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Expect Gold & Silver To Pullback Before The Next Move Higher

December 12, 2018   Our team of researchers, at www.TheTechnicalTraders.com, believe the recent upward price move in Gold has reached a level where prices will pause and retrace a bit before the next big leg higher begins. The recent downward pricing pressures in the US and global stock markets have prompted Gold to move well above recent highs near $1242.  We predicted this move over 40 days ago with this research post.  We still believe Gold and Silver are setup for a bigger move higher, yet we believe the recent upswing will briefly pause and retrace to levels we are showing, below, before attempting a bigger move to the upside. This Daily Gold chart shows our Learning Fibonacci modeling system and highlights three key resistance levels.  We’ve also drawn a shaded RED range around the price levels predicted by our Fibonacci modeling system.  As you can see, the current Gold price has … Continue reading

Natural Gas Setup For A Big Move Lower

December 12, 2018 Our proprietary Fibonacci predictive modeling system is suggesting Natural Gas is about to break down below the $4.30 level and move aggressively toward the $3.05~3.25 level.  This could be an incredible move for energy traders and a complete bust for existing longs. This Weekly Natural Gas chart is showing our Fibonacci Predictive modeling system and highlighting the lower support price targets just above $3.00.  We believe price weakness will break the $4.30 level very quickly and drive prices well below the $3.40 level – very likely towards support near $3.25 over the next few weeks.   Our Advanced Adaptive Dynamic Learning predictive price modeling system is showing similar results.  It suggests a major price anomaly is setting up in Natural Gas that will prompt a massive downside price move over the next 2~3 weeks before an equally incredible price recovery takes place.  The total of this predicted … Continue reading

Is A Deleveraging Event About To Unfold In The Stock Market?

As 2018 draws to a close and the global equities markets continue to find pricing and valuation pressures driving prices lower, a few questions come to mind for all investors/traders – Is a deleveraging event about to unfold?  What will it look like if it does happen and how can I protect my investments from such an event?  This research article is going to help you answer those questions and should help to resolve any lingering questions you may have regarding the true nature of this market rotation and volatility.

Our research team at www.TheTechnicalTraders.com has been digging through the data and charts in an attempt to identify key elements of this recent price move.  We are starting with our Monthly Adaptive Dynamic Learning Cycles chart of the ES (E-mini S&P).  As you can see from this chart, our ADL Cycles modeling system is showing a deep downside price rotation is likely to unfold over the next 8~12 months.  One thing to remember about this chart is that these cycles and the width of the future cycle peaks and troughs are NOT indicative of price target levels.  Therefore, this downside move is NOT suspected of reaching price lows near 1000 or 1200.  These cycles are representative of a magnitude of cycle events.  In other words, this current cycle, downward, is expected to be a major cycle event that establishes a major price bottom somewhere near the end of 2019 or early 2020.

We urge traders to understand the scope of this cycle event.  Look at the previous cycle events on this chart.  Numerous downside cycle events have taken place over the past 10+ years that represent somewhat similar down-cycle price moves.  The most recent was in 2015~2016.  This event represented a moderately deep down-cycle even that equated to a 300~400 point price rotation in the ES.  If the current cycle event is relative in scope to the last, then this current down-cycle event will likely result in a 600~800 point price rotation, and we have already experienced a nearly 300 point rotation in the ES.  This would suggest a potential price bottom near 2100~2300 on the ES if the scale and scope of the current cycle event are relative to the previous down-cycle event.


This next chart highlights key time/price cycles on the SPY Monthly chart to help us keep the timing of these events in perspective.  As we have suggested, above, a major down-cycle even may be unfolding that results in a deleveraging even across the global markets.  If this does, in fact, take place, there are a number of elements that will likely play out.  First, currencies will fluctuate dramatically as deleveraging takes root.  Capital will seek out and identify the safest and most suitable returns by rushing away from risky markets and into safer markets.  Additionally, a prolonged deleveraging of global equities may take place where valuations are reduced as capital attempts to establish a balance between expectations and true market value.  Overall, this is a very healthy event for the markets as long as it does not result in a total collapse of price, as we saw in 2008-09.

This SPY chart highlights three key components of the markets current setup.  First, the RED LINE (a 2.618 Fibonacci extension from the 2015-2016 price rotation at $266.50) is acting like a strong support level in the markets.  This level, along with the 2018 lows near $254.78, are important levels that we are watching to determine if any further downside price activity is unfolding.  As long as these two levels are not breached to the downside, we can confidently say that the upside trend is still intact.  Second, the two BLUE price channels, which originate from the 2009 market bottom, establish a powerful upside price channel that will act as critical support should price reach near the lower level of this channel.  This means that any downside price rotation will likely find solid support near $232.00 or higher.  Lastly, the vertical time/price series cycles are suggesting that May and Oct of 2019 are likely to prompt significant price reversal patterns/setups.  This helps us to understand that any potential breakout moves (up or down) will likely reach some critical inflection point, or reversal points, near May and October of 2019.


