Weekend Show – Sat 12 Aug, 2017

By Cory Infrastructure Spending, Gold Market Commentary, and a Discussion on Bitcoin

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The talk of war between North Korea and the US has dominated the headlines and market commentary all week. We also covered the topic of geopolitics and market moves almost everyday this week (be sure to check out our daily editorials). In this weekend’s show we try to get away from all the political drama and focus on more longer term themes. We hope you all enjoy!

Please email me at anytime with your thoughts on new companies as well as guests and topics you would like to see discussed – Fleck[at]kereport.com.

Segment 1: Chris Temple discusses infrastructure spending and the history of how economies grow.

Click here to listen to the weekend special where we continue our conversation.

Segment 2: An update from Quinton Hennigh, President of Novo Resources on the recent bulk sample that is the talk of the resource market.

Click here to listen to the interview with John Kaiser focused on Novo.

Segment 3: Head of Global Currency Strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman Marc Chandler shares his thoughts on if Bitcoin is a currency.
Segment 4: Peter Boockvar breaks down the recent economic data and looks forward to the next major central bank moves.
Segment 5: Agree or disagree with him our first guest Gerald Celente has an interesting take on the situation with North Korea.
Segment 6: Charlotte Cuthbertson discusses the President’s progress in the area of reducing illegal immigration along with the serious problem of sex trafficking.
Segment 7: Dr. John Huber brings psychological issues into the discussion of the North Korean crisis.
Segment 8: Joshua Phillipp of The Epoch Times adds a new dimension to the crisis with North Korea.

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