Common Stock Warrants site launched

By Dudley Pierce Baker

cswlogoYou have not heard much from us for the last few weeks, but we have been working behind the scenes to bring our subscribers not only a new look and feel but also substantially more content.

We are now live at and invite you to visit the website soon. Even more content is still remaining and will uploaded throughout July. You are going to love the way we look.

Don’t forget, we now offer two levels of subscription, Silver – Warrant Database (only) and our Gold — all of our services, including Dudley Baker’s “Look Over My Shoulder”.

There are many interesting opportunities in our warrant databases, many warrants with long lives (one out to 2022) and on many great companies in the United States and Canada.

To the best of our knowledge, this information has never been available before in one service. We are proud to bring all of this information to the attention of our subscribers, readers and followers and trust you will assist us in getting this news out to the investment community.

We realize many investors in the world are not interested in the natural resource sector. How about, banking, financial services, oil and gas, automotive, pipelines, restaurants, and more? All industries and sectors are included in our databases.

If there is a warrant trading in the United States or Canada, we follow it and provide subscribers will all of the information and leverage calculations to make an informed decision.

Join us now for a world of new investment opportunities.

For our subscribers, we will return soon with The Warrant Report.

Your feedback is always important to us, so please let us know your thoughts, good or bad.

Dudley Pierce Baker


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