Abraham Lincoln and Mexico – A History of Courage, Intrigue and Unlikely Friendships

March 31, 2017
by Dudley Pierce Baker

This article has absolutely nothing to do with my usual writings on gold, silver, resource shares and stock warrants.

I have been friends for years here in Mexico with Mikel Miller who is managing editor of Egretbooks.com.

Mikel and Michael Hogan may just have a big hit on their hands with the publication of

Abraham Lincoln and Mexico:
A History of Courage, Intrigue and Unlikely Friendships

This book by a noted Ph.D. historian is one of the best books available about historical relations between the United States and Mexico. It shines new light on reasons for the US invasion of Mexico in 1846, opposition by Abraham Lincoln and other politicians to the unjustified and unconstitutional decision by President Polk to go to war, the importance of the ensuing war against Mexico, the resulting territorial seizures by the United States, the impact both nationally and internationally to both countries, the troubling legacy even today, and the result of silences that have been pervasive over the years regarding this conflict. It examines all aspects of this history based on actual documents in government, university, and private institutions in both the US and Mexico, including citations to these documents and the complete text for many of them in the Appendix. The book covers more than two decades of US history, from 1846 to the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. As such, this outstanding book is a welcome addition to continuing discussion about the roles of the United States and Mexico during two of the most controversial and complex periods in American history, and how decisions made then continue to permeate the daily lives of citizens and residents of both countries.

Dr. Michael Hogan lives in Colonia Providencia, Guadalajara, Mexico, with his wife Lucinda Mayo, the internationally known fabric artist.

Born in Newport, Rhode Island in 1943, he is the author of eighteen books, including a collection of short stories, six books of poetry, collected essays on teaching in Latin America, a novel, and a history of the Irish battalion in Mexico which formed the basis for an MGM movie starring Tom Berenger. His work has appeared in many journals such as the Paris Review, the Harvard Review, Z-Magazine, Political Affairs and the Monthly Review. He is a consultant to the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Overseas Schools in Latin America. As an author he has received wide recognition for his work, including a PEN Award, two Pushcart Prizes, an NEA fellowship, the Benjamin Franklin Award, the gold medal of the Mexican Geographical Society. Dr. Hogan received his B.A. and MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. He holds a Ph.D. in Latin American Studies from the University of Guadalajara and the Institute of Advanced Studies. For many years he worked as an international educator and is currently a consultant for the College Board’s programs overseas. He has given workshops and presentations at over sixty conferences in 36 countries.

In addition to his work in Latin America for the past two decades, Dr. Hogan is a former consultant on institutional programs for the National Endowment for the Arts, a consultant for the Irish Embassy in Mexico, and on the land mine removal initiative in Nicaragua. He has received the Robert Shafer Memorial Award from the NCTE for “outstanding contributions to international education,” a nomination for the Singer Prize for Excellence in Secondary Teaching from Harvard University, and a citation for meritorious service from the Office of Overseas Schools, U.S. Department of State. Currently he is completing work on a novel, a collection of essays and a book of poetry.

Writing for the American Poetry Review, Sam Hamill noted: “Hogan’s poems are virtually free of the ego and fake emotion, the public posturing and self-regard, that infects so much recent poetry. For Hogan, to undertake the poem is to undertake the possibility of radical transformation. The humility and compassion of his poems warm me when other leave me chilled to the bone. He rewards the reader with intelligence and warmth and a wide sweep of understanding.”

My friend, Mikel Miller is the managing editor of Egretbooks.com, a refugee from the USA East Coast with a background in information technology & project management. He’s a member of Publishers and Writers of San Diego, and divides his time between San Diego and Guadalajara, Mexico.

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