Chris Temple – A discussion on the SolGold hostile takeover offer for Cornerstone Capital

Chris Temple has been covering the developments at the Cascabel Project and between the 2 Companies at play, SolGold (TSX:SOLG – AIM:SOLG – US:SLGGF) and Cornerstone Capital Resources (TSX.V:CGP – OTC:CTNXF).

On June 30th SolGold made a public, all share offer, for Cornerstone. The offer was rejected on July 14th. There are a lot of factors to consider for this offer, including the overall value of the offer, liquidity of SolGold shares, who could actually build the mine (due to high CapEx costs), and the other properties that both companies hold. Chris breaks down all of these factors in this extended interview.

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Here are a couple links to get up to speed on the news flow…

June 30 SOLG offer:

July 14 — Cornerstone public response, rejecting:…

July 14 — Cornerstone Directors’ Circular, rejecting offer:

SolGold’s dedicated web site to Cornerstone shareholders

SolGold’s recent webinar where CEO Nick Mather spoke primarily on the offer for CGP, and why people, in his opinion, should tender their shares:

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