Cory’s Insights – Wed 30 May, 2018

By Cory댊 Commenting Issues

We have been looking into the recent issue that many of us are having with the comments. It seems to be due to the new privacy and term of use rules for websites. The back end of our site is WordPress and they immediately updated their system.

To fix the commenting issue I think you all need to accept the cookies pop-up on the site and enable flash again. We can not due anything on our end even though many of you have been posting for years… Hopefully this helps!

Please let me know if this does not solve the problem and we will continue to look into it.

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Gold Market Commentary – Wed 30 May, 2018

By Cory댊

Goldcorp Says Peru and Nevada Would Make Portfolio Perfect

This article was sent to me by a listener and it is worth a quick read. In a slow market it is very important to watch and listen to what the major players are doing. The major had to clean up their act after making a lot of poor investments back at the top of the market. These companies will be the ones to buyout the smaller companies and give investors the much needed liquidity event.

Click here to visit the original posting site over at Bloomberg.


  • CEO says it could take 5-10 years to find ideal assets
  • Company to keep focus on internal growth, big spend after 2020

Goldcorp Inc. Chief Executive Officer David Garofalo says he’s happy with his company’s portfolio of assets, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a wish list.

In an ideal world, the company would have an asset in Nevada’s Carlin Trend. “If you’re an Americas-based gold company, you should be there. Barrick and Newmont are there and we should be there,” he said in an interview in Toronto, adding he’d also like to acquire something in Peru. “Those are the two holes in our portfolio geopolitically I’d love to be able to fill in due course.”

Barrick Gold Corp. and Newmont Mining Corp., the two largest producers of the precious metal, both have significant assets in Nevada and mines in Peru.

Finding the right assets in those locations could take five to 10 years, and would likely be funded by selling stakes in less attractive junior assets, Garofalo said. “Now that we have this $250 million portfolio of juniors, our grassroots exploration becomes self funding because if we find something we want to invest in, something else gets sold at the bottom.”

But for now, Vancouver-based Goldcorp is happy with its portfolio, which does include a 10 percent stake in Nevada explorer Gold Standard Ventures Corp. It’s focused on boosting production to 3 million to 4 million ounces a year by 2021, while slashing costs. By 2020, it expects to bring net debt to zero.

That will allow capital spending to ramp up significantly. Between 2020 and 2025, Garofalo expects “billions of dollars of expenditure” with the aim of developing three key projects: its Norte Abierto joint venture with Barrick, its NuevaUnion venture with Teck Resources Ltd., and its wholly-owned Century project. The first two are located in the Atacama Region of Chile and the third in Ontario, Canada. Pre-feasibility work has been done on NuevaUnion and Century while the “massive” Norte Abierto deposit is still at the concept stage.

Using free-cash flow to fund that development will take priority over increasing the dividend, he said.

“Our focus right now is on debt reduction, growth, and in the fullness of time we can revisit our dividend as we get through the growth phase,” Garofalo said. The company doesn’t have any share buyback plans either. “What we’re trying to do is distinguish ourselves as the growth vehicle in a sector that’s still shrinking.”

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Exclusive KE Report Commentary – Wed 30 May, 2018

By Cory댊 Income Investing For A Generation Resisting Retirement

Brad Williams, President of Brad Williams Financial shares some insights into the job market from his clients. With clients that are in or close to retirement he is seeing them stay in the workforce for longer. Brad makes the argument that this is putting a cap on wage growth. We also discuss where he is looking for income focused investments.

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Company Updates From Management – Wed 30 May, 2018

By Cory댊 Revival Gold – Diving Into The New Resource

Yesterday Revival Gold announced its first resource on the Beartrack Gold Project in Idaho. The resource was received very well by the market with the stock garnering a buy throughout the day.

Revival Gold President and CEO Hugh Agro joins me to recap the 43-101 and answer some of our questions. We also look ahead to what’s next as the Company is currently drilling, completing some metallurgical testing and looking to the adjacent Arnett Creek project for expansion.

Download audio file (2018_05_30-Hugh-Agro-Revival-Gold.mp3)

Click here to read over the full release.