Next, we fall back to our Custom US Market Index chart on a Monthly basis.  This chart, again, shows the support level originating from the lows of 2009 in a heavy BLUE line as well as two price channel levels that represent current price ranges.  The first thing we want you to focus on is the breadth of the current rotation within the regression channel on this chart (the red/blue shorter price channel).  Currently, the price is within this standard regression channel and has yet to break the longer-term, more aggressive, upward price channel.  Additionally, we can see from this chart that the recent price activity is still measurably above the 2018 price lows near 374.12.  Secondly, the Pitchfork channel, originating from the 2009 lows and spanning the range of the 2015~2016 price rotation, provides additional confirmation that we are still well above the middle and lower areas of this price channel.  Even if the current price did fall by another 4~8%, the price would still be within the normal channel levels of this extended upside price channel.

So, when we consider the scale and scope of this current downside price rotation, we have to be very aware of the real expectations of the market.  Yes, it looks frightening when we see it on a Daily or Weekly chart.  But when we consider the real reality of the long-term perspective, we can begin to understand how the price is reacting to the recent upside acceleration since 2017.


Lastly, this Daily ES chart is showing what we believe is the most important data of all and why all traders need to understand the risks involved in this rotating market.  First, this chart shows our Adaptive Dynamic Learning Fibonacci price modeling system and the results of this chart are clear to our team or researchers – although it might be a bit cluttered to you.  So we’ll try to explain the basic components of this chart for you.

The heavy RED and GREEN levels that are drawn above and below the price action are the Fibonacci Price Trigger levels.  These indicate where and when we would consider a new price trend to be “confirmed”  As you can see, the most recent “confirmed” trigger happened on Oct 10 with a huge breakdown of price confirming a bearish price trend.  Since then, these Fibonacci Price Trigger Levels have expanded outside price as volatility and price rotation has also expanded.  This indicates that price will have to make a bigger push, higher or lower, to establish any new confirmed price trend based on this modeling system.

There are two heavy YELLO lines bordering recent price rotation on this chart that help us to understand a rather wide flag/pennant formation appears to be forming within these rotation/channel levels.  For example, the absolute low of the current bar touched this lower YELLOW level and rebounded to the upside very sharply.  It is very likely that a washout-low price pattern executed today that may provide further price support near 2626 in the ES in the immediate future.  Either way, the price will have to exit this YELLOW price channel if it is going to attempt any new upside or downside price trends.  As long as it stays within this channel, we have a defined range that is currently between 2626 and 2800.

Lastly, the LIGHT BLUE oblique has been our estimated critical support level in the ES since our September 17 market call that a 5~8% downside price rotation was about to hit the markets.  This level was predicted by our ADL predictive price modeling system and has been confirmed, multiple times, by price over the past few months.  It is very likely that this level will continue to act as major support going forward and will be the last level of defense if price attempts a downside price move.  In other words, as we stated above, 2600~2680 is a very strong support range in the markets right now.  Any breakdown below this level could push the markets toward the 2018 price lows (or lower).  As long as this level holds, we could see continued deleveraging in the markets as US Dollar, Energy, Commodity, Currency or global market price weakness while the US markets attempt to hold above the 2018 lows.


Pay very close attention to our Fibonacci price modeling and US Custom Index charts, above, because we believe these charts paint a very clear picture.  Yes, a deleveraging event is likely already unfolding in the global markets.  It has been taking root in various forms over the past 12+ months in all reality.  The US markets are continuing to shake off the downside pricing pressures that we’ve seen in other global markets, and this is likely due to the “capital shift” event that is also unfolding throughout the globe.

Our advice for active traders would be to consider drastically reducing your trading sizes as well as pare back your open long positions if you are concerned about a market breakdown.  Our modeling systems are suggesting we have many months of rotation within the market to reposition and evaluate our plans for future success.  Unless the 2018 lows and the multiple critical support levels we’ve highlighted are threatened, we believe this rotation is nothing more than standard price rotation with acceptable ranges (see the charts above again if you have questions).  Yes, there is still concern that a price breakdown may unfold and we are certainly seeing a deleveraging event taking place.  We are not calling for a price collapse at the moment, and we have explained the reasons why we believe our research is accurate.

Use the best tools you can to assist you, just as we do for our members.  The only thing you can do in a situation like this is taking factual data, evaluate the true price data and make an educated and logical conclusion about the markets.  If you want to learn how we help our clients find and execute better trades and how we are preparing to make 2019 an incredibly successful year with our members, then visit www.TheTechnicalTraders.com and see what we offer our members.

