Your Potential is Unlimited

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In generations past, “hobbies for retirees” meant things like knitting, hanging out at the VFW, and flipping through TV Guide to see when Matlock would be on again.

Sure, some people were a little more active, but the expectation was that once retired, the adventures in life were pretty much over.

These days, it’s possible to retire earlier, live longer, and stay healthier than ever before, so there’s no need to relegate your newfound free time to the dusty hobbies of yesteryear.

Toss those knitting needles and set down the remote control – no matter what age you retire at, these are some of the best hobbies for your retirement years.


No matter where you live, there’s probably a beautiful mountain, a well-worn trail, or even an urban park just waiting to be explored close by.

Some of the great things about hiking are that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment, there’s no steep learning curve. and you can dedicate as much or as little time as you like to it, so it’s quite easy to get started.

Search for “best hikes near me”, and Google will give you pages and pages of results with varying degrees of difficulty.All you’ve got to do is pick the right one for you, pack some water and snacks, put on your sturdiest shoes, and head out there!

The fresh air, new sights and the beauty of nature are reward enough for anyone.

Mountain Biking

If you really want to get your heart pumping, there are few activities more thrilling than mountain biking.

Much like hiking, you can find locations almost anywhere, and you need little more than a sturdy bike, a helmet, and a water bottle to get started.

Also, mountain biking is a great way to explore nature in a new way – you’ll constantly be covering new ground, so it’s fantastic exercise for your body and your brain.


If you’re looking for a cool factor with your new hobby, look no further – surfing has got to be the coolest activity out there, and it’s a personal favorite of mine!

While it’s restricted to those folks who live in driving distance of the coast (or those willing to travel a bit to fulfill their surfing dreams), it’s a fantastic workout and an intense experience unlike any other.

Once you get started, you’ll see why surfers get up early and paddle out in freezing waters – the thrill of catching a great wave is worth it.


This is a traditional hobby for retirees, but it’s a classic for a reason.

The greatest part about going fishing when you’re retired is that you can hit the lake or river any day of the week – no more waiting for Saturday to enjoy yourself!

The best spots won’t be crowded on a Tuesday morning, so it’ll be just you, the water, and all you can catch.


If you have a knack for writing, blogging could be a perfect hobby for you.

With drag and drop website builders like Squarespace, it’s never been easier to create your own site and then start blogging. If you’re wondering what you should write about, the answer is, well, anything you’re passionate about!

From cars to cooking, fitness to politics – whatever you’d like to write about, there are readers out there who’d love to read your take, and unique perspective on it.


Digital or darkroom, photography is a great hobby to pick up in retirement.

If you haven’t shopped cameras in a couple of years, you’ll be stunned at all the options out there. Great cameras can be had at a variety of price points these days, and you can take stellar images with everything from a compact micro 4/3rds camera to a large dSLR with interchangeable lenses.

If you want to get started on the cheap, you could even take a course in smartphone photography – the latest iPhones, Samsungs, and Androids can produce world-class images with a little bit of know how.


Maybe you’d like a hobby that’s good for your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga certainly fits the bill.

Not only will it keep you active, it can help to give you greater strength and flexibility. You’ll find beyond the physical benefits it can grant you peace of mind and a better sense of awareness, too.

Best of all, with several different forms to choose from, there’s a yoga for everyone.

Metal Detecting

This is a hobby that can pay for itself – literally.

With just a metal detector and a little bit of time, there’s no end to the treasures you can find!

Whether you like collecting coins, you want to look for jewelry you can sell, or you just like helping out by locating precious mementos that have been lost or left behind, metal detecting can be a great hobby.

Car Restoration

Remember that car you dreamed of having when you were a teen? You know, the one you could never afford at the time, but still think about today?

Well, guess what – it’s never too late. You can find one at an auction or on in an issue of Auto Trader.

It might not be in perfect condition anymore, but that’s actually good news! Since you’re retired, you now have the time to lavish on the car to bring it back to its glory again.

Selling On Amazon

There’s a fortune to be made in eCommerce, and there’s no reason you can’t cash in on it, too.

If you get your start by selling on Amazon, either by creating written content for their Kindle Direct Publishing platform or by selling physical products, you can make good money without a lot of upfront costs.

This isn’t an overnight path to riches, but if you approach it as a hobby, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can make while having fun.


You’ve probably made what I call “maintenance meals” for years now, but if you enjoy cooking, why not dig in and learn how to make dishes beyond the typical fried chicken or spaghetti?

