the Homestake and Committee Bay Projects into another company.

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Company Updates From Management – Mon 2 Mar, 2020

Skeena Resources – Drill Program Update and A Look At The Recent High Grade Silver Component

Skeena Resources (TSX-V:SKE & OTCQX:SKREF) released another round of drill results from the 2019 drill program. These infill results were another round of high grade results, both gold and silver.

Paul Geddies, VP Exploration and Resource Development joins me for a couple comments on the results but also for a discussion on the high grade silver component. We also update the current drill program and general timeline of when the exploration drilling will take place.

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Brien Lundin Commentary – Tue 18 Feb, 2020

It’s That Time Of The Year Again When Metals Investors Look To The Golden Triangle

This interview was recorded yesterday afternoon but I forgot to hit the post button… Brien Lundin and I focus on the time of year we are in for metals companies and the large amount of news flow that will be hitting that markets in the coming 2 weeks. It is also the time of year when companies exploring up north are sorting out their programs and getting drills on the ground. We focus on the golden triangle and some of the companies Brien is watching closely this year.

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Company Updates From Management – Thu 13 Feb, 2020

Skeena Resources – Recapping recent high grade drill results at Eskay and updating the 2020 drill program

On Tuesday Skeena Resources (TSX-V:SKE & OTCQX:SKREF) released more high grade drill results from the Eskay Project in the Golden Triangle of BC. It was a batch of infill drill results that are being used to upgrade the resource.

Paul Geddies, VP of Exploration and Resource Development joins me to provide some more information on the drill results and how they compare to the recent resource estimate. We also look ahead to the 2020 drill program that is estimated to start up next week.

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Company Updates From Management – Thu 6 Feb, 2020

Skeena Resources – Selling Non-Core Assets for $8 Million and Drilling Underway At Eskay

Skeena Resources (TSX-V:SKE & OTCQX:SKREF) released news on February 4th detailing the sale of 2 non-core assets for a total of $8 million.

Walter Coles, Skeena’s President and CEO joins me outline how the sale of these assets came together. We also discuss the exploration plans for the year at the Eskay and Snip properties. The Company is already drilling at Eskay and should have results out before the majority of exploration companies in the area.

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Company Updates From Management – Wed 15 Jan, 2020

Skeena Resources – Recapping the recent high grade results from Eskay

Already this year Skeena Resources (TSX.V: SKE, OTCQX: SKREF) has released high grade drill results from the Eskay Creek and Snip Projects.

Paul Geddies, VP of Exploration and Resource Development joins me for a recap of the results and a look ahead to what’s next. He shares how the Eskay results compare to historic drill holes and what it could mean for an updated resource.

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David Erfle – Gold Market Commentary – Tue 14 Jan, 2020

Levels to watch for gold and GDX and comments on the recent Skeena drill results

Dave Erlfe joins me today to share some the levels he thinks gold and GDX will correct to through this current correction. We then look at the drill results released today by Skeena Resources (TSX.V: SKE, OTCQX: SKREF) from the Eskay Creek Project. As a developing story in the Golden Triangle could this be the next takeover in the area?

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Jeff Christian from the CPM Group – Mon 23 Dec, 2019

2020 Outlook For All Metals Investors

Kicking off today with Jeff Christian, Managing Partner at CPM Group. Jeff and I recap some of the recent news in terms of M&A and financings for PM companies. Then we focus on Jeff’s 2020 outlook for a wide range of metals. We chat gold and silver, base metals, battery metals, USD, and global economic thoughts.

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Company Updates From Management – Fri 20 Dec, 2019

Skeena Resources – Revisiting the recent bonanza grade drill result from the Snip Project

On December 18th Skeena Resources (TSX-V:SKE & OTCQX:SKREF) released a couple drill results from the Snip Project in the Golden Triangle in BC. Paul Geddies, Skeena’s VP of Exploration and Resource Development joins me to outline the strategy around the drilling of the 200 Footwall at Snip. We also compare the two drill holes, one of which intersected over 1,000g/t gold (1,131.91g/t gold to be exact) at a width of 1.5 meters and the other hole yielded 7.37g/t gold over 6.65 meters. To wrap up the discussion we look ahead to 2020 for the Eskay project and the balance between infill and exploration drilling.

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Company Updates From Management – Tue 3 Dec, 2019

Skeena Resources – Drilling and Financing Updates For Both The Eskay and Snipp Properties

Walter Coles, President and CEO of Skeena Resources (TSX-V:SKE & OTCQX:SKREF) joins me for a comprehensive update on the drill program that is underway at the Eskay Creek Property. 4 drill rigs are now on site with a focus on infill drilling with also an exploration component. The increase in exploration drilling is a new development since the Company reported some good results in new areas. We also touch on the drill program at Snipp which is completed and assay results are pending.

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