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Exclusive Comments from Marc Chandler – Wed 30 May, 2018

By Cory댊 How Italy Is Impacting Fed Policy Expectations

In a mater of a week the market expectations of the Fed raising rates 2 more times this year has vastly decreased. Marc Chandler joins me to discuss the overall meltdown in Italy, how the Saudis are more in control of the oil market, and the overall position of the Fed. So far a lot of news is driving markets with little clarity on how it will all play out.

Download audio file (2018_05_29-Marc-Chandler.mp3)

Click here to visit Marc’s website for more excellent daily market and economic commentary.

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Valuable Insights from Around the Web – Tue 29 May, 2018

By Cory댊 Another Look At Italy – US vs EU vs The People

This article was sent to me by Chris Temple this morning and I think it is wroth a read. It breaks down what is going on in the EU and Italy but also looks at how the US is playing a roll, especially in terms of the potential sanctions.

Nothing is for sure in Italy or the EU right now. I personally think everyone got so distracted last year with the US markets and what Trump would do that they lost track of the continued situation that is Europe. Things are not good for the EU and a breakdown there would have far reaching impacts.

Click here to visit the original posting site of the article below.

… Here’s the article…

The EU Strikes Back – Italy Coalition Rejected

Italian President Sergio Mattarella just blew up the European Union. His refusal of the coalition agreement between The League and Five Star Movement threw the best chance for the EU to face its burgeoning political crisis before it became a full-blown sovereign debt crisis.

With U.S. and U.K. markets closed today the full force of the damage done by the EU’s Hail Mary to prevent the Italians forming a government to their specification is actually muted. Things like this always happen on a weekend where the powers that be have enough time to figure out a messaging game plan and reassure markets they’ve got everything under control.

But, let’s round up a bit shall we?

Italian bonds off 25 basis points (!). The euro flirting with $1.16. Spanish and Portuguese debt sold hard, off 5 to 12 basis points. Gold is off a few dollars.

Mattarella, nominally, did this because he didn’t like the choice of Finance Minister, a man who was in favor of Italy leaving the euro. Whatever, he found an excuse. And someone in one of Berlin, Brussels or Washington told him to give a non-hacker the reins to try to form a government.

As Zerohedge reports this morning, that’s simply a non-starter. There is no way that the Italian parliament will approve another technocratic Vishy government on Italy, circa 2011 and Berlusconi’s ouster during the last flare up of Europe’s intractable debt problem.

No, this has to be about something else. This is simply yet another instance of Europe kicking the can down the road.

Sanctions Uber Alles

Look, at the risk of sounding like a guy with a hammer looking to pound in some nails, I have to think that the re-authorization of the EU sanctions on Russia in July is what prompted this desperation move.

But, if a re-vote in Italy can be put off until August (convenient that) then that gives the Trump Administration another six months to exert maximum pressure on our “allies” on trade and tariffs.

It makes sense that Washington is mostly behind this, but don’t underestimate the stupidity of people like Donald Tusk and Jan-Claude Juncker who will literally burn the continent to the ground before giving up their dream of an Europe united in their Orwellian Nightmare.

It is the U.S., however, that stands to gain the most from this move. As I’ve said in previous blog posts, Italy gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel a way to leave the sanctions regime, move closer to Russia and end the sanctions without having to do anything which looked disobedient to the U.S. empire.

The ECB wants debt consolidation and greater control. For the EU to survive this is necessary. Germans and the rest of the northern countries don’t want to be seen bailing out the “Club Med” countries. That would be interpreted as yet another submission to Washington and New York. Merkel cannot go through horrific debt relief talks like she did with Greece in 2015. It would destroy what’s left of her political capital. If she stands tall against Trump over Iran, however, she gains a lot. The uncertainty over how Trump will react sends the euro down, pressuring the ECB to finally move on dealing with the debt.

Europeans want normalized relations with Russia and open trade, especially German industry. There are tens of billions in investments in Russia and Crimea waiting for the sanctions to end to travel to Russia, especially with such a weak Ruble, thanks to Trump’s moronic sanctions.

Only Poland and the Baltics don’t. But, they don’t matter. It only takes one finance minister to vote against extending Russian sanctions to end them. If Merkel stands up to the U.S. on Iran, it makes it easier for Italy to force Germany to stop bullying everyone into maintaining them.