Stores like Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table offer in-person cooking classes, or you could get an entire education just by following along with Food Network or YouTube videos.

Push your culinary boundaries. You might find you have a creative knack for creating new delicious recipes.

The best part is you get to eat the end results!

With a variety of hobbies to choose from, there’s absolutely no reason for retirement to be boring. Pick one of these, or go with your own! Either way, try something new and remember to have fun with it!

To a richer life,

Nilus Mattive

Nilus Mattive

The post Your Potential is Unlimited appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

Weekend Show – Sat 22 Jun, 2019

Hour 1 – Central Bank Easing, Gold, Tech, and An Update From Auryn Resources
Full Hour

It was a big week for gold which closed at a 5 year high, right at $1,400. While gold was heading higher US markets also touched all time highs and the Dollar moved down. These moves were helped by the Fed statement mid-week and a continued dovish shift by the central banks around the world. I discuss all of these market moves in this hour as well as receive a comprehensive update from Auryn Resources.

I hope you all enjoy the show! Please keep in touch by emailing me at Have a great weekend!

  • Segment 1 – Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx shares his thoughts on the statements from both Jerome Powell and Mario Draghi, and looks ahead to market moving events next week and the G20.
  • Segment 2 – Mike Larson, Editor of The Safe money Report weighs in on the Fed’s inability to create inflation and the what a rate cutting cycle will look like.
  • Segment 3 – Allison Ostrander, Director of Risk Tolerance at Simpler Trading takes a look at some of the big name tech stocks and what the charts are telling her.
  • Segment 4 – A full update on Auryn Resources from Executive Chairman Ivan Bebek. We discuss the Sombrero Project in Peru (including your permitting questions) and the drill program about to be started at Committee Bay in Nunavut. Click here to visit the Auryn Resources website.

Exclusive Company Updates This Week

Marc Chandler
Mike Larson
Allison Ostrander
Ivan Bebek – Auryn Resources

Allison Ostrander – Market and Induvidual Stock Comments – Wed 5 Jun, 2019

A Tech Sector Outlook Both Technically and Now Politically

Allison Ostrander, Director of Risk Tolerance at Simpler Trading joins me to look into the recent news regarding the major tech companies and Congress launching an antitrust investigation. Interestingly the drop on Monday brought the stocks right down to strong support on many of the charts. We refer to the charts of Facebook, Google, and Amazon to weigh in on if the selloff is done for now.

Click here to visit the Simpler Trading website and follow along with what Allison is focusing on.

Joel Elconin – Benzinga Pre-Market Prep Show – Tue 30 Apr, 2019

Recapping Earnings From Amazon and Google and The Run So Far This Year In The Broad Averages

Joel Elconin, Co-host of the Benzinga Pre-Market Prep Show joins me today to recap the recent earnings released out of Google and Amazon. Google’s earnings miss has gaped the stock down 7% while Amazon’s good earnings are supporting the recent move higher (while not back to all-time highs). We also look ahead to Apple’s earnings and comment on the overall health of the US markets considering the almost 15% move so far year to date.

Click here to find out more about the Benzinga Trading Summit in New York on June 20th.

Using Retail Therapy to Make a Small Fortune

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You’ve heard the saying when it comes to trading stocks: buy low and sell high. The same strategy applies to making money buying items in stores.

This is called retail arbitrage, and it can make you a small fortune pretty quickly if you know how to do it right.

E-commerce revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021. If that number sounds high, consider that Amazon is already more valuable than all major brick-and-mortar retailers combined.

Amazon’s $1 trillion valuation is so big, it’s larger than Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney, and Sears combined. What’s interesting though is nearly half of Amazon’s sales come from third-party sellers — independent sellers who offer a variety of new, used, refurbished, and collectible merchandise.

Most of these third-party sellers take advantage of Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program, called FBA for short.

How FBA Works

If you shop on Amazon, you’ve sometimes ordered a product that doesn’t arrive in Amazon’s traditional brown box. This is because a third-party seller has handled the fulfillment and shipping part of the sale.

Fulfillment by Amazon on the other hand, lets third-party sellers turn the fulfillment and shipping part over to Amazon. You send your products to Amazon, and they store your items until they sell.

When someone buys one of your items, Amazon ships it to the customer on your behalf. The whole process is explained in this short video.

How to Make Money With FBA

There are tons of things you can resell on Amazon for a profit, so you’re never going to be too limited figuring out what to sell. But my recommendation is start with toys.

It’s one of the most popular retail arbitrage categories because it’s so easy to get started. And some FBA sellers make good money doing it, think upwards of $10K per month during the holiday season when there’s even higher demand for popular toys.

