Jordan Roy-Byrne Believes 2015 Will See the Renewal of Gold’s Secular Bull Market

Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (12/1/14)   Past performance does not guarantee future performance, as they say, but Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, editor and publisher of The Daily Gold Premium, is persuaded that the bottom in gold is no more than a couple of months away. And after that, look out. In this interview with The Gold Report, Roy-Byrne says that his study of gold’s history explains why gold could retest $1,900 per ounce by the end of 2016 before going parabolic. The Gold Report: After falling to $1,137 per ounce ($1,137/oz), gold has rallied to $1,200/oz. Has the fabled bottom finally been reached, or will we see one final selloff? Jordan Roy-Byrne: I do not think we have seen the bottom, but I think we are very close. It should happen within the next couple of months. TGR: Why do you think we’re so close? JRB: Typically, markets don’t bottom at random numbers. Gold has really strong … Continue reading

The “Golden Touch” Of The Aden Sisters And David Morgan – David H Smith NOVEMBER 26, 2014   Published on Nov 26, 2014 Receive a 30 Day trial to The Morgan Report (TMR) Go to –…  Consultation–… _____________________________________________________________________________________ Advertisement: Join us at for the only listing and details on all stock warrants trading in the United States and Canada. All industries and sectors are represented and many opportunites for investors. Don’t overlook this unique opportunity. Visit our website now. ___________________________________________________________ Original source  The information, opinions, and financial data presented are for educational purposes only and are not intended as investment advice. No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the information provided herein. Situations can change from day to day. Every investor should do their own due-diligence to determine which investments are best for them. You must assume the responsibility and liability for all decisions that you make on the basis of the information herein contained., makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as … Continue reading

A Brand New 120-Year Cycle

Tuesday November 25, 2014 14:08 Clif Droke Last month kicked off a new long-term Kress cycle.  The Kress cycle, which answers to the Kondratief wave of inflation/deflation, is responsible for the overall climate of economic and financial market conditions in the U.S.  This long-term cycle also influences the course of central bank monetary policy by creating the conditions which the Federal Reserve must tailor its policy response to. The final 10-12 percent of the 120-year cycle is characterized by deflation.  For the last 14 years or so the financial system has indeed struggled with periodic episodes of deflation, and these episodes have often taken the form of ripples in the global economy.  The final 12 percent of the 120-year cycle began in 2000, a year of major transition for the U.S. equity market and the economy.  That year witnessed the end of the great 1990s bull market and the start … Continue reading

Take Back the Retirement You Dreamed of at 40

By Dennis Miller Is it even possible today to retire rich? The short answer is “yes.” We all know people who have done just that. Watching your neighbors Bob and Betty Rich live the good life well into their 90s only tells you it’s possible, not whether you’re prepared to do it too. So let’s forget about the Riches and focus on you. The first question you should ask yourself is: “Do I have enough money for the duration?” Or, if you’re still in your 30s, 40s or 50s: “Am I on track to save enough?” You might not know, but there’s a straightforward way to find out. Miller’s Money Chief Analyst Andrey Dashkov built a Retirement Income Calculator you can download to run your own up-to-date, customized projections. The second question is: “Do I have an investment strategy in place that will make my hard-earned wealth last?” For the generation before us, “100 … Continue reading

Sell, Sell, Sell…….The Central Bank Madmen Are Raging

Posted Monday, 24 November By: David Stockman Yet overnight two central banks promised what amounts to more monetary heroin and, presto, the S&P 500 index jerked up to 2070. That is, the robo-traders inflated the PE multiple for S&P’s basket of US-based global companies to a nose bleed 20X their reported LTM earnings. And those earnings surely embody a high water mark in a world where Japan is going down for the count, China’s house of cards is truly collapsing, Europe is plunging into a triple dip and Wall Street’s spurious claim that 3% “escape velocity” has finally arrived in the US is soon to be discredited for the 5th year running. So it goes without saying that if “price discovery” actually existed in the Wall Street casino, the capitalization rate on these blatantly engineered earnings (i.e. inflated EPS owing to massive buybacks) would be decidedly less exuberant. In truth, nothing has changed about the precarious state of the world since yesterday. Except….. except the Great Bloviator at the ECB … Continue reading

