Buy or Sell Fiat Chrysler Stock Today?

By Rob Otman Fiat Chrysler (NYSE: FCAU) is an $18 billion company today. Investors that bought shares one year ago are sitting on a 43.57% total return. That’s above the S&P 500’s return of 16.98%. Fiat Chrysler stock is beating the market, but does that make it a good buy today? To answer this question we’ve turned to the Investment U Stock Grader. Our research team built this system to diagnose the financial health of a company. Our system looks at six key metrics… [iu-adbox] Earnings-per-Share (EPS) Growth: Fiat Chrysler reported a recent EPS growth rate of 117.08%. That’s above the automobile industry average of 2.51%. That’s a great sign. Fiat Chrysler’s earnings growth is outpacing competitors. Price-to-Earnings (P/E): The average price-to-earnings ratio of the automobile industry is 34.64. And Fiat Chrysler’s ratio comes in at 6.05. It’s trading at a better value than many of its competitors. Debt-to-Equity: The … Continue reading

This Might Be the Best Play for Summer’s Hottest Trend

By Matthew Carr Summer is on the horizon… and we could be in store for another record-breaking year. Not for just the markets or the temperatures… but for the box office. I know, when I’ve talked about the summer box office in the past, the crowd groans… “Not another superhero movie!” is the common lament. As an investor, you don’t need to actually watch the movies. And your best bet might come from a tertiary play rather than the movie studios or theater operators. I have one particular company in mind, which really puts the emphasis on “play.” Before we get to the name, let’s set the scene. Summer Starting Earlier and Earlier I’m starting to wonder if “summer blockbuster season” even applies anymore. If it does, it now begins much earlier than before. In March, we had Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Power Rangers, Ghost in the Shell and Beauty … Continue reading

Attention Media Hacks: Dow Domination is Coming

By Greg Guenthner This post Attention Media Hacks: Dow Domination is Coming appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The Nasdaq crossed above 6,000 for the first time ever yesterday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average sprinted ahead by more than 200 points for the second time this week. After a quiet start to the month, the major averages are ripping toward all-time highs. Stocks are insanely strong right now. But I wonder – did anyone even notice? The Trump rally fell off the mainstream media’s collective radar weeks ago. Fact is, most folks don’t care about the stock market anymore. They’re content to slosh through the political gossip with the rest of the swamp people. Don’t believe me? Check out this screenshot I grabbed yesterday morning from the fake news experts over at CNN as the major averages ripped higher: Stock market mentions: zero. But don’t worry – you’ll find plenty of … Continue reading

French Selection Ritual, Round Two

By Pater Tenebrarum Slightly Premature Victory Laps The nightmare of nightmares of the globalist elites and France’s political establishment has been avoided: as the polls had indicated, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are moving on to the run-off election; Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s late surge in popularity did not suffice to make him a contender – it did however push the established Socialist Party deeper into the dustbin of history. That was very Trotskyist of him (we can already picture a future Weekly World News headline: “French socialists discover giant alien dust mites”). Lateral entrants to the business of avenging the disinherited, leavened by strawberry cake. Around three micro-seconds after the election results became known, the entire French and European political elite immediately announced its undying support of Emmanuel Macron, with only a handful of “populist” parties outside of France saying that they were rooting for Marine Le Pen. Just to … Continue reading

Earnings — Plus, One Sentence That Could SAVE Your Retirement

By Zach Scheidt This post Earnings — Plus, One Sentence That Could SAVE Your Retirement appeared first on Daily Reckoning. “This is the most important lesson of the entire semester.” That’s what my finance professor said in front of a 300 seat auditorium. Then she said it again. “Everyone, wake up! This is the most important lesson of the entire semester.” I remember this like it was yesterday. She kept repeating the same phrase over and over. And frankly it’s one of the most important pieces of financial advice you’ll ever hear. Whether you’re an investment banker or a casual day trader, your portfolio will rely on this SINGLE sentence. And today, this lesson is especially relevant… Here’s what she was repeating: “The value of a company is the present value of future cash flows.” Broken down, she’s saying that the value of a company today is worth the sum … Continue reading

