Weekend Edition: Doug Casey on “Brexit”

Weekend Edition: Doug Casey on “Brexit” By Justin Spittler Editor’s note: It’s been a month since “Brexit”…the historic event that wiped out more than $3 trillion from the global stock market in two days. But what happens now? Today, Casey Research founder Doug Casey breaks down what the decision means for Britain…and how it foreshadows some big changes in the world at large. On June 23, the UK had a referendum in which 52% of voters opted to leave the European Union. I applaud Britain for leaving the corrupt, costly, and dysfunctional EU. It may be the best thing that’s happened to Europe since the end of World War 2. And, I think, it signals the start of some major new trends. In principle, the idea of the European Union sounded good. All the signatory countries joined a customs union so goods and people could flow freely. The idea was … Continue reading

Doug Casey on President Hillary Clinton

Doug Casey on President Hillary Clinton… World War III… and the Deep State By Nick Giambruno Will Hillary Clinton win in November and ensure the Deep State stays in control? I recently sat down with Casey Research founder Doug Casey to discuss this. Doug is a former classmate of Bill Clinton and has met him several times, including once at the White House. Doug shared his insights on why a Clinton win could accelerate the onset of World War III. We also touched on how Donald Trump will destroy the Republican Party… and why it’s a good thing. I think you’ll find our discussion insightful. Until next time, Nick Giambruno: There is a popular conception that only the “best and brightest” go into government. I think this is a sacred cow that needs to be slaughtered. What’s your take, Doug? Doug Casey: It’s a real problem when a pernicious myth … Continue reading

The Blind Leading the Clueless

The Blind Leading the Clueless By Jeff Thomas (Gregory Mankiw, an economics professor at Harvard, interviews Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen.) Most of us watch television. In part, we seek to be entertained, but, additionally, we often seek to be enlightened as to “what’s going on.” In a difficult era like the present one, in which some of the most prominent countries are experiencing the onset of an economic crisis, virtual cartoon characters are competing as choices in political contests, governments are becoming increasingly rapacious and a police state is developing rapidly, it’s not surprising if the average person questions, “What on earth are they thinking?” Well, there’s no shortage of media exposure to answer that question. Today, there are a multitude of channels offering 24/7 “news,” from which we may hope to glean some insight as to what the leaders of the world are thinking. Yet, in spite of … Continue reading

Here’s What Happens When the World Overdoses on Debt

  By Justin Spittler Bonds are no longer assets. They’re liabilities. You might find this hard to believe. After all, most folks think of bonds as a safe way to grow their money. For decades, you could make a decent return of 5% or more in government- and investment-grade bonds without risking big losses. Not anymore. These days, most bonds pay next to nothing. Some have negative interest rates, which means owners must pay interest on the bond instead of earning interest. If you own a bond that pays a negative interest rate, you’re guaranteed to lose money if you hold the bond to maturity. And yet, folks are lining up to buy these bonds. Dispatch readers know we’re in this mess because governments have gone mad trying to “stimulate” the economy. Central banks have cut rates more than 650 times since the 2008 financial crisis. Global rates are now … Continue reading

How to Escape the World’s Biggest Ponzi Scheme

How to Escape the World’s Biggest Ponzi Scheme By Justin Spittler It’s the top story in the investment world right now… As we showed you yesterday, the S&P 500 just hit a new all-time high, topping 2,130 for the first time since May 2015. But it’s not just stocks that are ripping higher. Bonds have quietly broken out to new all-time highs as well. Remember, a bond’s price rises when its yield falls. On Friday, the yield on the U.S. 10-year Treasury hit an all-time low of 1.37%. Yields on British (0.7%), German (-0.2%), and Japanese (-1.1%) 10-year bonds have also hit record lows over the past week. With rates this low, bondholders are barely earning any interest income. In Europe and Japan, investors are actually paying to lend the government money. That’s because negative interest rates have taken over these economies. In today’s issue, we explain how negative rates … Continue reading

