Sean Brodrick – Wed 20 May, 2020

Here are the metals stocks that Sean is investing in

Sean Brodrick joins me today to focus on the resource sector and shares the type of stocks he is investing in. When an entire sector is moving up like the precious metals stocks it can be easy to get stuck in under performing stocks. That’s why it’s important to constantly review your portfolio and adjusting to balance out positions.

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Sean Brodrick – Wed 8 Apr, 2020

Where Sean is investing and comments on Precious Metals Stocks

Sena Brodrick kicks off today discussing the sectors he sees opportunity in. As crazy as the markets continue to be there are some great values for the long term investor. We also touch on the precious metals stocks and the stocks he is recommending.

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Sean Brodrick – Tue 3 Mar, 2020

With gold and silver stocks moving it’s important to be selective to outperform the GDX

Sean Brodrick, Editor of the Gold and Silver Trader joins me to share some of the stocks he likes and what he thinks are the most important aspects to look for when doing your due diligence. We look at miners down to exploration companies.

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Sean Brodrick – Wed 19 Feb, 2020

The Fear Trade In Action – Comments on precious metals, USD, and stocks

Sean Brodrick kicks off today with a recap of the market moves yesterday all focused toward a fear trade. We comment on gold and silver as well as Palladium and Rhodium. Next up is the US Dollar which has also broken out.

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Sean Brodrick – Tue 17 Dec, 2019

A wide ranging discussion on the many factors driving gold and oil

Sean Brodrick joins me today to summarize the many factors that are at play with the moves in gold and oil. Politics and trade dominate the moves but there are some nuances that could come to light in 2020 that would have a big impact on these sectors.

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Sean Brodrick – Tue 3 Dec, 2019

Just how much power does the Fed have to limit a major market drop?

Sean Brodrick joins me to chat about the stability of the US markets after the recent 2+ month run. Off to a bad start in December it won’t take long for investors to focus on the Fed and ask about the next round of easing. The question is, does the Fed have enough tools to save the markets from any significant decline.

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Sean Brodrick – Wed 20 Nov, 2019

Where to look in PM stocks moving into next year

Sean Brodrick kicks off today with his thoughts on where the best options are for metals investors. With major gold companies and silver stocks leading the sector will the money trickle down to the juniors in the near term?

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Sean Brodrick – Tue 15 Oct, 2019

Cannabis stocks bouncing, gold stock falling – Here’s what driving these moves

Sean Brodrick joins me to recap the moves in cannabis stocks (up) and gold stocks (down). Driving cannabis was a good earnings report from Aphria which reported the positive earnings for the second quarter in a row. As for gold stocks they are closing in on a key short term support level as sentiment has shifted a little more back to risk on assets. We also discuss the long term drivers for risk off assets that are not going anywhere.

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Sean Brodrick – Tue 17 Sep, 2019

The NY Fed is worried about the rising short term rates

Sean Brodrick joins me today to share a recent news story about the NY Fed stepping into the repo market to control the rising short term rates. We also look at the gold and oil markets as well as the copper market. There are still some diehard copper bulls that will point to what will drive the copper market however it’s all about time frame from smart investors.

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