Areva faces “uranium-gate” in Niger

By analyst By Andrew Topf French nuclear power giant Areva is reportedly cooperating with a legal enquiry by activists who say the company cheated Niger out of $3.25 million in uranium exports. According to the BBC, the scandal known as “uranium-gate” resulted from a 2011 transaction between Areva, and companies in Niger and abroad: Their complaint alleges embezzlement of public funds, money laundering, forgery and conspiracy to defraud. The legal action centres on the allegation that Areva in 2011 bought a stock of uranium from Niger at a discounted price. Back in 2014 Areva reached a deal with Niger’s government to continue uranium mining as it pledged to pay more taxes and to indefinitely postpone a large project over profitability concerns. At the time, opponents to Areva’s proposed Imouraren mine in Niger, the world’s fourth-largest uranium producer, claimed the country’s riches haven’t been translating into wealth for its citizens. According … Continue reading

Solar now employs more people in the US than coal and natural gas

By analyst By Andrew Topf Solar power, once derided as an expensive and unreliable power source, has become a major generator of employment in the United States, according to new data supplied by The Solar Foundation. In its most recent annual report, Solar Jobs Census 2016, the foundation found that one out of every 50 jobs in the U.S. last year, was created by the solar industry – or 2% of all new jobs. Solar jobs have increased at least 20% over the past four years and have nearly tripled since the first Solar Jobs Census was released in 2010. In 2016, the five states with the most solar jobs were California, Massachusetts, Texas, Nevada, and Florida. Of the 260,077 people employed in the solar industry in 2016, over half (52.7%) were involved in installation. Manufacturing represented 14.7% of solar employment, sales and distribution 12.4%, and project development 13.2% of … Continue reading

The Most Important Variable in Any Financial Equation

By Andrew Snyder We hit on a controversial topic last week. Who knew the subject of time would get such attention? It’s a funny thing to think about. Time is something we all have. Some have a lot. Some have a little. And despite the idea that getting more time is at the root of everything we do, few folks ever bother to really think about it. Most investors certainly don’t. We argue it’s the most important variable in any financial equation. Time is everything. The idea takes us to a comment from Member Dan L. After reading our thoughts on time and investing last week, he wrote this: Another of your articles with real-life ideas in the investment environment, Andrew. This is why I often am upset at articles that tout “make $10K per month” with this company or strategy, and they neglect to say that you need $200K … Continue reading

TheDailyGold Premium Update #511

By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA TheDailyGold Premium #511 was a 35-page update sent to subscribers late Saturday evening. In this update we covered the outlook for Q2 and among other things, refined our list of buy targets and buy prices for those targets. This update included a report on one of those buy targets, our most recent buy. This company is currently stupidly cheap (with respect to its medium term and long-term potential) and that is why we bought it despite our cautious outlook for the sector. This company is one that “ticks all the boxes.” We think it has 10-bagger potential over the next 2-3 years. Click Here to Learn More About & Subscribe to Our Premium Service …read more Source:: The Daily Gold The post TheDailyGold Premium Update #511 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

David Morgan Shares His Current Outlook for Gold & Silver

By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA A precious metals aficionado armed with degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering, he created the website and originated The Morgan Report, a monthly that covers economic news, overall financial health of the global economy, currency problems, and the key reasons for investing in precious metals. David considers himself a big-picture macroeconomist whose main job is education—educating people about honest money and the benefits of a sound financial system. A dynamic, much-in-demand speaker all over the globe, David and his team are currently writing another book about silver and the current economy. As publisher of The Morgan Report, he has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, and BNN in Canada. He has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Futures Magazine, The Gold Report and numerous other publications. Additionally, he provides the public a tremendous amount of information by radio and at times … Continue reading

The Revolution That Was

By Brian Maher This post The Revolution That Was appeared first on Daily Reckoning. “The American system of government is in jeopardy if we don’t do something about it.” We hear it all the time — from the right… from the left — and all shades of the spectrum. But maybe they’re mistaken. Maybe it’s already too late… Old-time journalist Garet Garrett (1878–1954) penned a little-known gem, “The Revolution Was,” in 1938 — well into the New Deal. Many at the time wailed the same lament we hear today: “The American system of government is in jeopardy if we don’t do something about it.” But it had already changed. Only they didn’t see it. Garrett: There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It … Continue reading

Our Hopelessly Dysfunctional Democracy

By Charles Hugh Smith This post Our Hopelessly Dysfunctional Democracy appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The country faces profound political disunity, a concept I learned from historian Michael Grant, whose slim but insightful volume The Fall of the Roman Empire I have been recommending since 2009. As I noted in my 2009 book Survival+, this was a key feature of the Roman Empire in its final slide to collapse. The shared values and consensus which had held the Empire’s core together dissolved, leaving petty fiefdoms to war among themselves for what power and swag remained. A funny thing happens when a nation allows itself to be ruled by Imperial kleptocrats: such rule is intrinsically destabilizing, as there is no longer any moral or political center to bind the nation together. The public sees the value system at the top is maximize my personal profit by whatever means are available, i.e. … Continue reading

Why Insiders Are Flooding Into These Sectors

By Rachel Gearhart Editor’s Note: This week’s chart and article come to us from Managing Editor Rachel Gearhart and originally ran in The Oxford Insight, a newsletter exclusively for Oxford Club Members. Rachel’s research ties into an exciting new project that our analysts and editors are developing. So we’ve decided to share it with you. Keep an eye out for more details. This may be the most eye-opening and useful chart you see all year. Insider buying is one of the top indicators of future outperformance, according to Alexander Green. And the average investor is oblivious to its effect on their portfolio. In a recent conversation with Alex, he said, “insiders have an unfair advantage when they go into the market to trade. “They have all kinds of material, nonpublic information at their disposal that the average investor doesn’t have. That’s why the government requires them to file a Form … Continue reading

KER Politics – Sat 1 Apr, 2017

By Cory Will Trump and the press ever see eye to eye? Download audio file (0401-KER-Politics-Full-Hour.mp3) Politics Segment 1: Marvin & Jamie McIntyre discuss their new book The Outsider, an uncanny prediction of the Trump win. Politics Segment 2: Marvin and Jamie McIntyre discuss the split in American caused by the Trump win. Politics Segment 3: Big Al and Glen Downs opine on the question why isn’t the press joining the movement of all Americans working together. Politics Segment 4: Big Al and Glen provide their answer to the question of the motive of the deep state. Download audio file (0401-Politics-segment-1.mp3) Download audio file (0401-Politics-segment-2.mp3) Download audio file (0401-Politics-segment-3.mp3) Download audio file (0401-Politics-segment-4.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post KER Politics – Sat 1 Apr, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Weekend Show – Sat 1 Apr, 2017

By Cory Opportunities in the resource space and turnaround sectors Download audio file (0401-KE-Report-Full-Show.mp3) March is now behind us without any major fireworks. There was some big news out of the mining sector with Goldcorp and Barrick teaming up in Chile to build a couple mines as well as the take over of Exeter Resource Corp. We cover this in segment 6 but also had Byron King on the show to provide his thoughts (click here to listen to Byron’s interview). We also look at a couple sectors that are turning around with Dan Lyons and John Kaiser shares his insights on where the money is flowing with regards to resource stocks. We hope you all enjoy this week’s show. Please check out the companies we feature on the website. I have worked hard to find stories that I think have some legs and management teams who know what they … Continue reading