I Don’t Own Any Shares Selling Over 50 Cents

April 17, 2018 IT’S TRUE Dudley Pierce Baker, here, founder and editor of Junior Mining News and Common Stock Warrants for well over 10 years. I just reviewed my portfolio and I currently do not hold any positions, be they, shares or stock warrants, which are selling for over 50 cents. And since most of my positions are in Canadian shares and Canadian dollars, that is only about 40 cents in U.S. dollars. You can call me crazy but, crazy like a fox, as I am out to hit many home runs in the resource sector as gold and silver breakout, which is coming soon. My portfolio has a balance of oil and gas shares, gold and silver companies, several of which are small producers. I also own several of the uranium companies. While I may be known to investors as ‘the warrant guy’, only 25% of my portfolio is … Continue reading

David Erfle – Gold Market Commentary – Tue 17 Apr, 2018

Individual Stocks As Barometers For The Gold and Silver Sectors

There are a number of encouraging signs for gold and silver investors that continue to build behind the scenes. David Erfle, The Junior Miner Junky joins me to outline those signs. We discuss the rounded bottom for GDX and the fact that a major, Newmont Mining, is starting to break out to 52 week highs. We wrap up the interview with a couple stocks David uses as a barometer for gold and silver.

Download audio file (2018_04_17-David-Erfle.mp3)

Click here to visit David’s site for more stock commentary.

…read more

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China’s Yuan-Denominated Oil Futures

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In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the launch of China’s Yuan-denominated oil futures and what it means, if anything, for the future of the US dollar. In the second half, Max interviews David Morgan of TheMorganReport.com about his latest silver market analysis. As the gold/silver ratio hits a record high, is silver finally set to soar?

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Company News – Tue 17 Apr, 2018

Auryn initiates work and expands land position at the Sombrero Gold and Copper Project

Here is the latest news from Auryn Resources. I will be chatting with the team soon so please send me whatever questions you have – Fleck@kereport.com.

Click here to visit the Auryn website.

Vancouver, British Columbia – April 17th, 2018 – Auryn Resources Inc. (TSX: AUG, NYSE American: AUG) (“Auryn” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has completed a long-term access agreement with the Huancasancos Community which covers approximately half of the 2016 Sombrero claims located in southern Peru. The agreement gives Auryn surface access where exploration programs are underway in anticipation of an initial drill campaign. The Company has also expanded its land position by a total of 34,180 hectares through staking ground contiguous to the project area creating a 47,320 hectare district scale land position.

Ivan Bebek, Executive Chairman, stated, “The Sombrero Project represents a major discovery opportunity for Auryn shareholders because of the scale of the project, the high grades observed on surface and and the prolific region in Peru where it is located. Although there has been impressive surface sampling by Auryn, the concessions have never been drilled and we are very excited to be commencing our upcoming exploration programs.”

Sombrero Overview:

The Sombrero property is hosted in the Andahuaylas – Yauri belt and is interpreted to be on the north-western margins of the Eocene-Oligocene aged copper porphyry and skarn belt that hosts the Las Bambas, Haquira, Los Chancas, Cotabambas, Constancia, Antapaccay, and Tintaya deposits (Figure 1). The principle targets at Sombrero are copper-gold skarn and porphyry systems and precious metal epithermal deposits.

Surface Work and Planned Drilling:

The surface work at Sombrero will consist of mapping, soil and rock sampling, trenching and ground magnetics expected to be completed prior to an initial drill program.

The aim of the surface program is to expand upon the previously recognized surface mineralization and to delineate drill targets on the southern half of the project where the Company has secured a long-term agreement with the Huancasancos community. Additional community agreements for the northern portion of the project are currently being negotiated.

Previous work by Auyrn in the southern half of the project yielded a large 2.3 km long gold-in-soils anomaly with several high grade rock samples ranging up to 7.54g/t Au and several multi percent copper samples ranging up to 16% Cu. Auryn also previously trenched 53 meters of 1.75g/t Au, 37 meters of 1.07g/t Au, and 11 meters of 0.7g/t Au (Figure 2 & Tables 1 & 2). For full details of these results, see Auryn Resources’ News Release dated February 24, 2017.

Expanded Land Position:

The expansion of the land position is based on the results of a stream sediment survey (Figure 3). An initial one day follow up on one of the anomalous drainage basins immediately to the north of the Sombrero project identified a previously unrecognized intermediate sulphidation system characterized by a hydrothermal breccia zone covering an area of approximately 400 meters by 200 meters. A single rock sample was taken …read more

Source:: The Korelin Economics Report

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Chris Temple from The National Investor – Tue 17 Apr, 2018

Stock Up But Yield Curve Flattening

With US markets having another good day it is curious to see the yield curve continue to flatten. Chris Temple joins me to outline the fact that these markets are very confusing with many unknowns now is not the time to take on unnecessary risk.

Download audio file (2018_04_17-Chris-Temple.mp3)

Click here to visit Chris’s site for more of his comments on a wide range of markets.