The toy reselling strategy is simple: start by searching online for retailers selling toys at huge discounts, buy the toys, ship them to Amazon’s FBA warehouse, and if you chose toys with enough demand, you’ll see your inventory sell through in no time.

Popular toys generally resell very quickly, especially when they’re becoming scarce in regular stores. It’s not uncommon to resell all of your stock within a week of listing the items, sometimes even within hours.

If you want to resell toys through FBA, start by shopping clearance sections at retailers. Also remember that Amazon FBA accepts both new and used items, which is great if you have some mint-condition toys lying around that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of. Otherwise, look for popular or perennial toys that are likely to be hot sellers.

One other thing to be aware of is Amazon offers a 100% guarantee on products.

If something is damaged in shipping or the customer decides they don’t like it, you’re responsible for the return. Amazon also charges storage and order-fulfillment fees that you’ll need to keep in balance.

How to Boost Profits While Buying Inventory

To really ramp up profits, ask yourself how you’re going to buy items you plan to sell through FBA. The best way in my opinion is through reward cards and discount gift cards.

Before you buy items to sell on FBA, figure out which gift cards you need to buy for those items. For example, if you are going to buy toys from Kohl’s, you’d want to buy those toys with a Kohl’s gift card.

You should use your rewards credit card to buy the Kohl’s gift card from a discount gift card site like Gift Card Rescue or Gift Card Granny.

Then, when you make the purchase using the gift card, you’ll get even more rewards. Also search coupon sites like RetailMeNot to save on the Kohl’s purchase and make that discounted gift card stretch even further.

To recap: Earn rewards on your credit card, increase the value of your gift card by buying it at a discount and combining it with online coupons, and then, after you make your purchase, sell the purchased items through FBA at a profit.

Just be sure to pay off your credit card in full every month, or else you’ll get hit with interest that could cancel out all your hard work.

In Conclusion

There are a ton of resources available online to help you sell products through Amazon’s FBA program.

The more you learn about retail arbitrage and the FBA process, the better prepared you’ll be when you start using FBA to earn extra money yourself. But don’t spend too much time researching.

The best way to learn is simply by getting started. Either shop online or go to your local Walmart and dig through the clearance sections until you find a winner.

To a richer life,

Nilus Mattive

— Nilus Mattive
Editor, The Rich Life Roadmap

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Buy Alert: 3 “Amazon Survivors” to Grow Your Wealth

This post Buy Alert: 3 “Amazon Survivors” to Grow Your Wealth appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

“Dad, I got a raise!”

I’ll never forget the look in my son’s eyes when he came home from Dunkin Donuts that evening. He was proud of himself, confident, and looking forward to having a bit more spending money in his pocket.

David is a hard working young man. At his first job, he was willing to get up at the crack of dawn to help open the store, even on Saturday when most of his high school friends were sleeping in. He often filled in for other workers too who simply failed to show up.

And in a short amount of time, the managers noticed this dependability and rewarded David with a raise.

“Way to go, David!”

As the U.S. economy continues to expand, more and more workers are getting similar raises. And with more money to spend, a handful of key retail stocks are poised to shoot higher.

Today, I’ve got three favorite plays for you to put in your portfolio right away!

Have Cash, Will Spend

Like any good teenager, David loved to spend the money he earned.

I remember a few weeks after his raise, the doorbell rang. It was a delivery guy with three boxes of new shoes. I had to laugh as I can’t remember the last time I bought three new pairs of shoes at once!

Today, consumers across the country have more money to spend thanks to rising wage growth. In fact, wages are growing at the fastest pace since the financial crisis 10 years ago!

As companies continue to spend more to hire and keep workers, we should see more cash finding its way to consumers. Of course, this is great news for retail companies who rely on discretionary spending to boost profits.

So let’s take a look at how retailers are faring, and where you can find the best opportunities.

Amazon Hasn’t Killed Everyone Yet

There’s been a lot of discussion about how Amazon’s online platform has been a brutal competitor for many large retailers in the U.S.

Heck, Sears and JC Penney are mere shadows of the companies they used to be. And many malls have actually had to close their doors because people just aren’t shopping at these retail hubs anymore. Instead, they’re buying clothes and other merchandise on Amazon.

On top of the Amazon competition, retail investors have also been concerned with the December retail sales numbers which came in well below expectations.

Is this a sign that the consumer has stopped spending? Or that the economy is headed for recession?

