Middle East

Gold Year End Breakout Finally Boosting Junior Miners $GLD $GDXJ

Several weeks ago when the TSX Venture was on its back due to tax loss selling I warned its planting time not selling time predicting a year end breakout in gold and the junior miners. Now gold has rallied pretty much everyday for 2 straight weeks making it short term overbought after a powerful breakout move into new 7 year highs.
Don’t be surprised for a little profit taking along the way as precious metals bulls who have been beaten down for so long are finally able to take some gains as gold is overbought because of the recent instability in Iraq over the killing of the Iranian General by the USA.

Get Gold and Silver Before Middle East Devolves into Civil War

I closely monitor and invest in the junior miners raising money to drill for new discoveries because that is why we are in this sector to make money. The big money in mining is made in getting in before a discovery hypothesis is confirmed through drilling. In some cases sentiment in the markets and sector can be so bad that the market doesn’t recognize yet the opportunity. This is where we dig around the press releases and news filing for undiscovered stories not really known yet but could be if they hit on drilling.

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