Where Can Investors Find Stock Warrants (Options) On Marijuana Stocks?

December 26, 2017 By Dudley Pierce Baker Investors in the marijuana and cannabis sector might be surprised to know that there are stock warrants trading on several of the companies. For those not familiar with stock warrants they are very similar to stock options. The principal differences being that stock warrants are a security issued by the company and the options are a derivative and written/created by other investors. Typically call options have a maximum life of 12 months where stock warrants frequently have a life from 2 to 5 years. If you want more information on stock warrants I encourage you to visit http://CommonStockWarrants.com to receive a Free copy of The Stock Warrant Handbook, Your Personal Guide to Trading Stock Warrants. Currently there are 6 stock warrants trading on very interesting companies in the marijuana/cannabis space. There are only two places that you will find the details on these … Continue reading

The Stock Warrant Handbook – Get Your Free Copy Now

Dudley Pierce Baker Founder – Editor Common Stock Warrants Junior Mining News           I’d like to invite all investors to visit my website and get your free copy of  “The Stock Warrant Handbook: Your Personal Guide To Trading Stock Warrants”. I see in some of the chat rooms and blogs of investment websites, that there is little to no knowledge of stock warrants. Don’t be left out in the cold and ignorant of the facts and opportunities with stock warrants. I have provided my warrant databases to investors since 2005 and welcome you to join me as a subscriber once you understand the details and particulars of trading stock warrants. Stock warrants are trading on many companies in the United States and Canada and in virtually all investment sectors from resource companies, marijuana companies, banks, pharmaceuticals, bio-techs, and many more. There is something here for all … Continue reading

Will FATCA be repealed?

Posted on 19 February, 2017 by Orlando Gotay Since I have been closely following the unfolding—and somewhat constantly shifting tax policy of the Trump administration and the 115th Congress, I get asked often what will happen, if anything, to FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Recall FATCA has turned virtually every foreign country and bank into an agent of the IRS, reporting back to the US Treasury on the holdings of US “persons”. Along with a bunch of additional requirements, like the odious Foreign Bank Account Report, it presents a truly formidable fiscal challenge even for the ‘normal’ expat. Most countries folded and signed agreements with the US where they agree to share financial information of US persons, under clear threat of punishing withholding taxes of US sourced payments to people in those countries. Even Vatican City signed up. Some countries have taken their time, and there has been … Continue reading

Donald Trump Is Correct In Not Releasing His Tax Returns

September 7, 2016 By Dudley Pierce Baker Retired IRS Agent Founder-Editor http://JuniorMiningNews.com http://CommonStockWarrants.com My comments are not intended to be a political statement in any way…. It’s just common sense. Much of the media and Hillary Clinton continue to badger Trump for not releasing his tax returns and they will probably continue to do so. If Mr. Trump’s tax returns are currently under audit as seems to be acknowledged in the media, then we have a totally different situation. Could Trump release his tax returns, of course he could, but why in the hell would he do so? You might ask, ‘what is the big deal?’ Let me tell you. As a retired IRS Agent, I was the lead agent, team coordinator, on some of the largest corporations in the United States for many years. If Trump is currently under audit, he would be foolish, in my opinion, to release his tax returns. … Continue reading

Operations Underway at Canadian Zeolite Quarry

July 6, 2016 By Canadian Zeolite Corp | Corporate News     Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Zeolite Corp. (the “Company”) (TSX.V:CNZ)  is pleased to report crushing and screening is underway at its Bromley Creek zeolite quarry near Princeton, BC. During June 2016 over 5000 tonnes of zeolite was crushed to 1.5 inches for shipping to the Kamloops processing facility. The zeolite was drilled and blasted as part of the Company’s earlier exploration program. In Kamloops the zeolite will be processed and sized for specific customer markets including; municipal composting odour control, animal feed supplements, agricultural growing mediums, waste-water filtration, road salt replacement, artificial turf odour and moisture control and radio-active waste containment. “The commencement of operations at Bromley Creek is a milestone event for Canadian Zeolite Corp. Getting up and running is a real achievement. This is an exciting time for our shareholders and the Canadian Zeolite team” stated Ray Paquette … Continue reading

Canadian Mining’s Zeolite Effective in Municipal Compost Odor Control

March 30th, 2015 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Mining Company Inc. (the “Company”) (TSX.V:CNG).  Cities and municipalities across Canada are now initiating the separation of all compostable materials from trash collection.  The Compost Council of Canada states; “organics residuals are the largest component of the waste stream.”  Diverting organic waste from the municipal waste system benefits the sustainability of the community by extending the life of landfills and reducing the potential for leachate and the production of methane.  One of the most significant issues facing composting facilities is the control of odor emissions. If you live near or have driven by a composting facility, you’ll appreciate the challenge municipalities have with controlling the odor emitted from composting.  Canadian Mining contributed its natural micronized zeolite for a large scale composting study with the Region of Peel in Ontario to address these odor emission issues. The successful results were presented at the National … Continue reading