Analysis: NAFTA Is Dead — Act Accordingly

      BY VINCENT LAUERMAN – OCT. 23, 2017   “’Tis he who fight and run away. Live to fight another day.” Lyric from song “The Heathen” Bob Marley, TIME magazine’s most influential artist of the second half of the 20th century The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is dead. Unreasonable demands by U.S. trade negotiators, obviously at the behest of President Donald Trump, recently put the final nails in its coffin. The Trudeau government now has a choice. It can accept this reality and make the best of a bad situation or it can fight the inevitable and risk a Trump trade tantrum. The latter would likely have a far greater negative impact on the Canadian economy, and our oil and gas industry as well. President Trump has made it abundantly clear that he wants to ‘tear up’ the NAFTA treaty with Canada and Mexico, on the campaign trail and since … Continue reading