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Gold Mining Investors Returning To High Grade in Quebec

Burkina Faso has been battling Islamic terrorists since 2016, thousands are dead and they have driven nearly 500K from their homes, mining operations have been attacked.

I was once bullish but started moving away in 2019 focused on North America. One area that has been our favorite is Quebec especially the established Cadillac Break Trend where more than 75 million ounces of gold have been produced over the past 100 years.

8 Gold Miners Showing Relative Strength Despite Coronavirus Scare

As the #coronavirus hits global #stockmarkets investors look to #gold and the highest quality #goldminers showing great relative strength on a cloudy day! Files crossing my desk showing flight of quality capital into some gold miners we follow including $FNV $LUG $TGZ $GCM $BTO $YRI $KNT $GTT…all these companies are larger cap situations and not many juniors are participating with the gain in safe haven gold and US treasury bonds.

GO USA! First New #Copper Mine in USA in 10 Years

his comes at a huge cost. A major legal case has been launched against the largest tech companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Tesla for using child slave labor. Demand for copper and cobalt is soaring but a lot originates from areas with extreme poverty and no labor laws.

Washington DC is seeing a push led by President Trump to boost domestic mineral production, development and exploration for the first time in decades.

Gold Year End Breakout Finally Boosting Junior Miners $GLD $GDXJ

Several weeks ago when the TSX Venture was on its back due to tax loss selling I warned its planting time not selling time predicting a year end breakout in gold and the junior miners. Now gold has rallied pretty much everyday for 2 straight weeks making it short term overbought after a powerful breakout move into new 7 year highs.
Don’t be surprised for a little profit taking along the way as precious metals bulls who have been beaten down for so long are finally able to take some gains as gold is overbought because of the recent instability in Iraq over the killing of the Iranian General by the USA.

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