It looks like Merkel and company want to stand up to Trump over trade sanctions and tariffs. Public opinion turns in her favor strongly if she does.

Own Goal

So, to me, the big loser in the long run would be the U.S. because Italy will force the EU’s hand to finally come to grips with its internal contradictions or break apart. And when that happens, any benefit the U.S. gains from cleaving off countries like Spain and Italy from the EU it loses due to a loss of leverage over them vis a vis Russia, China and Iran.

Trump wants solidarity in pressuring Iran and North Korea to give up its nukes and submit totally to U.S. primacy. Without it he can’t get what he wants. Holding onto sanctions against Russia and invoking a debt crisis in Europe again will unleash chaos that cannot be controlled.

No longer could we use quislings and satraps in the EU bureaucracy to scuttle big projects like Nordstream 2 and force 27 nations to act in our favor. And with Trump going full scorched earth to define who is and who isn’t with him, an EU break up over political divisions works against his stated goals.

But, then again, the Italians may already be a lost cause …read more

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Company News – Tue 29 May, 2018

By Cory댊

2018_05_28 Pine Point East Mill Zone Drill Campaign B4

Osisko Metals Intersects 25.19% Zinc+Lead over 5.95 Metres at Pine Point

Here are the latest drill results out of Osisko Metals. To me these results look good but the market is still not reacting to the upside. It could be because of Pine Point shareholders continuing to sell but I will be sure to ask.

I will be chatting with management later this week so please send me your questions to

Click here to listen to the most recent interview with the Company.

…Here’s the news…

Pine Point Winter Drill Campaign East Mill Zone Batch 4
Pine Point Winter Drill Campaign East Mill Zone Batch 4
Osisko Metals Incorporated

MONTREAL, May 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Osisko Metals Incorporated (the “Company” or “Osisko Metals”) (TSX-V:OM) (FRANKFURT:OB51) is pleased to announce assay results from 11 shallow drill holes completed along the East Mill Zone trend in the K-35 deposit area. Drill hole EM-18-PP-073 intersected 22.97% Zn and 2.22% Pb over 5.95 metres. Also worthy of mention are results from drill hole EM-18-PP-079 containing 7.75 metres of 11.27% Zn+Pb and hole EM-18-PP-088 that intersected 5.75 metres of 12.36% Zn+Pb. All of the reported drill holes reported in this news release intersected near-surface mineralization above 51 metres vertical depth, with multiple mineralized intercepts reported in 7 drill holes.

The reported drilling was focused within the East Mill Zone on the area located 1.1 kilometres northeast of the L-35 and L-36 deposit areas reported previously (news releases May 1, and May 15, 2018). All intersections reported to date from the winter program in the East Mill Zone are part of flat lying tabular-style zinc-lead deposits in the east Mill Zone and all intercepts are located above 65 metre vertical depth. (See 2018 Winter Drill Campaign East Mill Zone Map B4).

All three deposits are within the East Mill Zone which is a 7.6-kilometre trend that extends towards the east from the electrical substation area (see Osisko Metals website for additional geological background). The core of the K-35 deposit hosts unclassified historical resources reported by Cominco Ltd. (1988) of 0.86 million tonnes grading 3.67% zinc and 1.12% Pb.

Additional highlights are listed below in Table 1 and details are provided in Tables 2 & 3.

Table 1: Highlights:

Hole Name From To Width Lead Zinc Lead + Zinc
(metres) (metres) (metres) % % %
EM-18-PP-073 22.20 28.15 5.95 2.22 22.97 25.19
EM-18-PP-079 26.85 34.60 7.75 0.36 10.91 11.27
EM-18-PP-079 26.85 29.75 2.90 0.87 27.07 27.94
EM-18-PP-080 26.65 29.15 2.50 0.49 25.03 25.51
EM-18-PP-088 30.25 36.00 5.75 1.01 11.35 12.36
EM-18-PP-093 20.80 25.25 4.45 1.00 6.27 7.26
EM-18-PP-093 36.20 40.10 3.90 0.31 6.13 6.44
EM-18-PP-094 22.70 31.70 9.00 0.02 3.17 3.20

Jeff Hussey, President and CEO of Osisko Metals, commented: “These East Mill Zone results are very interesting due to their high grade and proximity to surface. The location is also adjacent to a 25-metre-wide haulage road and within 5 kilometres to the East of the electrical substation. We eagerly await commencement of our summer drilling program”.

