April 17, 2018


Dudley Pierce Baker, here, founder and editor of Junior Mining News and Common Stock Warrants for well over 10 years.

I just reviewed my portfolio and I currently do not hold any positions, be they, shares or stock warrants, which are selling for over 50 cents.

And since most of my positions are in Canadian shares and Canadian dollars, that is only about 40 cents in U.S. dollars.

You can call me crazy but, crazy like a fox, as I am out to hit many home runs in the resource sector as gold and silver breakout, which is coming soon.

My portfolio has a balance of oil and gas shares, gold and silver companies, several of which are small producers. I also own several of the uranium companies.

While I may be known to investors as ‘the warrant guy’, only 25% of my portfolio is in stock warrants and the balance in common shares of resource companies.

I own millions of shares and/or warrants in these companies, so this is a major investment for me, and YOU need to know what I am doing.

In my opinion, each of my positions has the potential to be a home run, meaning a 10 bagger, 1,000% or more as these markets heat up.

Think about it, a $10,000 investment (U.S. dollars) could grow to $100,000 or more.

This is not chump change or crumbs, but real dollars.

To gain access to my entire portfolio, my weekly audio and my unique one of a kind, stock warrants database you will need a subscription to either my Gold or Lifetime Subscriptions.

I charge a reasonable amount for what you get, so don’t delay as this new bull market in the resource shares could start at any moment and a breakout in gold over the $1400 level will be the clue.

But don’t wait for that event…. start following me now and get in position with interesting small companies and/or their stock warrants, some which have well over 3 years of remaining life.

In addition, a new warrant will be coming to the markets and in our database before the end of April which is on a gold company, already producing over 200,000 oz a year, currently earning around $5 million and the warrant will have a 6 year life. What an incredible opportunity as I believe this will be an easy 10 bagger as gold rockets higher.

Don’t delay, JOIN ME NOW.

If you are not interesting in making real money, don’t bother to join, I want subscribers interested in having the ability to greatly changing their lives over the next 3 years.

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