Not so fast…

The uncertainty during December (including the government shutdown, the trade war, and a sharp selloff in the stock market) may have caused some shoppers to stay home. But even still, the Commerce Department’s numbers look suspicious. After all, other private statistics like the Johnson Redbook same store sales report showed a much stronger picture.

All told, shoppers may have spent a bit less than expected for the December holiday period, but the overall “wealth effect” isn’t dead yet. And as wages pick up, consumers are certainly going to increase their spending habits.

The key for us as investors is to figure out where that money will be spent, and to invest in companies that will not be harmed by Amazon’s expansion into the retail market.

Today, I’ve got three stocks that fit the bill, allowing you to cash in on rising wages and strong retail spending this year.

Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) Maybe I’m biased because I have so many teens in the house. But Abercrombie’s brand is resonating with today’s younger demographic. And after pulling back for the better part of this decade, ANF is making a comeback.

The retailer recently reported earnings that beat investor expectations and plans to remodel stores this year to make its locations more attractive for shoppers. Malls might not have the same draw they did ten years ago, but teens are still hanging out and shopping together. And ANF is now in a prime position to benefit.

Shake Shack Inc. (SHAK) One of the things that Amazon can’t replace is the experience of spending time with friends and family. One of my favorite things to do with my kids after school or on the weekends is to go out together and get ice cream or a meal.

Shake Shack is cashing in on this trend with a chain of restaurants that caters to customers who can appreciate a good burger and a great milkshake — at a slightly higher than normal price. By offering premium quality food and beverages, SHAK is able to boost profit margins while still attracting a loyal following.

SeaWorld Entertainment (SEAS) If you’re a parent, you know that taking your kids on a memorable trip can be both exhausting and very rewarding. This year, SeaWorld should see traffic pick up as more families have budgets that can include a theme park experience.

In addition to its water-themed parks, SeaWorld also owns the Busch Gardens brand. This gives the company some diversification when it comes to which experiences parents will pick for their children (or themselves). Look for SEAS to grow profits this year as higher wages lead to family excursions.

And there you have it. Three ways to play the strongest season of wage growth since the financial crisis!

Here’s to growing and protecting your wealth!

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, The Daily Edge
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Introducing: The “Chinese Amazon” — Plus, 5 “Must Knows” for Monday, January 14th

This post Introducing: The “Chinese Amazon” — Plus, 5 “Must Knows” for Monday, January 14th appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

The time to start buying Chinese stocks is now.

Don’t let the trade war fears scare you. China has some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, yet their stock prices in no way currently reflect it.

Your Editor Zach Scheidt and I saw firsthand some of their technology last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It was nothing short of incredible.

Drone delivery services, customizable batteries, wearable machinery to eliminate the strains of working in a warehouse… you name it. Chinese technology firms are innovating at the same rate as their U.S. counterparts, yet because of the ongoing trade war, these stocks are selling at a massive discount!

That’s why today, I want to talk about one particular Chinese company that exhibited in Las Vegas, and explain why now is an excellent time to start building your position…

Meet — The Chinese Amazon (JD) operates a business-to-consumer online platform in China. There are two categories to their online platform — products which it buys and resells to consumers, and products it lets businesses sell directly to consumers.

This is a very similar business model to Amazon here in the U.S. And it’s the preferred model by investors as it allows JD to control its supply chain — no untrustworthy sellers here.

But more important than its business model — which Amazon has already proven deserves a high valuation — is one of the world’s most innovative companies.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that is even more innovative than Amazon itself.


I saw this firsthand last week at CES. And I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Drones Aren’t Futuristic — They’re Being Used Today!

I remember the first time I heard about Amazon’s plan to build flying drones to deliver packages.

I thought, “That’ll never happen.” And, “Yeah, that sounds great until some mischievous kids spot one when nobody else is around.”

But my initial reactions were proved wrong when I stepped into’s exhibit last week.

They’re already using drones in China!

That’s right. As you read this, autonomous drones are currently delivering packages to hard-to-reach provinces and to buildings in busy cities around China.

droneThe drones come in various shapes and sizes, but the quickest ones can fly up to 100km/h and have a range of 100km, which broadens JD’s reach to rural towns that would be expensive to deliver to via truck.

Here’s an actual fixed-wing drone with additional propellers for vertical takeoffs and landings. These are used for long-distance trips to remote provinces.

The vehicle is completely autonomous and lands at a designated landing zone, where then the “last mile” is completed by a human.

But there’s more!

droneHere’s the newest version of a drone that’s been delivering packages around large cities since March of 2016.

