The junior gold mining murder mystery

By Craig Brockie
Seeking Alpha

If you’re old enough to remember Jimmy Carter, you’ll recall the advertising catchphrase, “Who shot J.R.?” CBS created it in 1980 to promote their popular television series, Dallas. It referred to the mystery surrounding the season ending murder attempt on star character, J.R. Ewing and was not resolved until the following season. As a young boy at the time, I was more a fan of The Dukes of Hazzard than Dallas, but I don’t think anyone who was alive at that time could avoid those three words, “Who Shot J.R.?”

Recently, there has been another historic murder attempt on Jr. — the junior gold mining sector. Who did it? This article will provide evidence of the suspects and leave you to decide. The good news is that on Dallas, J.R. didn’t actually die from the attack and neither will the Jr. gold mining sector. In fact, a miraculous “Jesus-like” resurrection for gold and its shares is long overdue and may already be in its early stages.

First off, let’s agree that the junior mining sector has been shot. In fact, it’s riddled with holes and hemorrhaging profusely. From its December 2010 peak to its low last week, this sector has fallen 80%! Even since its high of just nine months ago, the sector has bled 65%. And just this year to date, junior gold miners are down 40%.

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