GOLD in the New Financial Landscape

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April 15, 2020 | (57 mins 07 secs)

Speakers: Ed Coyne, Senior Managing Director, Global Sales, Whitney George, Chief Investment Officer, and John Hathaway, Senior Portfolio Manager (Sprott Asset Management).

Topic: The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new financial landscape, where returns from traditional financial assets, in real terms, could be subpar for many years. By contrast, this crisis continues to highlight gold’s value as a safe haven investment.

We discussed:

  • Gold is one of the few assets that offers both downside protection and upside performance in the new financial landscape
  • Gold is under-owned and under-utilized; we are in the early stages of what could be a very dynamic bull market
  • M&A cycle among gold miners continues with more small- and mid-cap companies needing to scale to remain relevant
  • Next major test for gold is $1,800, putting $2,000 and new highs within reach

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Finding Opportunities In Todays Markets

By Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder - Editor

This is a great time to be an investor as these challenging times bring opportunities.

In my opinion, investors, should have several investment services at their disposal to assist them with ideas and suggested investments at all times, but especially now!

I subscribe to many services to assist me in maintaining my databases, newsfeeds, charting, technical analysis and investment ideas, etc., including,,,, The Technical Traders, The Morgan Report and (for insider trading and insider positions).

To assist you I suggest the following services:

1. The Technical Traders - Chris Vermeulen and his team are
doing an excellent job of tracking the markets, virtually all markets, from a techical point of view. They nailed this 'black  swan' event at least a month or so before it happened. I realize that many of you are not interested in being an active trader, neither am I, but there views on direction and timing are proving to be very relevant to all investors. Visit their website and see for yourself what they are doing and whether or not their services or for you.


2. The Morgan Report - David Morgan and his team, Bruce Ross and David Smith are all friends and business associates of mine for over 15 years. I call David Morgan, 'mister silver', with his standing and knowledge in the investment community.
His service provides investors with interesting articles every month along with Davids portfolio suggestions and much much more. Remember, the more ideas you have the better you can make informed decisions.

3. Common Stock Warrants - This is my service which I started in 2005. The core service is a database of all stock warrants trading in the United States and Canada and in all industries and sectors. Thus all of the miners, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and everything else you can imagine. 'If there is a warrant trading, it is in our database'. In addition, my Gold and Lifetime subscribers have access to my personal portfolio and see all that I own, shares and warrants. In addition, I do a weekly audio for subscribers.


Taken together, 'we' have you covered - something for you to thing about over the next few days.

Thanks for your time,


Silver Most Undervalued Metal Out There

Silver Most Undervalued Metal Out There

Precious metals expert and financial writer David Morgan says silver is still 65% off its all-time high and is a much better value than gold. Morgan points out, “Relative to all asset classes, I can’t think of one that is more undervalued than silver. If you look at every asset in the metals world, meaning base metals . . . anything to do with the periodic chart, every one of them has obtained a higher price level than it was in 1980 except silver.”

If we look at the Gold/Silver Ratio right now all signs point to a massive rally. And if you recall sometime in 2008, silver was trading at about $9.70/ounce as we were entering the recession of 2008. The price of silver after breaking down in the gold/silver ratio below the 80 level, exploded to a high of $49.82/ounce. That was approximately a 500% gain in the price of silver. And during this period of time, many fortunes were made and lost. The gold/silver ratio reached the high of about 88 to 1 in 2008, before it collapsed in the same time frame that silver exploded to almost $50, with the ratio reaching a low of 30 to 1 by mid 2011.

Let's be clear... Gold and Silver will explode in the coming months/years. Nobody can predict when. But history has proven it time and time again. Which side will you be on when it happens?

Watch the interview here...




By  on 

Note from Dudley Pierce Baker:
David and I have worked together on numerous occasions and I suggest his service for serious investors. Ideally, you also sign up for my as a great companion service with any other investment out there. Now here's David........

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David Morgan: Crash Day In Silver and Gold

David discusses the recent drop in silver and how it is another “spike low.” These massive down days are often very sudden quick drops. These “spikes” are a good entry and exit point if you’re looking to get into the market. People don’t act consistently and keep to a simple strategy. He discusses what works for him in these markets and what he uses as indicators. He has bought this dip and will buy more if it drops again and expects a gradual price increase once the precious metals market gets moving and later on a price surge. Mr. Morgan talks about the concept of overhead resistance and why its a psychological barrier to price increases. There is a lot of this resistance that has to be overcome before the price can move higher. However, these are small markets, and resistance could be quickly overpowered if there is a flight … Continue reading

Ellis Martin Report Editorial It’s Time to Buy Gold and Silver Stocks


March 21, 2016
Ellis Martin Reports

Editors Comments:
This is a fabulous rant by Ellis Martin on the gold and silver markets, an Ellis Martin that we have not heard before. Give it a listen asap and if you would like my assistance, please give my website,
Dudley Pierce Baker, Founder-Editor

The Last Big Gold Rush? Is It In?


February 17, 2016: The Last Big Gold Rush? Is it In?

In this episode of The Ellis Martin Report we chat with precious metals analysts and newsletter writers Dudley Baker and David Morgan about the recent interest in gold and silver. Is this the final bull run? Fascinating interviews with both gentlemen. Ellis speaks with Dr. Brad Thompson of Oncolytics Biotech (ONCY) about the proprietary Reolysin technology fighting cancer tumors. Yannis Tsitos of GoldSource Mines (GXS.V) celebrates the beginning of gold production in Guyana for the company. Eric Fier of SilverCrest Metals is looking for another winning silver project in Sonora State Mexico

Listen to great discussions of the markets by Dudley Baker of and and David Morgan of The Morgan Report. As well two very interesting company sponsors, Oncolytics Biotech and GoldSource Mines.

Listen Now

Dudley Pierce Baker


How Cheap are Mining Stocks Now?

How Cheap are Mining Stocks Now? Are Gold Stocks Cheaper Than They Were in 2008? Chris Marchese, Senior Equity Analyst The Morgan Report  The short and simple answer to this question is yes! Some will say–that is just my opinion. I could show you numerous equations proving the gold stocks were cheaper in 2008 than today and vice versa using similar metrics. Over the past 4-to-6 weeks there have been countless articles arguing one way or other, however each one I’ve read suffers from one serious flaw, not one has even mentioned how the value of an asset is determined. The value of any asset is the present value of the (free) cash flows generated over the life of an asset. This doesn’t mean a discounted cash flow model has to be used or even a net asset value calculation which can be accurate if any only if the assumptions … Continue reading

The Silver Manifesto

silvermanifestoEditors Note:
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