With multiple compartments, this autonomous vehicle can deliver many packages before returning to the warehouse.

This is miles ahead of Amazon’s plans for a drone fleet here in the U.S. After all, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ claims of drone delivery began in 2013. And aside from a few test trials, Amazon isn’t close to delivering packages on the same scale as

Amazon Go is Small Potatoes Compared to’s Operations’s innovation streak doesn’t stop at autonomous drones.

The Chinese tech giant also has two retail chains that operate hundreds of stores across China, largely without humans — 7Fresh and X-Supermarkets.

X-Supermarkets are small convenience store-like shops (around 80 sqm) that offer around 500 products. Access is granted through facial recognition and payments are charged automatically to a credit card on file.

The only job humans are responsible for in X-Supermarkets is keeping shelves stocked.

7Fresh is an upscale grocery store that opened its first location in Beijing in 2017. These large grocery stores (around 4,000 sqm) focus on fresh foods, including those that Chinese buyers consider rather exclusive, like Spanish Iberic ham, Japanese seafood, and French pastries. And chefs are on-hand to cook the food immediately if desired.

Payment in these stores are handled through a mobile app. And just like X-Supermarkets, workers at 7Fresh locations only need to stock the shelves. plans to open 1,000 7Fresh stores around China in the next 3-5 years and even more X-Supermarkets.

Once again, this is miles ahead of Amazon, who currently operates only 9 Amazon Go stores in the U.S., which begs the question —why has the stock of such an innovative company fallen 50% in the last year?

The reason boils down to the trade war between the U.S. and China that’s been going strong for almost a year.

Now, recently there have been a few positive developments in U.S.-China relations, namely the agreed upon “truce” until March and the positive talks in Beijing last week.

Without a doubt these are positives for Chinese stocks.

But the truth is, nobody knows every gyration the market will make in the short-term, which is why I’m recommending you build a position in over time.

That’s because although the next few weeks or months may be cloudy,’s growth potential and proven record of innovation are real. And once trade war fears subside, I fully expect shares of JD to rise as the market gets back to valuing shares of appropriately.

Now let’s get to the 5 “Must Knows” to start the new week…

5 “Must Knows” for Monday, January 14th

Happy Earnings Season! — This week kicks off the six-week window where the majority of publicly traded companies release their 4th quarter earnings results. On Tuesday, Delta Airlines, UnitedHealth, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and United Continental report earnings.

On Wednesday, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Bank of America, Alcoa and CSX report earnings.

On Thursday, American Express, Netflix and Morgan Stanley report earnings.

And on Friday, Kansas City Southern, VF Corp. and Schlumberger report earnings.

Insights to Watch —  Earnings seasons are arguably the most exciting times of the year for investors. That’s because not only do we get the most up-to-date look at some of our favorite companies. But we also get valuable insights into certain industries and the economy as a whole.

This week, some of the insights I’ll be on the lookout for include: 1) If the banks increased lending last quarter, as this will likely extend the economic cycle. 2) How do airline companies see 2019 shaping up? Are consumers still willing to spend big on vacations? And 3) How do commodity companies like Alcoa and Schlumberger see demand for steel and oil, respectively, playing out in 2019? Higher growth for these inputs would also likely extend the economic cycle.

[Update] Classic Washington — Today marks the 24th day of the federal government shutdown. At last check, Republicans and Democrats are still not close to any material breakthrough — even after 800,000 federal workers missed their first paychecks on Friday.

The key disagreement remains Trump’s insistence on funding for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Functions not available during the shutdown include some routine food inspections, timely release of market-moving agriculture data, and U.S. reviews needed for initial public offerings of stocks.

New Largest Gold Producer — Just this morning, Newmont Mining announced a deal to acquire Goldcorp in a deal valued at $10 billion.

The deal is the second high-profile merger in the mining industry since Barrick Gold agreed to buy Randgold Resources Ltd. in September of last year to cut costs.

The deal makes Newmont mining the world’s new largest gold miner by volume. Shares of Goldcorp are up around 8% as of this writing.

Is Brexit Dead? — Although the action is thousands of miles away, Great Britain leaving the European Union is still sending shockwaves throughout financial markets abroad.

And this week is primed to be the most important week yet. On Tuesday, the British House of Commons will vote on the exit deal Prime Minister Theresa May negotiated with the EU. Will the deal pass and Brexit be completed? Or will they be forced back to square one? Find out tomorrow.

That’s all for me this Monday. Have a great week!

Here’s to a stable retirement,

Patrick Stout

Patrick Stout
Managing Editor, The Daily Edge

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