Company Updates From Management – Thu 13 Feb, 2020

Irving Resources – A discussion on the deep hole drill result

On Friday last week, February 7th, Irving Resources released the much anticipated first deep drill hole at the Omui Mine target on the Omu Project in Japan. This hole intercepted a number of high-grade gold and silver veins.

Quinton Hennigh, Director and Technical Advisor to Irving joins me to share some more details on this result. He explains what the results mean for the Company moving forward and outlines the total number of veins intercepted. He also provides some background on how these projects can be mined balancing the silica around the mineralization and any deleterious elements.

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Click here to read over the recent news releases out of Irving.

Erik Wetterling – The Hedgeless Horseman – Fri 31 Jan, 2020

More thoughts on Irving Resources and the upcoming drill results

Erik Wetterling kicks off today by sharing his thoughts on Irving Resources. We discuss the news so far this year and upcoming news in terms of drill results. Please feel free to share your thoughts on Irving by commenting or emailing me with any questions you have for the Company or Erik.

Click here to ready the full article Erik posted on Irving Resources.

Jayant Bhandari – Thu 30 Jan, 2020

Following up with a couple stocks that Jayant has outlined before

Jayant Bhandari joins me today to look back on a couple stocks that he has outlined in past interviews. We start with the arbitrage opportunity in Core Gold (TSX.V:CGLD) and how Jayant is trading this stock. Next are his comments on Irving Resources (CSE:IRV) which has been running and really popped this month.

Erik Wettering – The Hedgeless Horseman – Fri 20 Dec, 2019

Metals Investors – What worked this year and what to watch for 2020

Erik Wetterling joins me to outline what worked in terms of his investment strategy for this year. He outlines some of his better investments and more importantly what his strategy is for next year. Also noting what he will be watching closely next year.

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Jayant Bhandari – Fri 28 Jun, 2019

The importance of jurisdiction and an update on Irving Resources

Jayant Bhandari joined me today for a general discussion about the importance of sticking to tier 1 jurisdictions when investing in juniors. We share thoughts on where the tier 1 jurisdictions are and where in South America Jayant thinks are good places to invest. We also get an update on a recent site visit to Japan to visit Irving Resources (CSE:IRV). Finally the last stock mentioned is Terraco Gold (TSX.V:TEN)

Click here to read over Jayant’s full report on the Irving site visit.

Weekend Show – Sat 1 Jun, 2019

Hour 1 – What’s Driving The Continued Move Into Safe Haven Assets

It was quite the end to the week for trade and markets. New tariffs on Mexico and more tensions with China put pressure on equity markets and drop up safe haven assets. We cover all of these topics in the first hour of the show.

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  • Segment 1 – An extended conversation with Axel Merk, President of Merk Investments. We discuss everything from US/China trade war, inflation, and what the bond market is telling us about the next Fed move.
  • Segment 2 – Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx provides his thoughts on the new tariffs on Mexico. We also look ahead to next week and the news that will drive markets.
  • Segment 3 – Jayant Bhandari was just on site visits for Novo Resources and Irving Resources. He shares his thoughts on these stocks as well as an arbitrage opportunity that he is investing in.
  • Segment 4 – Josef Schachter, Founder of The Schachter Report has been calling for this pullback in oil. He updated us on his targets and areas of opportunity coming up.

Exclusive Company Interview This Week

Axel Merk
Marc Chandler
Jayant Bhandari
Josef Schachter

Weekend Show – Sat 11 May, 2019

Hour 1 – Trade vs US Markets and Comments On Specific Metals Stocks

It was a week dominated by trade and tariff talk. As Friday hit we saw additional tariffs implemented on good from China as a deal was not reached. This continues to be the overwhelming story for investors as the lack of clarity is keeping everyone guessing as to how this will all play out.

Be sure to go back and listen to the daily editorials focusing on the trade issue as well as the company interviews (there were a lot of them this week) that were posted on the site.

  • Segment 1 – Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx recaps the trade news and market reaction throughout the week. We also look at the pullback in the USD this week.
  • Segment 2 – Dana Lyons weighs in on the buy the dip mentality for the US markets and the sectors that could add a boost to the broad averages.
  • Segment 3 – I switch the focus to the resource sector with John Kaiser, Founder of Kaiser Research. We look into three stocks that have drill programs this year following up on positive results from last year.
  • Segment 4 – Erik Wetterling, Founder of The Hedgeless Horseman wraps up the first hour with comments on how he is managing his portfolio in this sideways metals market.

Exclusive Company Interviews This Week

Marc Chandler
Dana Lyons
John Kaiser
Erik Wetterling

Jayant Bhandari – Fri 3 May, 2019

Stock Comments – Novo, Irving, Renaissance, and Ascot

Jayant Bhandari joins me today to share his thoughts, mostly positive but some negative, on stocks that he holds. We first start out with some comments on the increase in gold demand in India but then quickly move over to the stocks. The stocks we cover include Novo Resources, Irving Resources, Renaissance Gold, and Ascot Resources.

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Company Updates From Management – Thu 25 Apr, 2019

Irving Resources – Updates On The Financing With Newmont Goldcorp and Ongoing Omu Exploration

Irving Resources (CNX:IRV & OTC:IRVRF) has been moving nicely this year and just announced yesterday the closing of a US$6million private placement with Newmont Goldcorp. Quinton Hennigh, Director and Technical Advisor joined me to discuss how this deal came together. While Newmont Goldcorp is interested in the Omu Project there is also a broader strategy to gain a foothold in Japan. We also discuss the exploration that is ongoing at the Omu Project. Click here to read the news releases that includes the photos of core that Quinton and I refer to.

Click here to visit the Irving Resources website for more general information.

Erik Wettering – The Hedgeless Horseman – Thu 4 Apr, 2019

Some Thoughts On The Fallout From The Miramont News.

Erik Wetterling, Founder of The Hedgeless Horseman joins me today to share his thoughts on the news last week out of Miramont. The drill results disappointed and were followed by some negative articles that added to the share price drop. This also carried over to the Novo and Irving stocks as they have moved lower.

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