…read more

Source:: The Korelin Economics Report

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Where Your Tax Dollars Really Go…

Nilus Mattive

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Would you spend $2.6 million to help Chinese prostitutes drink less alcohol?

Would you fork over $998,798 to ship two $0.19 washers from South Carolina to Texas?

And would you buy $100 million worth of refundable airline tickets … fail to use them … and then never ask for your money back?

The reality is that, as American taxpayers, we’ve already done all of these things.

We also gave Alaska Airlines $500,000 to decorate one its planes with the image of a salmon.

We kicked in $350,000 to sponsor a NASCAR driver…

And we blew $200,000 helping people in California get rid of tattoos they no longer wanted.

Should I move on to some of the bigger stuff?

Well, we spent $3 billion to put sand onto beaches only to watch it go right back into the ocean.

We paid out $60 billion in fraudulent health care claims in just one year.

And we squander about $25 billion annually to take care of unoccupied federal properties.

I could keep going, but you probably get the point.

Indeed, if you aren’t outraged by the way lawmakers have used some of our tax dollars, then you simply haven’t been paying attention.

This is why I don’t feel one bit bad encouraging people to slash their tax bills as much as the law allows.

From my perspective, the government will gladly spend every penny we send … but the amount they absolutely NEED to spend is far, far lower than they’d like to think.

Okay, you say. But ridiculous pet projects and egregious examples of waste aside, where does all the tax money actually go?

It’s a valid question, especially on Tax Day.

The U.S. Treasury takes federal spending and puts it into three different categories: Mandatory spending, discretionary spending, and interest being paid on debt.

Mandatory spending basically includes government programs like Social Security and Medicare.

These systems have eligibility rules, benefit formulas, and constant inflows and outflows of money.

They are also the largest part of annual government spending by a wide margin.

Just for some perspective…

Social Security takes up about one third of mandatory spending and accounts for one quarter of all government spending.

Remember, Social Security is funded by its own tax that exists ON TOP of regular federal income taxes. In fact, as I explained yesterday, as much as $15,921.60 of your money will go toward this program in 2018 alone… whether you realize it or not.

Medicare makes up another quarter of all mandatory spending and sucks up 15% of the typical federal budget. And through its own tax, it takes 2.9% of the income you personally earn in any given year (without an upper limit like Social Security has).

Other mandatory spending items include things like food stamps (now known as “SNAP”) and various transportation initiatives.

For fiscal 2016, the Congressional Budget Office says mandatory spending totaled $3.9 trillion, with roughly $1.5 trillion spent on just Social Security and Medicare. Medicaid added another $368 billion.

Contrast that with just $1.1 trillion collected via Social Security and …read more

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How to Trade ETFs for Free

As The Oxford Club’s ETF Strategist, I have a challenging job.

Each day, I comb through hundreds of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) trading on U.S. stock markets by applying a dozen proprietary algorithms displayed on several trading screens.

I call this collection of screens my “ETF cockpit.”

Like a pilot tracking the ever-changing flying conditions from his cockpit, I monitor the movements of almost every asset class in the world through ETFs.

That’s how I know that both the British pound and Egyptian stocks are in a bull market…

And that coffee is in one of its biggest bear markets ever.

The task of monitoring these ETFs is complicated and ever-changing.

That’s because more than 80 ETFs – or their functional equivalents, exchange-traded notes (ETNs) – have been launched already in 2018.

That works out to one new ETF for each trading day.
Welcome to the World of Commission-Free ETF Investing
I’ve written before about how the flexibility of ETFs allows you to construct any kind of portfolio you want.

I’ve compared ETFs to Lego blocks, which allow you to build, brick by brick, a portfolio to fit your specific investment objectives.

Whatever the asset class, whatever the investment theme, whatever the current direction of the market… there’s probably an ETF you can invest in.

Early on, the knock against ETFs was that they just didn’t make financial sense if you regularly invested only a small amount of money.

Take this example…

Let’s say that at the end of every month, you had $50 to invest.

This amount was more than enough to buy a share in a well-diversified ETF.

But here was the challenge…

Even if you had paid just a $4.95 commission, almost 10% of your $50 would have gone toward commissions rather than your investment.

Investing in a no-load mutual fund with no minimum investment requirement was a much better deal.

To their credit, the major online brokerage firms soon recognized this problem.

That’s why today, most of the major ones – Charles Schwab, E-Trade, Fidelity and TD Ameritrade – offer ETFs that you can trade for free.

Schwab ETF OneSource now offers 254 commission-free ETFs from 16 providers.

E-Trade is not far behind, with 225 commission-free ETFs.

Fidelity is the laggard, with only 93 commission-free ETFs.

But the king of the ETF hill is Firstrade Securities.

This lesser-known brokerage firm recently announced that its clients can now trade more than 700 ETFs for free.

And the list includes low-expense ETFs from Vanguard, iShares, SPDR State Street and First Trust, among others.

Here’s one thing to keep in mind…

These commission-free platforms are meant to encourage regular, long-term savers.

