Gold and Silver Are “Asymmetric” Trades

By GoldSilverWorlds An asymmetric trade is a situation where investing a relatively small amount of money holds the potential of yielding a profit many times the amount of the original sum at risk. In other words, where the risk to reward is skewed massively in the direction of reward. This took place recently with Bitcoin (BTC). Is this conceptually different from bets made years ago on Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, or Facebook, which yielded hundreds of percent profit to intrepid investors? Does it have relevance to the possible returns during the next few years for those who hold physical gold and silver? I would answer “yes” and “yes.” The current “mania” in the cryptocurrency space – most notably BTC and Ethereum (ETH), along with a few other “app coins” – offers an in-future lesson for a similar setup in the precious metals. (For more on the above topic, see “The Blockchain: … Continue reading

Daily Market Wrap – Thu 22 Jun, 2017

By Cory Dana Lyons: This market rally is not as strong as you may think We have chatted a number of times about the markets being supported by a select few stocks. Dana Lyons joins me for today’s market wrap to further outline why he thinks these markets are not as strong as one would believe. Using an internal market risk model Dana says he is seeing warning signs. Here are a couple websites of Dana’s that you can check out. The Lyons Share Pro Dana’s free blog Download audio file (2017_06_22-Market-Wrap-Dana-Lyons.mp3) Here is the chart of the Health Care sector from 2 days ago. …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Daily Market Wrap – Thu 22 Jun, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Stockman: Horrendous Storm to Hit Stocks

By Craig Wilson This post Stockman: Horrendous Storm to Hit Stocks appeared first on Daily Reckoning. [Urgent Note: David Stockman warns that the nation’s future and a massive debt ceiling hangs in the balance as Wall Street stocks carry on. The economist is on a mission to send his new book TRUMPED! A Nation on the Brink of Ruin… and How to Bring It Back out to every American who responds, absolutely free. Click here for more details.] David Stockman joined Boom Bust to discuss the massive storm that is building and about to slam into Wall Street. During the discussion Stockman reveals what he believes is ahead for the stocks in the market and the economy. The interview began with the Boom Bust host asking the acclaimed author about his concern surrounding a government shutdown. David Stockman began “we’re in the midst of the biggest political train wreck in … Continue reading

Huge Wealth Potential With “Healing Waters”

By Ray Blanco This post Huge Wealth Potential With “Healing Waters” appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The idea of water as a holy substance with healing properties is a recurring theme in world history. The founder of Christianity is said to have begun his mission after baptism in the same Jordan River. And to this day, water is a holy symbol for many of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians, where it serves as a medium through which people enter the faith in imitation of the religion’s founder. Christianity isn’t alone in giving water a special significance. H2O is used as a sacred agent in Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism… as well as other religions. Millions of Muslims visit and drink from the Well of Zamzam in Saudi Arabia every year as part of the Hajj pilgrimage. In Hinduism, bodies of water are religiously significant, with the Ganges River considered the … Continue reading

Exclusive Insights on the Gold Market – Thu 22 Jun, 2017

By Cory Gold Miners – Sentiment, GDX Chart, and Quality Stocks Diverging A close look into the junior mining sectors with The Junior Miner Junky David Erfle. We look at the bearish sentiment in the sector as judged by the Gold Miners Bullish Percentage Index ($BPGDM) as well as the GDX chart. With a tighter and tighter range investors are waiting to see which way it breaks. We also touch on the Uranium sector at the end of the interview. Click here to visit David site and consider signing up for his newsletter. Download audio file (2017_06_22-David-Erfle.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Exclusive Insights on the Gold Market – Thu 22 Jun, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

US coal tycoon Robert Murray sues ‘Last Week Tonight’ host, network

By analyst By Cecilia Jamasmie Robert E. Murray, founder and chief executive of Murray Energy, the largest privately held coal mining company in the US, is suing John Oliver, HBO, Time Warner, and the writers of the “Last Week Tonight” show over an episode on the coal mining industry that aired on Sunday night. The lawsuit for defamation is against John Oliver, the writers of Oliver’s show “Last Week Tonight”, HBO and Time Warner. Murray’s suit, filed on Wednesday in West Virginia, claims that host Oliver, the show’s writers, HBO, and Time Warner executed “a meticulously planned attempt to assassinate the character of and reputation of Mr. Robert E. Murray and his companies” by broadcasting the segment that heavily criticized the coal industry and Murray, the Daily Beast reported. The suit goes on saying the defendants “did this to a man who needs a lung transplant, a man who does … Continue reading

Valuable Insights from Around the Web – Thu 22 Jun, 2017

By Cory Where in the World Can Value be Had in the Equity Markets? This post was brought to my attention by Jesse Felder of the Felder Report. Investors are always looking for value but in markets that have been going up for 9 years it can be hard to find. Recently we have been discussing the money flows out of US equity ETFs and into European and EM ETFs. This is an example of investors looking for value. However within US markets there has been a rotation where again investors are trying to find value. The post below outlines some of the sectors within the market that are overvalued vs undervalued – using a median company price to book ratio relative to a 10 year average. Click here for the original posting at the Knowledge Leaders Capital blog. To say that value is difficult to find in the global … Continue reading

Why Accenture Stock Is Rated a “Hold” Today

By Rob Otman Accenture (NYSE: ACN) is a large cap company that operates within the IT services industry. Its market cap is $83 billion today, and the total one-year return is 8.66% for shareholders. Accenture stock is underperforming the market. It’s beaten down, but it just beat earnings estimates. So is it a good time to buy? To answer this question, we’ve turned to the Investment U Stock Grader. Our Research Team built this system to diagnose the financial health of a company. Our system looks at six key metrics… [iu-adbox] ✗ Earnings-per-Share (EPS) Growth: Accenture stock is underperforming the market. It’s beaten down, but it just beat earnings estimates. So is it a good time to buy? ✓ Price-to-Earnings (P/E): The average price-to-earnings ratio of the IT services industry is 25.99. And Accenture’s ratio comes in at 22.55. It’s trading at a better value than many of its competitors. … Continue reading

Rick Ackerman and Technicals – Thu 22 Jun, 2017

By Cory Updated Comments on Gold, US Markets, and Crude We are all back from the Rye Patch site visit and will be posting pictures and videos later today. Rick Ackerman kicks us off today with some updated targets and thoughts for gold, US markets, and crude oil. The crude oil comment Rick makes at the end is particularly noteworthy. Click here to visit Rick’s site for more technical commentary. Download audio file (2017_06_22-Rick-Ackerman.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Rick Ackerman and Technicals – Thu 22 Jun, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Is Buying Low and Selling High Possible in America Anymore?

By Eric Fry Paris’ ritzy Place Vendôme is a nice place to shop, but it’s not a cheap place to shop. It offers top-quality goods at premium prices. New York’s Wall Street is no different. The stocks on display there are as richly priced as a Louis Vuitton handbag. So if you’re hoping to find a bargain, you may have to look elsewhere. According to the pervasive narrative, U.S. stocks are hitting record highs because earnings growth is strong. Unfortunately, this feel-good narrative ignores one important fact: the S&P 500’s earnings per share (EPS) are lower today than they were three years ago. In September 2014, the S&P’s trailing 12-month EPS topped $113. Today, the S&P’s earnings are still below that number. And yet, despite this earnings nongrowth, the S&P 500 Index has advanced 30% since then. In other words, U.S. stocks have simply become more expensive during the last … Continue reading