Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 8 Apr, 2019

A Look Ahead To Central Bank News This Week and The Opportunities In Energy Stocks

Chris Temple, Founder of The National Investor joins me today to share his outlook for the ECB meeting and Fed minutes all scheduled this week. While not expecting any major surprises the fact remains that they will both drive home the fact that these central banks are more dovish than 6 months ago. We also touch on the oil price rise and the fact that the energy stocks continue to lag. Chris outlines some of the areas within energy stocks that he sees the opportunity in.

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Phil O’Neill – MP1 Captial – Wed 3 Apr, 2019

Are The Summer Doldrums Here Already and Comments On A Couple Companies

Phil O’Neill, President of MP1 Capital joins me to shares his thoughts on the overall resource stock sector. What everyone is wondering is will the recent pullback in metals stocks be the early start of the summer doldrums. We also look into volumes in the sector and discuss how Phil manages his investments even when companies have little to no volume. To wrap it up we look at a couple companies. The first being Auryn Resources and the second being an oil company operating in Thailand – Pan Orient Energy.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 18 Mar, 2019

Traders On Hold For The Fed Meeting And A Look At Oil

Chris Temple joins me today to outline the expectantly slow markets as we all await the upcoming Fed statement on Wednesday. We also touch on the ongoing trade talks for the US and China as well as Europe. Finally oil, which had a strong weekly close, is disused. As the energy stocks have continued to lag the question is how this couple impact the broad averages.

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Josef Schachter – Energy Analyst – Fri 15 Feb, 2019

Energy Update – Breaking Down The OPEC and EIA Reports

Josef Schachter, Founder of the Schachter Energy Report has quickly become my go to for independent analysis on the energy sector and the underlying stocks. I bring him back on today to breakdown the OPEC and EIA reports that were released this week. With OPEC cutting production this is bullish for the oil price however some of the data in the EIA report had to temper that bullishness.

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Exclusive KE Report Commentary – Tue 29 Jan, 2019

The Comprehensive Oil Update You Were All Requesting

Over the last couple weeks I have received a number of emails and saw the comments asking for more updates on the oil/energy sector. That got me to reach out to Joseph Schachter, Founder of The Schachter Energy Report. We discuss when in 2019 he thinks that the oil sector will start running higher and even shares some stocks that he thinks will be the best picks.

Joseph Schachter – Energy Sector Update

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Mon 7 Jan, 2019

A Focus On Oil and The USD

Chris Temple, Founder of The National Investor kicks off this week with a look into the bounce in oil prices and the general rollover we are seeing in the USD. Both markets a very much global so looking outside the US in terms of global growth and fears in the Euro and China have weighed on oil and helped the USD. Let’s watch to see if the markets are starting to tell us something is going to happen on the trade front.

Chris and I will spend tomorrow discussing the just started US/China trade talks. If you have any comments or questions on that topic please comment below or better year email me at

Chris Temple and Cory Fleck on Oil and the USD

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