Josef Schachter – Energy Analyst – Wed 25 Mar, 2020

Oil Commentary – Oil being attacked from both the supply and demand side

Josef Schachter joins me for another look into the depressed oil sector. Being attacked on the supply (from the shutdown in may cites and countries) and demand side (from the Saudi and Russian price war) there are a lot of headwind to hold price down. We discuss possible ranges that oil will trade in and the companies Josef thinks will be the winners when the outlook brightens.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Tue 24 Mar, 2020

A historic day, this time to the upside for markets broadly

Chris Temple wraps up today’s editorials by recapping the moves today in US markets, gold and gold miners, and with a couple comments on oil. It was a historic day for US markets and a very good day for gold and silver. As Chris points out this is still a time to be very selective and will continue to be as we move forward.

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March 18, 2020
Chris Vermeulen


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Oil falls deeper into turmoil triggered by epic demand collapse

Oil’s spectacular collapse deepened as widening global efforts to fight the spread of coronavirus were set to trigger the most severe contraction in annual oil demand in history. Futures tumbled by more than 6% after plunging by a quarter last week -- the largest drop since 2008. Even a massive emergency move by the US Federal Reserve to cushion the world’s biggest economy just added to the fear gripping markets, with New York crude at one point dropping below $30 a barrel. Gasoline prices collapsed in the US

Opec sees no oil demand growth in 2020 as virus batters forecast

Opec expects there will effectively be no growth in global oil demand this year, slashing its forecasts as the coronavirus hits the world economy. Having expected a month ago that fuel consumption would increase by just under 1-million barrels a day, or 1%, in 2020, the group said in a report on Wednesday it now sees an increase of just 60 000 barrels a day. It also sharply cut estimates for supplies from rivals as lower prices hobble US shale drillers.

Amid Saudi-Russian oil price war, other Opec States sound alarm

While Opec's de facto leader Saudi Arabia trades blows in a war for market share with Russia after their three-year pact to cut oil supplies collapsed last week, other Opec States are already sounding the alarm over plunging oil prices. Crude lost as much as a third of its value this week after Friday's meeting between Opec and its allies, including Russia, ended in acrimony and led to scrapping all restrictions on output in a market already awash with oil.

Joel Elconin – Benzinga Pre-Market Prep Show – Tue 10 Mar, 2020

When will some calm enter the markets?

Another week and another headline that drives fear into the markets. This has become the trend in 2020 and has caused a lot of money to be pulled out of markets.

Joel Elconin joins me with his thoughts on how a sense of calm is needed in the markets before an sustainable rebound could happen. We discuss the buy the dip mentality and how the oil crash is adding a whole new fear to these markets.

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Ed Moya – Senior Market Analyst at OANDA – Tue 10 Mar, 2020

Oil price wars balanced with government and Fed responses

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analysts at OANDA kicks off today by discussing the anticipated response from the Fed and US government to help support the markets and economy. What’s on the table and will it work? Tough to call either way right now.

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Josef Schachter – Energy Analyst – Mon 9 Mar, 2020

A Focus On The Crash In Oil – A Little History and Stock Comments

Josef Schachter joins me today for comments on the oil sector and provides a little history on the Saudi-Russia alliance that has broken down. We also discuss the moves in oil shares and the possible opportunity it presents to anyone with some cash to deploy.

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Richard Postma – The Doctor Is In – Mon 9 Mar, 2020

Doc’s thoughts on the Coronavirus, Saudi-Russia Feud, and overall market fears

Doc is back with us and there is a lot to discuss. There is a perfect storm brewing for the bearish case across the board for investors. We chat about the Saudi-Russia fight to lower oil prices and how this is carrying through to a wide range of sectors and pretty much every equity.