Has China Awoken The Gold Bull?

Written By: James West  August 21, 2015 And is it time to buy gold miners? Investor interest in gold (XAUUSD:CUR) has been at an all time low recently, with many acknowledged ‘gold bugs’ having thrown in the towel as gold prices flirt with multi-year lows, and sentiment projected by mainstream financial media would have you thinking gold as an asset is finished. This despite the growing comprehension by John Q Public that all of our markets are horribly manipulated. The disingenuous red herring of prosecuting members of the London Gold Fix group was designed to convey they perception that the industry is properly and diligently regulated. Such is not the case. But reconciling CFTC Commitment of Traders reports against trading patterns is an exercise in futility, since the reporting does not disclose which market participants are in which category. So analysts are left to deduce positions. Concentrated positions are thus difficult to discern. … Continue reading