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Biggest Gold Asset in S. America Got New CEO with Great M&A Record

During this quarantine I have been blessed to speak to some extremely successful entrepreneurs in the mining sector. It has been during this pandemic crisis that opportunities arise for astute investors who can think quickly. Many smart investors who left the mining sector to real estate, cannabis and crypto have come back to safe haven in the form of precious metals and gold miners. Just as the sun rises and sets every day like clockwork so too the markets have their cycles.
Now the cycle has been turning for gold and the miners. Gold is one of the few asset classes that have outperformed this year! Investors are looking for unparalleled value and leverage to the rising gold price in the form of wealth in the earth with great management team and the best backers.

Could Nanotechnology Bring Down the Costs of Gold Mining Extraction?

This is where the problem lies with a lot of gold miners. More than 10% of gold mined is lost in this 100 year old cyanide solution using activated carbon. This comes at a huge cost for big producers like Agnico, Kinross and TMAC. A 200k oz/year producer could lose over $26 million annually just lost in cyanide solution and carbon particles.

Gold Year End Breakout Finally Boosting Junior Miners $GLD $GDXJ

Several weeks ago when the TSX Venture was on its back due to tax loss selling I warned its planting time not selling time predicting a year end breakout in gold and the junior miners. Now gold has rallied pretty much everyday for 2 straight weeks making it short term overbought after a powerful breakout move into new 7 year highs.
Don’t be surprised for a little profit taking along the way as precious metals bulls who have been beaten down for so long are finally able to take some gains as gold is overbought because of the recent instability in Iraq over the killing of the Iranian General by the USA.

M&A Activity Sparks The Junior Gold Miners to Make Year End Breakout $GDXJ

  Any connection? $spy #usdebt reaching 24 trillion. Every ten trillion equals 1k points on the #sp500?? pic.twitter.com/i10yd19Q1A — Jeb Handwerger (@goldstocktrades) November 12, 2019 Following the Great Financial Crisis in 2008, Governments around the world flooded the banks with cash expanding their balance sheets.  Rates were kept artificially low to continue to try to support growth. From 2009 to 2015 Continue Reading

New Gold Explorer in Nevada Breaks Out into New Highs on Drilling Update

There is no doubt about it that the gold and silver breakout in 2019 is for real and it could be the end of what could be one of the most severe bear market downtrends in mining stock history. Gold corrected less than 50% from 2012 to 2016 but the mining stocks which are highly leveraged to the price were not Continue Reading

Sun Metals $SUNM.V $SMTTF Shedding Light on a Whole New Disruptive Discovery in Canada

It was in the late 1990’s when I was just graduating high school that I decided I wanted to go into junior mining.  I remember studying the life of Herbert Hoover who went from being a poor farm kid to President of the United States based on his background in mining exploration.  I studied the history of some of the Continue Reading

Its Like 1999 All Over Again For TSX Venture $CDNX Investors

I would never of thought it but its like 20 years have gone by and TSX Venture investors are at same value as 1999. At that time copper was under 75 cents a pound. Now its close to $3 per lb. Gold was under $300 now its above $1200. The junior mining space is the cheapest its ever been and I believe it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Meanwhile, the stock and bond market may have already topped. The US dollar is about to be manipulated lower as the US needs to pay back the huge debts with cheaper dollars.

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