The Serious Warning No One’s Talking About

The Serious Warning No One’s Talking About By Justin Spittler On Tuesday, a huge event happened in the investing world. But if you’re like most Americans, you probably haven’t even heard about it. The mainstream media didn’t discuss this event much. It was too busy pointing out that the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average have hit new all-time highs. Meanwhile, something much bigger was happening on the other side of the world. Today, we’ll tell you what this event was…and why it means big trouble is likely on the way for investors. • Earlier this week, the Japanese yen plummeted… It fell 1% over Monday and Tuesday. This might not sound like a big deal. But it was the yen’s biggest two-day slide since November 2014. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe triggered the plunge when he surprised the world with an announcement on Tuesday. Bloomberg Business reported: The currency … Continue reading

The Euro On The Brink Of Disaster

Posted Jul 11, 2016 by Martin Armstrong   We are looking at the collapse of Europe unfold much faster than anyone suspected. I have been warning that the Continental EU banks are in serious trouble. The negative interest rates have devastated Europe. While trying to stimulate borrowers who are not interested without an opportunity to make money, the ECB has wiped out savers, pensions, and sent cash into hiding contracting the European economy – not stimulating it. I have also warned that it is the EURO which is in serious trouble and that BREXIT was the only way to save Britain from being dragged down under as the Euro sinks. The Italian banks are collapsing and the crisis is now risking bringing down the Italian government. If they do not bailout the banks, the people will be in revolution. If they bailout the banks, they can only print Euros. The … Continue reading

Four New Stock Warrants Trading This Week – This Is Getting Exciting

July 10, 2016
Dudley Pierce Baker


Companies are taking advantage of the rising prices of PM’s and commodity prices and are raising monies and creating some new opportunities with stock warrants.

This week I have added four new warrants to our databases and this is only in our Canadian Warrants Database.

We are a subscriber website so I can not share the specifics but of the four companies we have:

2 Oil and Gas companies
1 Lithium company
1 Medical Marijuana company 

In addition, I have received information that a silver producer will be offering stock warrants which will trade and this offering is expected to close before the end of July.

My message is that for those investors interested in exploring the opportunities with stock warrants, those opportunities and choices are increasing every week.

If you are not a current subscriber, Join Me Now to get started.

Dudley Pierce Baker
http://JuniorMining News.com


This 5,000-Year Low Is Ruining Your Retirement

This 5,000-Year Low Is Ruining Your Retirement By Justin Spittler The global banking system—and your financial future—are at serious risk right now… To understand why, just look at what’s going on with the government’s latest radical policy. Regular Dispatch readers know we’re talking about rock-bottom interest rates. According to MarketWatch, global interest rates are at the lowest level in 5,000 years. Credit is cheaper right now than at any point since the First Dynasty of ancient Egypt, around the 32nd century BC. Today, we’ll explain what this means—and how to protect yourself going forward… • Interest rates didn’t get this low “naturally.” They’re at record lows because central bankers put them there… In 2008, the Federal Reserve dropped its key rate to near zero to fight the financial crisis. It’s kept rates there for eight years to encourage borrowing and spending. Other major central banks did the same thing. According to … Continue reading

The Emperor Has No Clothes

The Emperor Has No Clothes By Jeff Thomas Immediately following receipt of the Brexit results, I sought out the reaction of International Man feature writer Jeff Thomas who, as a Briton, has had a more direct connection with the issue. I can’t think of a better person to comment on this historical event. As always, he was candid with his remarks and his observations were insightful as to how the “leave” decision is likely to impact us all in the future. Until next time, Nick Giambruno: I’m eager to get your reaction to the Brexit referendum result. It was a surprise to me, was it a surprise to you? Jeff Thomas: Yes, and, I expect, even more so. For months, I’ve warned associates that this decision is so momentous for the EU that there was every likelihood that Brussels would try to rig the voting. The fact that both (Prime … Continue reading