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Revised 2018 Model on Gold Producer Reflects ‘Better Costs, Upward Earnings’

Source: Streetwise Reports 01/10/2019 A CIBC report reviewed the miner’s recently announced Q4/18 production and cost figures. In a Jan. 4 research note, CIBC analyst Bryce Adams reported that Leagold Mining Corp. (LMC:TSX.V; LMCNF:OTCQX) met its revised full-year 2018 production guidance of 295–305 Koz with actual production of 302.6 Koz. Q4/18 production alone, of 93.8 Koz, was consistent with CIBC’s estimate of 93.7 Koz. Specifically, the Los Filos mine outperformed in Q4/18, producing 58.2 Koz versus CIBC’s forecasted 55.3 Koz. Fazenda delivered 19 Koz and Pilar, 11.6 Koz, generally in line with CIBC’s projections. RDM’s production of 4.9 Koz, however, came in lower than the expected 7.4 Koz. Looking forward, Leagold is expected to announce results of a technical study of a possible carbon-in-leach plant for the underground ore at Los Filos. As for costs, Leagold reported the all-in sustaining cost (AISC) for full-year 2018 will be around $979 per ounce. Accordingly, CIBC revised its AISC estimates on the company, to $986 per ounce for full-year 2018 and $1,008 per ounce for Q4/18. Having updated its model to reflect new Q4/18 production and cost figures from Leagold, CIBC now projects for Q4/18 an earnings per share of $0.00 and a cash flow per share of $0.06, both up by $0.05 per share. CIBC has an Outperformer rating and a CA$3.50 per share price target on Leagold, whose current share price is CA$1.92. Read what other experts are saying about: Leagold Mining Corp. Sign up for our FREE newsletter at: … Continue reading

Sand Producer to Halt Distribution on Weakening Market Conditions

Source: Streetwise Reports 01/10/2019 The reasons behind the oilfield services company’s move, along with projections for 2019, are explored in a Raymond James research report. In a Jan. 7 research note, Raymond James analyst J. Marshall Adkins reported Hi-Crush Partners L.P. (HCLP:NYSE) decided to suspend its quarterly distribution, likely long term, due to the decreased volumes and price deterioration it is experiencing along with oil price uncertainty. The drop in the company’s volumes was 25% in Q4/18 compared to Q3/18, lower than expected. It is attributed to a reduction in the number of completions due to a declining oil price, operators maxing out their year’s budget and a resulting “significant” sand oversupply, Adkins explained. “One of the more significant investor concerns regarding Hi-Crush has been the potential for contracts to be renegotiated during the current bout of weakness,” he added. For example, management is currently renegotiating its Kermit mine contracts. With margins per ton falling by about $20 per ton at Kermit, sales of Kermit sand will yield about $96 million of EBITDA in 2019, Raymond James estimates. As for the future direction of Hi-Crush’s Northern White sand margins, it remains unclear, Adkins noted. On one hand, they are decreasing due to the overall slowing. Raymond James forecasts less overall Northern White tonnage this year, at 5.6 million tons compared to 7.4 million in 2018. “Overall, we currently model in-basin sand pricing falling about 20% in 2019 year over year, compared to a roughly 40% drop in Northern White pricing,” … Continue reading

The #1 Reason Silver & Silver Stocks Will Explode Higher in 2019

By Jeff Clark – Published on January 3, 2019 VRIC 2019 Featured Speaker: Jeff Clark The world is filled with toppy markets, financial bubbles, and bloated debt levels in virtually every segment of society. And it’s all taken place within a global monetary system where, for the first known time in history, all currencies are fiat. This financial and monetary cocktail has pushed risks high, and not for just investors but citizens. It’s crucial that gold and silver comprise a meaningful portion of one’s asset base. Given the nature of similar crises in the past, they will not only preserve purchasing power but are likely to lead to extraordinary capital gains. And of the two metals, silver has the most explosive potential. Why it’s Important: There are many reasons why silver tends to outperform gold. But there’s one major factor that is set to make the silver price scream higher in the next bull market. I’ll point it out in my talk, “The Silver Slam-a-Rama: The #1 Reason Silver & Silver Stocks Will Explode Higher.” The investment opportunity: In a soaring metals environment, silver equities have the potential to provide extraordinary gains, especially coming from such a historically low undervaluation. And some silver stocks are set to rise the most. Don’t Miss Out: This is an incredible time to come catch Jeff Clark at The World’s Largest Resource Investment Conference that happens only once a year. Register for VRIC before it’s too late. … Continue reading

