Erik Wetterling – The Hedgeless Horseman – Thu 19 Sep, 2019

What to consider when you see insider buying of stocks

Erik Wetterling, Founder of The Hedgeless Horseman joins me today to outline the discrepancy between silver stocks and gold stocks. A lot comes down to the type of investors entering the market. Erik also mentions insider buying in one of the stocks he is watching which gets us into a brief discussion on what to watch for when it comes to this type of buying. Finally we end with his thoughts on Lion One Metals.

In full discloser Erik owns shares in Lion One and the Company is a sponsor on his site.

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Brien Lundin Commentary – Thu 19 Sep, 2019

Metals Portfolio Management Tips and A Couple Stocks That Are Interesting

Brien Lundin joins me today for a couple comments for metals investors when it comes to portfolio management. Since there are a select few juniors that continue to outperform the weighting in portfolios can get extreme especially if investors continue to hold the winners and not take anything off the table. Brien also shares with us a couple companies he likes that will be at the New Orleans Investment Conference.

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Joel Elconin – Benzinga Pre-Market Prep Show – Thu 19 Sep, 2019

US Markets, Quadruple Witching Day, Microsoft and Target News, and Oil

With US markets pushing higher to new highs on the back of a slightly more hawkish Fed there are some internals that need to be noted. Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the Benzinga Pre-Market Prep Show joins me for a couple comments on these market internals. We start with the quadruple witching day which is tomorrow and typically results in some noteworthy swings beforehand and possible trend changes. We also discuss Microsoft and Target which just announced share buybacks and an increase in dividends in Microsoft’s case.

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John Kaiser Exclusive – Thu 19 Sep, 2019

Thoughts on Great bear Resources and Westhaven Ventures

John Kaiser, Founder of Kaiser Research joins me to weigh in on Great Bear Resources and Westhaven Ventures. Great Bear in particular continues to have a lot of eyes on the stock and at the Beaver Creek Conference this was evident buy all the comments I heard. John shares his thoughts on the LP Fault target that continues to be expanded by the recent drilling.

As for Westhaven, the team had some trouble following up on the nice discovery hole from last year but over the past three months the stock has started to tick up again. With a private placement underway we look forward to the next round of drilling.

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Wed 18 Sep, 2019

Comments on the Fed rate cut, Powell press conference, and repo market actions

Chris Temple joins me to wrap up today with our comments on the Fed statement and press conference. A large focus of the press conference was on the actions of the Fed in the repo market that stated on Monday. We also look at the market moves and overall trends.

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Jordan Roy-Byrne – Technical Commentary on the Metals – Wed 18 Sep, 2019

Balancing the trends for gold and silver outside of the short term Fed driven volatility

There is no doubt we will see some volatility on the back of the Fed statement and Powell’s press conference. However it is important to understand the major trends and drivers in any market.

Jordan Roy-Byrne and I look at the longer term charts for gold, silver, and gold miners to get a handle on what the next few months will look like. These metals have been a great run due to central bank easing expectations. However over the past couple weeks the bond market has experienced a major shift along with some inflation data that has investors pairing some of these extreme expectations. We discuss all of this while focusing on gold and silver.

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General Market Commentary – Wed 18 Sep, 2019

The Fed and the Repo Market – What will Powell say at the press conference today?

In a development that just started 2 days ago the Fed has been pumping money into the repo market. The article below summarizes what started on Monday and has continued over the past couple days. As short term rates shot higher the Fed has been forced to inject over $125 billion to keep a lid on the rate increases.

I will be talking a lot about this over the rest of the week but for now we wait to see what Powell says at his press conference.

Below is a brief explanation from Reuters… Click here to visit the original posting page.

As if the U.S. Federal Reserve did not already have enough on its plate heading into its meeting on interest rates this week, chaos deep inside the plumbing of the U.S. financial system has thrown policymakers an unexpected curveball.

Cash available to banks for their short-term funding needs all but dried up earlier this week, and interest rates in U.S. money markets shot up to as high as 10% for some overnight loans, more than four times the Fed’s rate.

That forced the Fed to make an emergency injection of more than $125 billion over the past two days, its first major market intervention since the financial crisis more than a decade ago, to prevent borrowing costs from spiraling even higher. While the effort restored a measure of order to the short-term bank funding market, it was not enough to stop the Fed’s benchmark lending rate from rising above its targeted range of 2.00% to 2.25%.

The exact cause of the squeeze is a matter of some debate, but most market participants agree that two coincidental events on Monday were at least partly to blame. First, corporations had to withdraw funds from money market accounts to pay for quarterly tax bills, and on the same day the banks and investors who bought the $78 billion of U.S. Treasury notes and bonds sold by Uncle Sam last week had to settle up.

On top of that, the reserves that banks park with the Fed and are often made available to other banks on an overnight basis are at their lowest since 2011 thanks to the central bank’s culling of its vast portfolio of bonds over the past few years.

Added together, these factors are testing the limits of the $2.2 trillion repurchase agreement – or repo – market, a gray but essential component of the U.S. financial system.

Whatever the cause, the episode has added fuel to the argument that the Fed needs to take steps to avoid more disruptions in the repo market down the road.

Exclusive Company Introduction – Wed 18 Sep, 2019

O3 Mining – A comprehensive overview of this new Osisko Company

While at the Beaver Creek conference I had a number of people tell me to chat with Jose Vizquerra and get an update on O3 Mining (TSX.V:OIII). Jose is the President and CEO of O3 Mining, which is the latest Osisko Company focused on gold exploration in Ontario and Quebec.

Jose and I discuss how the Company was formed (through spinning out two non-core assets from Osisko Mining) and the two acquisitions that have been completed since inception. We also look ahead to the overall strategy for the Company and how the recent $10million (flow-through funds) will be allocated over the next year.

Please email me with any other question you have for Jose or I regarding O3 Mining. I can be reached at

Chris Vermeulen – The Technical Traders – Tue 17 Sep, 2019

Safe Assets – A trading strategy for utilities, gold, and bonds

Chris Vermeulen, Founder of The Technical Traders shares his trading strategy for safer assets. While precious metals and bonds had a great run, the charts are showing the utilities could be the place to be in the short term. Ut;s important to note we are not saying the other safe havens are going to crash but it’s all about time frame and playing the sector that could pop first.

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