The objective of the 2018 drill program is to upgrade approximately 50 million tonnes of unclassified near-surface historical resources to NI43-101 Indicated Resources as quickly as possible in areas amenable to open pit mining. The program consists of approximately 700 drill holes (129 now completed) in the central 20-kilometre long portion of the Pine Point Mining Camp (“PPMC”) that is located on the south shore of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories, near infrastructure and paved highway access.

Note regarding historical resource and Qualified Person

The above-mentioned historical resources do not conform to National Instrument 43-101 standards. The Company is reporting the historical estimates for reference purposes only. Neither Osisko Metals nor its consultants have completed sufficient work to verify the historical estimates and these should not be relied upon for investment purposes. A Qualified Person has not done sufficient work to classify the historical estimates as NI43-101 compliant mineral resources and there is no guarantee that such work will allow conversion of such historical resources.

Stanley G. Clemmer, P. Geo is the Qualified Person responsible for the technical data reported in this news release. He is a Professional Geologist registered in the Northwest Territories and is Chief Geologist for Pine Point Mining Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Osisko Metals Limited.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Osisko Metals adheres to a strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control program with regard to core handling, sampling, transportation of samples and lab analyses. Drill core samples from the Pine Point project area were securely transported to its core facility in Hay River, Northwest Territories where they were logged and sampled. Samples selected for assay were shipped via secure transportation to the ALS Canada Ltd’s preparation facility in Yellowknife. Pulps were analyzed at the ALS Canada Ltd. facility in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Zinc and lead were analyzed by assay-grade four acid digestion with ICP-AES finish for higher-grade samples and four acid digestion and ICP-AES for low grade-samples.

Table 2: Composite Assay Results

Hole Name Area Historical Deposit From To Width True Width Lead Zinc Lead + Zinc
(metres) (metres) (metres) (metres) % % %
EM-18-PP-073 East Mill K35 22.20 28.15 5.95 5.39 2.22 22.97 25.19
EM-18-PP-073 East Mill K35 30.30 33.00 2.70 2.45 0.25 2.31 2.55
EM-18-PP-073 East Mill K35 49.00 50.85 1.85 1.68 0.88 3.92 4.79
EM-18-PP-078 East Mill K35 36.40 37.05 0.65 0.56 0.20 1.82 2.02
EM-18-PP-079 East Mill K35 26.85 34.60 7.75 5.94 0.36 10.91 11.27
EM-18-PP-079 East Mill K35 26.85 29.75 2.90 2.22 0.87 27.07 27.94
EM-18-PP-079 East Mill K35 40.85 42.00 1.15 0.88 0.05 1.91 1.96
EM-18-PP-080 East Mill K35 26.65 29.15 2.50 2.05 0.49 25.03 25.51
EM-18-PP-081 East Mill K35 30.00 30.35 0.35 0.27 0.01 3.60 3.61
EM-18-PP-081 East Mill K35 36.15 40.85 4.70 3.60 0.10 1.82 1.92
EM-18-PP-083 East Mill K35 20.90 21.70 0.80 0.80 0.10 2.25 2.35
EM-18-PP-088 East Mill K35 24.60 26.10 1.50 1.30 1.59 1.19 2.77
EM-18-PP-088 East Mill K35 30.25 36.00 5.75 4.98 1.01 11.35 12.36
EM-18-PP-089 East Mill K35 23.00 23.35 0.35 0.30 2.32 7.14 9.46
EM-18-PP-089 East Mill K35 27.25 30.00 2.75 2.38 0.72 5.56 6.27
EM-18-PP-089 East Mill K35 44.20 46.50 2.30 1.99 0.09 1.08 1.17
EM-18-PP-093 East Mill K35 15.40 17.40 2.00 1.88 0.08 6.85 6.93
EM-18-PP-093 East Mill K35 20.80 25.25 4.45 4.18 1.00 6.27 7.26
EM-18-PP-093 East Mill K35 32.60 34.60 2.00 1.88 0.01 2.63 2.64
EM-18-PP-093 East Mill K35 36.20 40.10 3.90 3.66 0.31 6.13 6.44
EM-18-PP-094 East Mill K35 22.70 31.70 9.00 7.79 0.02 3.17 3.20
EM-18-PP-095 East Mill K35 13.15 14.30 1.15 1.08 0.07 1.57 1.64
EM-18-PP-095 East Mill K35 21.15 24.20 3.05 2.87 0.03 1.56 1.59

