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By Dudley Pierce Baker

Perhaps you remember the name…

Precious Metals Warrants

PMW was a database of all of the Canadian shares and stock warrants.

In the last bull market which peaked in 2011 in the resource sector investors were on top of the world.

Shares were soaring and many of the stock warrants are those shares were also on fire, soaring hundred’s if not 1,000s of percent.

Then the markets hit the wall…..

The bull had died and the resource markets plunged lower than anyone could anticipate.

But life goes on folks and while we had a wonderful experience with Precious Metal Warrants it was time to move on and upgrade our services.

Precious Metals Warrants lives on but now under the name of Common Stock Warrants.

So what is the different you ask?

I expanded our databases to also include those warrants trading on U.S. companies and now cover all industries and sectors.

And I mean everything, from resource companies to marijuana/cannabis, banks, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, shipping, etc.

All of the information investors will ever need is now in one place under our website,

Better than ever and more warrants than ever, so I encourage you to visit my website and consider be coming a subscriber as thousand’s have done before.

Stock Warrants which are very similar to options, but importantly with much longer lives until expiration, sometimes up to 5 years and more.

I personally love the resource sector and once again believe we are the verge of another great bull market in shares, which means the stock warrants trading on those shares will soar once again.

If you need more information on warrants I have written, The Stock Warrant Handbook, Your Personal Guide To Trading Stock Warrants, which is free for visiting my website.

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