Golden Gains come After the Pain

Monday November 24, 2014 15:42 Richard (Rick) Mills  As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information HUI/Gold Ratio, National Inflation Association When the HGR is rising, gold stocks are outperforming gold.  Conversely when the HGR is falling, gold is outperforming gold stocks. Since 1996, the HUI/Gold ratio has averaged 0.363. The all time low HUI/Gold ratio was set on November 17, 2000 when it bottomed at 0.135. The HGR closed Wednesday November 20th at .148. The above data tells me gold mining stocks are extremely undervalued and way oversold compared to the price of gold. Can I make some money off that bit of knowledge, am I looking at a potentially profitable investment into a few well chosen gold company’s, do I wait a bit or pull the trigger now? Let’s investigate further and look at a couple of charts (the … Continue reading

Seeking Less Risky Business in Mining M&A

Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (11/24/14) Florian Siegfried, head of precious metals and mining investments with Zurich-based AgaNola, says there are small signs—fewer equities participating in the recent rally, greater spreads in the high-yield market—that the sentiment toward gold is changing. But we will have to wait to see if a trend forms. In the meantime, Siegfried believes all-paper M&A will gain pace, with a focus on companies that are making money at current gold prices while still trading at multiyear lows. In this interview with The Gold Report, Siegfried suggests playing it safe with some small producers and tiny developers. The Gold Report: When we talked in the summer, gold had found a floor at around $1,280/ounce ($1,280/oz). Where is the new floor? Florian Siegfried: With a floor of $1,280/oz in August, the question was will it hold or not. Obviously, it did not. There could be even more downward pressure. The support level could … Continue reading

Akin to Porcupines Mating

By Nick Giambruno   That was how the slow and careful rapprochement between Russia and China has been described by Eric Margolis, one of my favorite geopolitical writers. US shenanigans in Eastern Europe and the East China Sea—fomenting so-called colored revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia (both on Russia’s periphery) and egging on China’s neighbors to make aggressive territorial claims—have pushed the Russian bear and Chinese dragon together. In May, the two uneasy neighbors reached a de facto alliance represented by a 20-year, $400 billion deal for Russia to supply China with natural gas. A Russia/China alliance shifts the Earth’s geopolitical axis. Historians may look back at the energy deal as the moment the post-Cold War era and the US’s singular position came to an end. The Russia/China team is now a consequential economic and military counterweight to the US. It will operate as an attractant for every country and every … Continue reading

The 10th Man: I Had My Cake, Until I Ate It

By Jared Dillian After 30 years of declining interest rates, bond investors are beginning to worry that rates will go higher—especially after the events of May 2013.Back then, 10-year yields went from 2% to 3% on a frozen rope. Things got very dicey in fixed income. Some holders of corporate bonds (like the new Apple bond) were suddenly down 10% just on interest rates alone.So worrying about rising rates is not unreasonable. People learned very quickly how duration works, after having forgotten for decades. If you’ve never taken a bond math class, all you need to know about duration is this: It is the weighted average time to maturity of all coupon and principal payments. It is an approximate measure of interest rate risk. With regard to 2), if the duration of a 10-year Treasury note is 8.5 years, for every 1% change in interest rates, the price of the … Continue reading

Revisiting the Goldman Sachs $1050/oz gold forecast

November 20, 2014 By Steve Saville At the beginning of this year, banking behemoth Goldman Sachs (GS) called for gold to end the year at around $1050/oz. We didn’t agree with this forecast at the time and still believe it to be an unlikely outcome (although less unlikely than it was a few months ago), but earlier this year we gave Goldman Sachs credit for at least looking in the right direction for clues as to what would happen to the gold price. In this respect the GS analysis was/is vastly superior to the analysis coming from many gold-bullish commentators.Here’s what we wrote when dealing with this topic back in April*:“GS’s analysis is superior to that of many gold bulls because it is focused on a genuine fundamental driver. While many gold-bullish analysts kid themselves that they can measure changes in demand and predict prices by adding up … Continue reading