Two Investment Opportunities You Don’t Want To Miss

November 7, 2018
By Dudley Pierce Baker


Let’s face facts, these precious metals markets have been devastating over the last several years.

Some of you receiving this email have been previous subscribers to my services.

I understand your frustration but the times are a changing and it is time to be positioned to capitalize on the next big up move in the resource sector.

In my personal portfolio which is viewable by my Gold and Lifetime Subscribers you can see all of my positions, whether common shares or stock warrants.

I trust this information is valuable to subscribers and while I am not privy to exactly when these markets will turn strongly to the upside, however, I do know a good deal when I see one.

And now I am seeing two awesome situations.

My current subscribers are aware of these situations.

Yes, two great deals with Gold companies and with their long term warrants.

One of the companies is expecting production by late 2019 of around 320,000 oz of gold and the warrants have a remaining life of 2 years and 11 months. With this first company, I own both the common shares and the stock warrants.

The other gold company is currently producing 200,000 oz of gold with little to no debt and a stock warrant which will not expire until 2024, yes that is correct and I have just recently purchased a nice position in the stock warrants and notified my current subscribers.

In my opinion this are not speculative positions rather great investment opportunities for those willing to take a look.

Both of these companies common shares could rise 10 fold or more when we get gold prices of $1400, $1600, $1900 and perhaps much higher.

Think of the additional cash flow both of these companies will be earning with higher gold prices.

If the common shares would rise 10 fold (a 10 bagger), think about the warrants as I see the warrants at that point up a minimum of 20 times or much more.

Of course I am the warrant guy and usually I will purchase the stock warrants, but I must first like the company and in this situation I like both of these companies.

Whether you buy the warrants or not is your decision, but the common shares of both companies are betting to be bought at current levels.

Don’t delay, act now and get started or perhaps re-started with my service at this opportune time.

I will showcase both of these great opportunities in my weekly audio to be available on Thursday November 8th around 8:00PM, CST.

I am prepared to offer you a 50% discount off of my services (except for my Platinum and Lifetime Subscriptions) which are already a great deal at current prices.

If interested you must enter the discount code when signing up:

Discount Code – gold

The discount will be calculated automatically for you upon signup.

I look forward to having you as a subscriber very soon, don’t delay this decision.

Dudley Pierce Baker
Founder – Editor

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