I’m Giving Away Some of My Investment U Conference Recommendations


By David Fessler

On Thursday, March 16, 2017, I spoke at The Oxford Club’s Annual Investment U Conference. This year, my focus was on artificial intelligence (AI).

I recommended nine stocks. Guess what? All nine are higher as I write this. And half of them have already chalked up double-digit gains since the conference.

My first workshop was so packed, attendees were dragging chairs out of an adjacent room. When my room was full, people started sitting on the floor in the aisle.

Today, I’m going to give you nearly half of the stocks I recommended at my workshop. Of course, I can’t give all of them to you. That wouldn’t be fair to the attendees.

They each plunked down a big chunk of change to come hear me and the other editors talk about our current areas of interest and our current recommendations.

However, at the end of this article, I’m going to give you a link that will enable you to get the five top picks I recommended. And they keep going up nearly every day.

You’ll also get access to all the rest of the Investment U presentations. And you’ll be able to do it for a fraction of what the attendees paid.

Are my recommendations still valid? You bet they are.

Here’s how much they’ve gone up, both in dollars and percentage gains, since I recommended them on March 16.

As I said before, I can’t give you my top five stocks, since I reserved them for the attendees.

However, I’m going to give you the names and symbols of four of my recommendations that are still great stocks to buy and hold today.
Four Great Artificial Intelligence Stocks
The first one is Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX). It’s stock No. 6 in the table above. It turns out that the No. 1 online content provider is a big user of AI.

Netflix users get movie and TV choices served to them based on previous selections.

Big fan of Westerns? Netflix will start sending them your way. Like sci-fi? Watch a few, and you’ll get plenty more to choose from.

But Netflix is using AI for a lot more than just figuring out what users like to watch. It uses AI to help it provide specialized video compression.

Compression reduces the size of a video file, which reduces the load time and keeps the video from freezing and buffering. That provides better quality video to users who have low-bandwidth internet (like me). It’s amazing how the process works.

Netflix uses specialized AI algorithms that look at every frame of video. They compress the video stream only as much as is necessary without degrading the video quality.

Netflix calls its system the “Dynamic Optimizer.” It developed the system to address low-bandwidth problems in emerging markets.

I believe Netflix is going to continue as the dominant content provider. And its use of AI means it will stay there. It should definitely be in your AI portfolio.


Another big user of AI is the most widely used search engine company on the planet. I’m talking about Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG). That’s stock No. …read more

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