Silver Starts A Breakout Move Higher

SILVER STARTS A BREAKOUT MOVE HIGHER December 31, 2018 Watch Silver, folks. This quiet shiny metal is starting a move that could be very foretelling of global market concerns and risks. Early on December 26, 2018, Silver broke through recent resistance, to the upside, with a relatively large 2.8%+ upside move. Why is this so important to traders? Because Silver is the “sleeper metal” that is typically the last to react to global economic concerns. Once Silver starts to move to the upside with a renewed bullish trend, we believe this move would indicate that bigger players are starting to accumulate Silver as a safe haven for future economic concerns/crisis events. This Daily chart of Silver shows the December 26 upside breakout move. We can clearly see the breakout above $15.00 and the historical resistance just below $15.00. This move is extremely important in the context of the total risk play that has recently played out through the past two months. Take a look as how quiet the Silver market has been over the past few months. Take a look at how Silver reacted only moderately to the recent market selloff and Fed statements. There was no real “fear” exhibited in the metals markets or in Silver over the past 60+ days. Yet, today, there is some real fear that is playing out in the price of Silver. This next Weekly Silver chart helps us to understand the total scope of this move and what we could expect to see … Continue reading

Santa Gives You $10,000 For Christmas – Do This Now!

With Christmas behind us and assuming you had been a good boy or girl, Santa delivered to you a check for $10,000. Of course, to some investors, $10,000 is chump change and no big deal,
 but to others, $10,000 is a lot of money. However, ‘what if’ that $10,000 has the potential to become $100,000 or more? 
This is what we commonly refer to as a “10 bagger” in the markets. Now we’re talking about some nice money to all investors. As Santa’s helper this year I am going to give you some suggestions ideas as to how to spend this $10,000. Everyone reading this are no doubt interested in the resource sector which is, in my opinion, the best contrarian play in the markets right now. Gold, silver, uranium and perhaps base metals are expected by many experts to be poised for a good, if not, great 2019. Santa Says, ‘this would be a great time to be invested in the resource sector’. Who’s to argue with Santa and as his helper, I am going to suggest the following 
method of allocating your new-found monies. Never go ‘all in’ on only one investment, but rather allocate, in this case, your $10,000 to a minimum of 6 to 10 companies of your choice. There are many great opportunities with gold, silver, uranium companies, etc., selling on the cheap right now, many of which could be 10 baggers or more. If you can find companies that you like and that have … Continue reading

Hugh Discounts For The Holiday Season

Gold, silver, uranium and perhaps base metals are expected by many experts and analysts, to be poised for a good, if not, great 2019. With that premise, I want you to be able to access my services and take advantage of some great discounts for the Holiday Season only. There are many great opportunities with gold, silver, uranium companies, etc., selling on the cheap right now, many of which could be 10 baggers or more. If you can find companies that you like and that have long-term stock warrants trading that would be better yet giving you even more upside leverage. Some of you receiving this email have been previous subscribers to my services and I understand your previous frustration. But the times are a changing and it is time to being positioned to capitalize on the next big up move in the resource sector. In my personal portfolio which is viewable by my Gold and Lifetime Subscribers you can see all of my positions, whether common shares or stock warrants giving you some ideas for your own investments. I am prepared to offer you a 50% discount off of my services (except for my Lifetime and Platinum Subscriptions) which are already a great deal at current prices. If interested you must enter the discount code when signing up: Discount Code – gold The discount will be calculated automatically for you upon signup. While on my website, don’t forget to get your Free copy of “The Stock Warrant Handbook, Your … Continue reading

Junior Mining – An Imperfect Business Model That Works!

December 20, 2018 Hello Resource Investors, A couple of years ago I was visiting my family in El Paso, Texas where my son at that time was working on his Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology at the University of Texas at El Paso, (UPEP).  My son has completed his degree and currently works assisting me and our services as an advisor and web administrator. Ron Thomas who at that time was President and Director of PDAC was visiting El Paso and doing a presentation at the University. I had the opportunity to spend a day with Ron and Dr. Philip Goodell of UTEP on a private mining tour and then dinner with a group of students. I did not have the opportunity to hear Ron’s presentation in person and only recently did I stumble on a copy of the presentation in PDF format. This is a great look at the mining sector and I encourage all to give it a read. Junior Mining – An Imperfect Business Model That Works!   Dudley Pierce Baker Founder – Editor … Continue reading

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