American Manganese Reports 99.88% Recovery – Buy Recommendation

July 12, 2019
By Dudley Pierce Baker

American Manganese, AMY on the TSXV and AMYZF on the OTC, in my opinion, represents an interesting speculation for investors.

The company is the leader with worldwide patents for recycling lithium-ion batteries.

All of those electric car batteries, phone batteries, etc. will have to be recycled and I see AMY as having the leading technology in the industry to make this happen, not 5 years from now, not next year, but NOW.

AMY just reported on July 11th:

American Manganese Inc. Reports Initial Pilot Plant Results of 99.88% Purity from Recovered NMC Cathode Material.

In my opinion, investors seem to be overlooking this opportunity as the shares continue to trade on the TSXV Exchange (AMY) for C$0.145 and AMYZF at $0.118 in the U.S.

In full disclosure I am a shareholder of AMY and I like the story. Could I be wrong, it is possible, but I do not think so. Please do your own due diligence before buying any shares, it is your money so take responsibility for your investment decisions.

This could possibly be the most overlooked opportunity of the decade.

Visit the company's website for complete details.

Making Lithium-ion Last Forever™

Pallinghurst earmarks $1bn for battery, fuel cell materials

Diversified investor Pallinghurst has entered the battery materials and energy storage revolution through the creation of a diversified battery raw materials platform. With the global electric vehicle and energy storage surge underpinned by government regulations and consumer demand for green energy options, Pallinghurst sees the demand for battery raw materials expanding in a manner not dissimilar to the steel raw materials super-cycle of a decade ago.

First Cobalt $FCC.V $FTSSF Next Battery Grade Cobalt Supplier For EV Market in North America



First Cobalt $FCC.V $FTSSF just put out news today.  See my interview with First Cobalt $FCC.V $FTSSF CEO Trent Mell.


-successfully produced a battery grade cobalt sulfate using the First Cobalt Refinery flowsheet.

-closer to recommissioning the only permitted primary cobalt refinery in North America.

-discussions currently underway with automotive companies, cobalt miners and capital providers can now move to a more advanced stage.

See the full news release by clicking here...


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Ford engages the mining sector on the road to more EVs

Ford is quickening its pace towards the mass production of electric vehicles (EVs) and researching how the mining industry can help it to achieve its goals. “There are tremendous investments taking place at every level to achieve this radical revolution in the automotive industry,” Ford energy storage, strategy and research senior manager Ted Miller told delegates at the Investing in African Mining Indaba.

Electric cars seen getting cleaner even where grids rely on coal

Electric cars are better for the environment than traditional gasoline models, and that benefit will grow as power generators shift away from coal. That’s the conclusion of research by BloombergNEF, which found carbon dioxide emissions from battery-powered vehicles were about 40% lower than for internal combustion engines last year. The difference was biggest in Britain and the UK, which have large renewables industries. It still held in China, which is more reliant on coal to make electricity.