Critical Materials

GO USA! First New #Copper Mine in USA in 10 Years

his comes at a huge cost. A major legal case has been launched against the largest tech companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Tesla for using child slave labor. Demand for copper and cobalt is soaring but a lot originates from areas with extreme poverty and no labor laws.

Washington DC is seeing a push led by President Trump to boost domestic mineral production, development and exploration for the first time in decades.

Rare Earths Sector ETF $REMX Booming Again On Trade War With China

Over eight years ago I wrote about a crisis that could unfold in the United States related to rare earth imports from China. Remember the Chinese control the rare earth market. These rare earths are used in your phones, Ipads, and hybrid/electric vehicles. Just think of rare earths in all your advanced technologies which involve magnets like hard drives and speakers. Some think the rare earth boom has been and gone…but I think its coming back and it could be very soon.

First Cobalt $FCC.V $FTSSF Next Battery Grade Cobalt Supplier For EV Market in North America

  First Cobalt $FCC.V $FTSSF just put out news today.  See my interview with First Cobalt $FCC.V $FTSSF CEO Trent Mell.   -successfully produced a battery grade cobalt sulfate using the First Cobalt Refinery flowsheet. -closer to recommissioning the only permitted primary cobalt refinery in North America. -discussions currently underway with automotive companies, cobalt miners and capital providers can now move Continue Reading

Gold Makes Bullish Breakout as Investors Fear Higher Interest Rates $GDXJ

Its been a great week for the beaten up gold investors as capital sought safety as a market panic started. In reality, the stock market was way overbought and needed at least a shakeout which it has done pulling back to the rising 200 DMA.
For months I have been early seeing declining momentum and insider selling in the Large Caps. Despite that the share price of large cap equities continued into nosebleed territory. I was taught years ago that the smart investors sell into rising markets and buy into declining markets. That’s how the intelligent investors get in early. You can witness this phenomenon possibly through the divergence between momentum and price as we see in chart below. The trend is a friend until its broken on huge volume. During this week’s market selloff gold remained the true safe haven not crypto as was promoted by the young 20 year old know nothings.

Trump Signs New Law Boosting US Critical Metal Projects

For many years, I have asked my readers to learn more about our national security being totally reliant on foreign imports of our must crucial minerals and metals needed for our newest technologies. At times I even suggested to contact your local elected officials and make them aware of dire importance of a domestic secure supply of these most critical elements. I have been warning for close to a decade about a coming crisis among modern industrial nations posed by China’s draconian and monopolistic maneuvers in the implementation of a rare earth quota system. See the full article on Seeking Alpha written more than seven years ago entitled, “The Fast Growing Rare Earth Crisis In The United States”.
Fast forward eight years after little support from Obama, the rare earth industry (REMX) as well as other critical battery and clean energy metals such as lithium, cobalt, graphite …etc could receive an important boost. Late last year under the new Trump Administration an executive order was signed ordering federal agencies to end this monopoly of critical metals by China. Lithium Ion Battery materials was identified as crucial for America’s economic future to have a secure domestic supply.

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