BHP puts US shale assets back on the block amid investors pressure

By analyst By Cecilia Jamasmie Mining giant BHP Billiton (ASX, NYSE:BHP), (LON:BLT) is once mulling the future of its US-based Fayetteville shale gas assets to focus on more lucrative opportunities in oil, but said decision was not related to activist investor Elliott Management’s call earlier this month for an overhaul of the firm. The company, which last year logged its largest-ever write-down precisely on its US shale assets, first tried selling the Fayetteville operation almost three years ago. BHP said its gas-rich Fayetteville field in Arkansas was under review, and that it was “considering all options, including divestment.” In a corporate operations review published Wednesday, BHP noted its gas-rich Fayetteville field in Arkansas was under review and that it was now “considering all options, including divestment.” It insisted the decision was unrelated to Elliott Management’s call, supported later by other top investors, to unlock shareholder value by spinning off about … Continue reading

The Real Reason Stocks Are Setting Records

By Brian Maher This post The Real Reason Stocks Are Setting Records appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Nuclear saber-rattling in North Korea… diminishing expectations for Trump’s tax cuts and infrastructure stimulus… Chinese economic weakness… None of the above has slowed gravity-defying markets. Why not? We offer one possible reason today. Hint: It’s not the Fed. It’s not renewed expectations of Trump stimulus. And it’s not the threat of peace. But what? Explanation shortly. First a look at today’s market… Stocks soared on the rising thermals of investor optimism once again. After closing more than 200 points higher yesterday, the Big Board’s up another 232 today. And for the first time ever the Nasdaq’s cracked 6,000. Today’s excitement seems based on the fact that McDonald’s and Caterpillar beat first-quarter earnings expectations. Or maybe it’s because a government shutdown seems less likely today. In the absence of an agreement, funding for Uncle … Continue reading

Frank Holmes Exclusive: Gold Could Hit $1,500 in 2017 Amid Imbalances & Weak Supply

By GoldSilverWorlds Your browser does not support the podcast player element. DOWNLOAD MP3 Mike Gleason: We are fortunate today to be joined again by Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at US Global Investors. Mr. Holmes has received various honors in recent months including being named America’s Best Fund Manager for 2016 by The Mining Journal and received two more Lipper awards just last month in both the three year and five year precious metals equity funds categories. He’s also the co-author of the book The Goldwatcher: Demystifying Gold Investing and is a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, as well as right here on the Money Metals podcast. Frank, welcome back and thanks for joining us again. How are you today? Frank Holmes: I’m well, thank you. Mike Gleason: You mentioned back in January when we had you on right before Donald Trump’s inauguration that the first … Continue reading

Gold stocks sell off – Barrick drops 11%

By analyst By Frik Els After hitting five month highs last week, gold was pushed lower again on Tuesday as investors rotate out of safe haven assets and into riskier equities with the tech-laden Nasdaq market in New York hitting record highs. Gold for delivery in June, the most active contract on the Comex market in New York, slumped to a low of $1,262.80 an ounce in early afternoon trade, a percentage point lower than Monday’s close and a two-week low. The sell-off in gold stocks was more severe led by Barrick Gold Corp (NYSE:ABX, TSE:ABX) which was hammered down 11.2% after reporting first quarter earnings that came in below expectations. Barrick is now worth $19.5 billion in New York, trading at levels last seen in January. Barrick, the world’s largest gold miner in terms of output, slashed its guidance for the year due to ongoing problems at its Veladero … Continue reading

Is Trump Going After Your 401(k)?

By Dave Gonigam Wonder if he’s had any phone conversations about the idea with Tony James… Zweig was careful to point out no decisions had been made. But he seems to know which way the political winds are blowing. He quoted a Washington lawyer named Bradford Campbell, who was assistant secretary of labor under Bush the Younger. When it comes to Trump’s tax reform, “it’s not really a question of whether retirement plans will get a haircut, but of how much,” said Campbell. Tax reform is always “a game of winners and losers, and the retirement system is poised to be one of the losers.” And by wiping out the tax-deferral benefit of a 401(k) — effectively switching future contributions to a Roth-style plan without your consent — Uncle Sam would collect a $1.5 trillion windfall over the next decade. But wait — even worse ideas are afoot. Last year, … Continue reading