They are not intended for speculators betting on the direction of the market today or next week.

That’s why commission-free platforms often exclude “speculative” leveraged ETFs.

It’s also why you have to hold on to each ETF for at least 30 days…

Because if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll be charged a hefty commission.
The Single Biggest Downside of ETF Investing
The advantages ETFs have over mutual funds are overwhelming.

ETFs are more liquid, cheaper to own and more flexible.

And today, you can trade many of them for free.

ETFs, however, do …read more

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Your Closer Look at York Water Stock

York Water stock Annual Revenue

York Water stock had a good day in the market on Monday April 16. Shares climbed 3.02% and closed the day at $32.45. They’re now trading 18.58% below their 52-week high of $39.86.

With yesterday’s good gain, York Water now has a market cap of $418 million. That makes it a small cap company.

The business operates in the water industry and employs 102 people. Its shares trade primarily on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

York Water has 12.88 million shares outstanding and 23,076 traded hands for the day. That’s below the average 30-day volume of 44,115 shares.

Over the last five years, York Water’s revenue is up by 17.23%. You can see this growth in annual revenue chart below…

In the last year alone, York Water’s revenue has grown by 2.11%. That’s a solid sign for York Water stock owners.

We like to invest in companies that grow their sales. A growing top line is a sign of a healthy business.

For now, York Water will continue to pull in revenue. So let’s take a closer look at the company’s total financial health. And the best way to do that is by looking at its balance sheet… York Water’s cash comes in near zero and the company’s debt is $91 million…

York Water’s cash pile is smaller than its total debt. This is common for many companies. They can issue debt at a lower cost to take on new projects… but the debt to cash level is a bit high and is a concern for the business.
What is York Water Stock Worth?
Let’s look at a few key ratios to determine the value of York Water stock…

Price-to-Earnings (P/E): This ratio comes in at 31.99 for York Water. That’s a bit high. A high P/E ratio shows that investors are already expecting high earnings growth.

Price-to-Book (P/B): This ratio is a cornerstone for value investors. A lower number here indicates a better value play. And at 3.5, York Water looks reasonable… but P/B varies greatly based on the industry.

These two metrics are a great place to start when valuing a company… but your analysis should go much deeper…

If you’re interested in finding Strong Buy stocks yourself, check out 3 Powerful Technical Indicators for Smarter Investing. We’ll show you how to eliminate emotional bias from your trading process with three powerful technical tools you can start using to boost your trading profits immediately. Click here to learn more. …read more

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Gold Explorer’s Drilling ‘Confirmed and Expanded Historical Results’

Source: Streetwise Reports 04/17/2018

Mick Carew, an analyst with Haywood Securities, reviewed and analyzed the company’s recent drill results from its Idaho project.

In an April 11 research note, analyst Mick Carew with Haywood Securities reported that Liberty Gold Corp. (LGD:TSX) released final data from drilling done at its Black Pine project, which “successfully confirmed and expanded historical results adjacent to historic pits and in established target areas. The results also demonstrate exploration potential beneath the limit of shallow historical drilling.”

Carew reminded readers that Liberty began a 13-hole, 2,077 meters (2,077m) drill program last year to test five areas within a 12 square kilometer area that was targeted based on past findings. The new data were from 11 of 13 reverse circulation drill holes. Five holes were from near the North B extension pit, three were in the J anomaly, two were in the Hazel Pine target and one was as from near the South B extension pit.

Two highlight holes, Carew indicated, are LBP004 and LBP011. LBP004 showed:

24.4m grading 0.96 grams per ton (0.96 g/ton) gold from a downhole depth of 10.7m, including 1.5m grading 6.18 g/ton gold

9.1m grading 1.03 g/ton gold from a downhole depth of 51.8m, including 6.1m grading 1.28 g/ton gold

15.2m grading 0.54 g/ton gold from a downhole depth of 111.3m

LBP011 showed:

10.7m grading 2.37 g/ton gold from surface, including 9.1m grading 2.27 g/t gold

15.2m grading 0.65 g/ton gold from a downhole depth of 106.7m, including 4.6m grading 1.38 g/ton gold

Liberty plans to commence a phase 2 drill program at Black Pine in mid-June, which will “follow up on results from the A basin area, the J anomaly and the B pit extension as well as test other high priority targets,” Carew explained.

The analyst noted that for comprehensive drill testing, the company needs a new plan of operations that will “open up access to the entire 12 square kilometer area,” which is currently pending.

Upcoming catalysts for Liberty are drill results from another of its projects, Goldstrike, which are expected throughout the year, and advancement of Goldstrike to a preliminary economic assessment decision, which is likely to happen in Q2/18.

Haywood has a Buy rating and a CA$1 per share price target on Liberty Gold, whose stock is trading today at around CA$0.42 per share.

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1) Doresa Banning compiled this article for Streetwise Reports LLC and provides services to Streetwise reports as an independent contractor. She or members of her household own securities of the following companies mentioned in the article: None. She or members of her household are paid by the following companies mentioned in this article: None.

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