Chris Vermeulen




December 14, 2018 - Surrey, BC

Larry W. Reaugh, President and Chief Executive Officer of American
Manganese Inc. (“American Manganese” or “AMY” or the “Company”), (TSX.V:
AMY | OTC US:  AMYZF | FSE:  2AM), is pleased to announce that the Company
has received the “Notice of Allowance” from the United States Patent and
Trade Mark Office for the Company’s lithium-ion battery recycling

The “Notice of Allowance” is formal notification indicating that the
examination of the invention has been completed by the US Patent and
Trademark Office and allowed for issuance as a patent.  The Company’s
attorney will be completing documentation and submitting fees for formal
issuance of the US Patent.  AMY CEO Larry W. Reaugh said, “Allowance of
this patent is a significant milestone for the Company as the invention is
now secured as a key asset that can be exclusively capitalized.”  The U.S.
Patent examiner deemed AMY’s technology is “novel” and “inventive” as it
enables the recycling of valuable cathode metals (namely cobalt, nickel,
manganese, aluminum and lithium) while converting these materials back to
fresh cathode materials for manufacture of new lithium-ion batteries.

“American Manganese recognized early on that significant growth in the
electric vehicle market will eventually lead to supply strains in materials
used to make lithium-ion batteries,” Mr. Reaugh noted, “and that effective
recycling of end of life lithium-ion batteries is a key aspect of achieving
a sustainable circular economy.”

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, forecasts show that electric
vehicle sales are “increasing from a record 1.1 million worldwide in 2017,
to 11 million in 2025 and then surging to 30 million in 2030” (see:
[1]Electric Vehicle Outlook).  In a Bloomberg Article dated December 4,
2018, “VW (Volkswagen) plans to launch fully or partly electric versions
across its lineup of more than 300 cars, vans, trucks and motorbikes by
2030”  (see:  [2]VW says the next generation of combustion cars will be its
last ). In a Reuters article dated December 11, 2018, “Daimler will buy
battery cells worth more than 20 billion euros ($23 billion) by 2030 as it
readies mass production of hybrid and electric vehicles” (see:  [3]Daimler
to buy $23 billion of battery cells for electric car drive )

With extensive experience in mining processes and technologies, American
Manganese contracted Kemetco Research to embark on a research program to
develop technology with the goal of capitalizing on the potential supply
strains of the metals used for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, while
creating an important solution to the circular economy.

The Notice of Allowance of the US Patent is a significant milestone in
achieving this goal.  Key aspects described in the patent application are:
* Treatment of several cathode chemistries such as lithium cobalt oxide
(LCO), lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) and lithium nickel
cobalt aluminum oxide (NCA).

* Methods for achieving 100% recoveries of cobalt, nickel, manganese,
aluminum for all cathode chemistries tested.

* Method for achieving 100% lithium recovery by a novel locked cycle

AMY’s contractor, Kemetco Research, has been strategically focused on
developing AMY’s core technology into a highly efficient recycling process,
with plans to file for Continuing Patent Applications on work recently
completed that complements the current technology.  With the receipt of the
Notice of Allowance, AMY is ahead of known competitors in terms of IP
protection and positioned to lead the industry in electric vehicle battery

[4]About Kemetco Research Inc.

Kemetco Research is a private sector integrated science, technology and
innovation company. Their Contract Sciences operation provides laboratory
analysis and testing, field work, bench scale studies, pilot plant
investigations, consulting services, applied research and development for
both industry and government. Their clients range from start-up companies
developing new technologies through to large multinational corporations
with proven processes.

Kemetco provides scientific expertise in the fields of Specialty Analytical
Chemistry, Chemical Process and Extractive Metallurgy. Because Kemetco
carries out research in many different fields, it can offer a broader range
of backgrounds and expertise than most laboratories.

[5]About American Manganese Inc.

American Manganese Inc. is a critical metal company with a patent-pending
process for the recovery of metals from lithium-ion batteries such as
cobalt, lithium, nickel, manganese, and aluminum. Using a novel combination
of reagents and unit operations, AMY can provide 100%

extraction of cathode metals at battery grade purity. American Manganese
Inc. aims to capitalize on its patent-pending technology and proprietary
know-how to become the industry leader in recycling spent electric vehicle
lithium-ion batteries ([6]Please see the Company's July 25, 2018 Business
Plan for further details).

On behalf of Management

Larry W. Reaugh
President and Chief Executive Officer

Information Contacts:
Larry W. Reaugh
President and Chief Executive Officer
Telephone:  778 574 4444
Email: lreaugh@amymn.com


[7]    [8]View the company’s Video



[10]Check out our financing on the Stockhouse DealRoom



[13]View Larry’s latest Interview with Steve Darling – ProActive Investors

[14]American Manganese gets[15] [16]patent [17]allowance, [18]signs MOU
with Battery Safety Solutions


Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as
that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts
responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.  This news
release may contain “forward-looking statements”, which are statements
about the future based on current expectations or beliefs.  For this
purpose, statements of historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking
statements.  Forward-looking statements by their nature involve risks and
uncertainties, and there can be no assurance that such statements will
prove to be accurate or true.  Investors should not place undue reliance on
forward-looking statements.  The Company does not undertake any obligation
to update forward-looking statements except as required by law.


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