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KER Politics – Thu 3 May, 2018

The Correspondents’ Dinner – Big Al says “Crude and inappropriate comments from some entertainers. Big Al says: “Simply put Wolf’s comments were crude and not appropriate for the White House Correspondents” dinner. Don’t let American events like this turn into Roman circuses!” Download audio file (Genesis-Segment-8-May-5-Strategic-Communications-Planner-Adam-Weiss-discusses-the-infamous-Correspondents-Dinner-2.mp3) …read more

Exclusive KE Report Commentary – Thu 3 May, 2018

The Environment Of Rising Mortgage Rates A new guest Debbie Bloyd, CEO of DLB Financial Services joins me today to share her thoughts on how individuals must the housing market now that mortgage rates continue to rise. Download audio file (2018_05_03-Debbie-Byol.mp3) I will be trying to bring on some more guests who are focused on …

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KER Politics – Wed 2 May, 2018

Best selling author, Paul Kengor, tells Big Al how the Progressives could affect our economy. Big Al spoke with best selling author and Professor Paul Kengor about his feelings regarding Progressives and how the Movement could affect the U.S. Economy. Download audio file (Genesis-Segment-5-May-5-Paul-Kengor-discusses-his-updated-book-Dupes-How-America-Adversaries-have-Manipulated-Progressives-for-a-Century-and-how-this-can-affect-our-economy.mp3) …read more

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