cngMarch 30th, 2015

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Mining Company Inc. (the “Company”) (TSX.V:CNG).  Cities and municipalities across Canada are now initiating the separation of all compostable materials from trash collection.  The Compost Council of Canada states; “organics residuals are the largest component of the waste stream.”  Diverting organic waste from the municipal waste system benefits the sustainability of the community by extending the life of landfills and reducing the potential for leachate and the production of methane.  One of the most significant issues facing composting facilities is the control of odor emissions.

If you live near or have driven by a composting facility, you’ll appreciate the challenge municipalities have with controlling the odor emitted from composting.  Canadian Mining contributed its natural micronized zeolite for a large scale composting study with the Region of Peel in Ontario to address these odor emission issues. The successful results were presented at the National Composting Convention in Halifax on September 24, 2014.  The 4 week study determined the best results were achieved with an application of 3% micronized zeolite to volume of compost.  The results were a remarkable reduction of 85% of odor emissions.

Canadian Mining will continue to develop this process with the Region of Peel and is engaged with other municipalities across Canada to assist in addressing odor emission issues at their composting facilities.

“Zeolite is a natural non-metallic volcanic mineral that exhibits diverse applicable properties for use in products and technologies that contribute to ‘green’ environmental protection.”

On behalf of the Board

“Ray Paquette”

President & CEO

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