Almost daily we hear stories out of the automobile manufacturers, Ford, Volvo, General Motors, and of course, Telsa, giga-battery factories, etc. of the ongoing evolution of autos going to lithium ion batteries in the very near term.

The advantages are many……….

However, I see virtually nothing in the press about how all of these lithium ion batteries used in the autos will be recycled.

Is everyone overlooking this critical issue?

I know of only one company that is on the cutting edge of this recycling issue and can be bought for pennies. This company has presented at numerous investment events and has had attracted a lot of interests from some of the big players.

Editor’s Note from Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder and Editor of:

Before I give you the details on this company, I must tell you in full disclosure that I have a significant position in this company and it currently ranks as my number 2 position based on current valuation. My goal is to find investment opportunities for myself and my subscribers, either common shares or stock warrants of interesting situations which I believe have the potential to deliver gains of 500% to 1,000% and possibly more. This is one of those companies.

American Manganese, Inc.

Lead by Larry Reaugh, American Manganese trades
on the TSXV: AMY and the OTC: AMYZF





In this recent article on Clear Energy Review, we find some great information and a reference to my recycling question.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Review – Has The Clean Energy Disruption Begun?


“Recycling the complex Lithium based batteries used in the Powerwall poses several challenges compared to common lead-acid batteries which are easily recycled, although much research and development is underway. A recent breakthrough by American Manganese Inc or “AMI” has shown very good results in extracting the raw materials from Lithium NMC batteries for re-use. The Lithium NMC batteries used in the Powerwall are difficult to recycle but Tesla claim it will be feasible once the volume increases; since most Tesla lithium batteries are still in use and are expected to last 10+  years there are simply not enough used batteries available yet to refine the recycling process.”

In the most recent and detailed article on AMY which appeared on on August, 27, 2017 many more questions are answered about the company’s goals and opportunities.

The Most-Lucrative Niche in Cobalt Market

“…It was here where AMY and Kemetco Research made a startling discovery that was not only a game-changer for American Manganese. It could be a game-changer for the future of the entire lithium-ion battery industry. This same technology could be adapted to be ideally suited for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

The Company’s recycling technology can extract 100% of all of the valuable metals contained in these battery cathodes

That’s not a theory. That’s not an assertion. This is what American Manganese has demonstrated in its increasingly successful testing of this technology.

That is efficiency. And it is precisely what is required in a world that will soon be starving for new sources of cobalt….”

Also of interest to investors should be that AMY is considering a spin-out of some assets bring further potential value to shareholders.

“…To help unlock the latent value of Artillery Peak, management is already contemplating a spin-out. Either the recycling operations or the manganese, Rocher Deboule Cobalt and RareEarth Mining Project’s would  be spun-out, providing investors with a more transparent means of valuing the recycling and the mining assets separately…”

I encourage interested investors to read the entire article on once or twice as it is packed with valuable information and insights on this exciting sector and for American Manganese, Inc, in particular.

Recent Company News Out Today, September 14, 2017

American Manganese Inc. Updates Lithium Ion Battery Recycling & Discussed Metal markets

For those investors seeking an interesting opportunity and now trading at a great entry point check out this chart and please do your own due diligence as I am not a financial advisor.

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