Brazil Resources Warrants Up 1,476% in 5 Months

June 10, 2016 Dudley Pierce Baker   Whether you are a fan of stock warrants or not, this is a great example of when all the stars align, monster gains can be accomplished in a short period of time. Basically this article is a follow up to my original post on June 6th, Stock Warrants – The Next Million Dollar Opportunity, so I encourage you to read the article above and this is my follow up as the Brazil Resources (TSX:BRI) shares and stock warrants (TSX:BRI.WT) continue to rise and create more and more value for the holders. Update on this week’s action in Brazil Resources This gold company which has done really well since the beginning of 2016, Brazil Resources, TSX:BRI. The shares traded hit a high today, June 10, 2016 of C$2.05 (up from C$1.80 on June 6th) and from a low in January of C$0.375 for a gain of … Continue reading

These Crisis Markets Are Primed to Deliver Big Gains

These Crisis Markets Are Primed to Deliver Big Gains By Justin Spittler Editor’s note: Today, we’re continuing our conversation with Crisis Investing editor Nick Giambruno. Yesterday, Nick explained the ins and outs of crisis investing…and what he looks for in a good crisis investment. In part two, Nick shares two key markets he’s keeping an eye on today… J. Spittler, editor of The Daily Dispatch: What are some of your most successful crisis investments? Nick Giambruno: In 2013, the tiny European island of Cyprus had a banking crisis. Its stock market plunged 98%. It was one of the most significant financial crises in recent memory. So Doug Casey and I packed our suitcases and boarded a plane for Cyprus. We put our “boots to the ground” and looked through the rubble for incredible bargains. At the time, there were sound, productive, and well-run businesses in Cyprus making money and paying … Continue reading

Gold and Silver Stocks – How High Can They Go?

April 13, 2016 Dudley Pierce Baker     In December 2003 Edward Gofsky wrote a great article titled, “The 21st Century Gold Rush: How High Can Gold and Silver Stocks Go? Higher Than You Might Think!!” Being a bull on the precious metals I thought then what a great article. I have been in touch with Edward and he has given me permission to use his article. What he did was visit the local library looking at old newspapers from the 1970’s for the price of gold and silver stocks and then comparing them to their ultimate peak in share price in 1980. Now it is probably a surprise to no one that gold and silver stocks were on fire as gold and silver peaked in January 1980 but some specific examples that Edward shares with us are just awesome and mind blowing, begging the question can ‘they’ do … Continue reading

Stock Warrants & Interactive Brokers – An Update

  April 2, 2016 Dudley Pierce Baker   Interactive Brokers and Stock Warrants We are updating our previous reporting in October 2015 Some investors are challenged to find a brokerage firm to execute their stock warrant trades so allow me to provide some education on the subject. Canadian Investors: As a Canadian investor you will have no problem in executing your trades for stock warrants trading on the Canadian resource companies through your Canadian brokerage account. United States Investors and other Countries Our previous brokerage firm suspended their operations in September 2015 and while they may return under another name soon with a similar platform to purchase the Canadian shares and stock warrants, there is no assurance this will happen and we must move forward. Accordingly we were forced to seek out another broker. For United States investors if maybe slightly more difficult depending on your personal brokerage firm to purchase … Continue reading

Ellis Martin Report Editorial It’s Time to Buy Gold and Silver Stocks


March 21, 2016
Ellis Martin Reports

Editors Comments:
This is a fabulous rant by Ellis Martin on the gold and silver markets, an Ellis Martin that we have not heard before. Give it a listen asap and if you would like my assistance, please give my website,
Dudley Pierce Baker, Founder-Editor

Could Gold Bottom In The Next 3 Days?

November 22, 2015 Dudley Pierce Baker   Perhaps many resource investors are no longer interested, flat out broke or frankly, just don’t give a shit? A true contrarian sign. On Friday as the markets were closing I received an email update from another widely followed newsletter writer who has been correctly, extremely negative on the entire commodity sector for a few years. In his update, he states that his cycle work indicates that gold will bottom on November 24-25. WOW, that is this coming Tuesday and Wednesday and precedes the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States. This is a major turnaround as he has previously been looking for a target of $1,000 or below. That $1,000 target or lower, in my opinion, could still be in play in the next 3 days as the charts look terrible and we may well breakdown in a major plunge before rebounding. Why … Continue reading