Table 3: Drill hole collar locations (UTM NAD83 zone 11

Hole Name Deposit Area Easting Northing Elevation Azimuth Dip Depth (m)
EM-18-PP-073 East Mill K35 642497.8 6751719.4 213.96 220 -65 63.00
EM-18-PP-078 East Mill K35 642586.1 6751710.3 214.01 125 -60 55.50
EM-18-PP-079 East Mill K35 642573.7 6751747.8 213.96 180 -50 72.00
EM-18-PP-080 East Mill K35 642591.2 6751756.1 213.92 140 -55 66.00
EM-18-PP-081 East Mill K35 642609.1 6751765.9 213.91 125 -50 75.00
EM-18-PP-083 East Mill K35 642662.4 6751751.5 213.60 0 -90 49.50
EM-18-PP-088 East Mill K35 642703.4 6751768.2 213.72 280 -60 52.50
EM-18-PP-089 East Mill K35 642704.2 6751768.0 213.66 105 -60 54.00
EM-18-PP-093 East Mill K35 643110.8 6752023.8 213.84 335 -70 48.00
EM-18-PP-094 East Mill K35 643086.0 6752032.6 213.84 305 -60 57.00
EM-18-PP-095 East Mill K35 643084.6 6752008.8 213.94 330 -70 51.00

About Osisko Metals

Osisko Metals is a Canadian exploration and development company creating value in the base metal space with a focus on zinc mineral assets. The Company controls Canada’s two premier zinc mining camps in Canada, namely the development-stage Pine Point Camp (“PPMC”) located in the Northwest Territories and the advanced-exploration Bathurst Mining Camp (“BMC”), located in northern New Brunswick. The Company is currently drilling in both camps for a combined 100,000 metres. The focus of these programs is to upgrade historical resources to comply with NI43-101 regulations and also on exploration around historical deposits. Brownfield exploration includes new innovative 3D compilation techniques, updated geological interpretation, and modern geophysics. The Company holds 22,000 hectares in the NWT at Pine Point, 63,691 hectares in the Bathurst Camp, New Brunswick and 42,000 hectares in Québec. In parallel, Osisko Metals is monitoring several base metal-oriented peers for opportunities.

For further information on Osisko Metals, visit or contact:
Jeff Hussey
President & CEO
Osisko Metals Incorporated
(514) 861-4441
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Chris Vermeulen – The Technical Traders – Tue 29 May, 2018

By Cory댊 Today Is Nothing More Than A Washout Day

With risk on assets getting sold off across the board there are a lot of people looking to the news events for reasons. Chris Vermeulen from The Technical Traders joins me to look at the charts and take the news out of the picture. He sees today as nothing more than a washout that could be taken as a buying opportunity.

Download audio file (2018_05_29-Chris-Vermeulen.mp3)

Click here to visit The Technical Traders website.

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David Erfle – Gold Market Commentary – Tue 29 May, 2018

By Cory댊 Gold vs USD and Recapping The Resource From Revival Gold

With gold up slightly today in the face of the USD continued strength David Erfle from The Junior Miner Junky says this is a good sign. Unfortunately we are not seeing silver share in the rally or stocks on a broad sense. We also discuss the resource released today out of Revival Gold (TSXV: RVG, OTCQB: RVLGF). The stock is getting a buy and continues to outperform.

Please send any questions you have for Revival Gold or Novo Resources to my email –

Download audio file (2018_05_29-Dave-Erfle.mp3)

Click here to visit David’s site.

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