Chris Powell: Futures Markets Give High-Volume Trading Discounts to Governments

By GoldSilverWorlds Your browser does not support the podcast player element. DOWNLOAD MP3 Mike Gleason (Money Metals Exchange): It is my privilege now to welcome in Chris Powell, Secretary-Treasurer at the Gold Antitrust Action Committee, also known as GATA. Chris is a long-time journalist and hard money advocate, and through his tireless efforts at GATA he is working to expose the manipulation of the gold and silver markets. Through GATA’s work over the years. Some important revelations have come to light, which quite honestly should concern everyone. It’s great to have him back on with us. Chris, how are you, and thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. Chris Powell (GATA): Great to be with you Mike. Mike Gleason: Well it’s been more than a year since the last time we had you on, and there actually are some developments finally in the whole precious metals manipulation … Continue reading

Why Ericsson Stock Is Rated a “Hold With Caution” Before Earnings

By Rob Otman Ericsson (Nasdaq: ERIC) is a $25 billion company today. Investors that bought shares one year ago are sitting on a -2.08% total return. That’s below the S&P 500’s return of 16.36%. Ericsson stock is underperforming the market. It’s beaten down, but it reports earnings next week. So is it a good time to buy? To answer this question, we’ve turned to the Investment U Stock Grader. Our Research Team built this system to diagnose the financial health of a company. Our system looks at six key metrics… [iu-adbox] ✗ Earnings-per-Share (EPS) Growth: Ericsson reported a recent EPS growth rate of -87.33%. That’s below the communication equipment industry average of 44.53%. That’s not a good sign. We like to see companies that have higher earnings growth. ✗ Price-to-Earnings (P/E): The average price-to-earnings ratio of the communication equipment industry is 52.22. And Ericsson’s ratio comes in at 97.81. Its … Continue reading

The Truth About Robots

By James Altucher This post The Truth About Robots appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Is Elon Musk really wrong? Is Robin Chase, the founder of Zipcar, really wrong? Aren’t they smarter than me? Yes, they are. They are all building rockets into space and teleportation machines and revolutionizing entire industries. But I’m absolutely sure they are wrong about robots. And history backs me up on this. Common sense backs me up on this. Basic counter-examples back me up on this. Here’s the issue: if artificial intelligence (AI) and automation really destroy all jobs and change all industries, won’t everyone become poor and we’ll need a Universal Basic Income to survive? Elon Musk, Robin Chase and many other billionaires say “yes.” Am I against a Universal Basic Income? I don’t know. It works for the world of Star Trek. It doesn’t work for the world of Star Wars. So who am … Continue reading

Despite Summer Doldrums These Junior Miners are Breaking Out

By Jeb I just uploaded a couple of important video updates with links just for you. Gold has been hit by a triple whammy keeping prices for junior miners depressed. 1) Interest Rate Hike in US 2)Summer Doldrums 3)GDXJ Rebalancing However, some of our favorite junior gold miners right here in Alaska and Nevada are breaking out on huge volume. Also cobalt is continuing its 5 year high breakout run and finally the junior cobalt miners are making some significant developments attracting top management, drilling and consolidating large land positions. Find out which ones in this video by clicking here… In addition, I recently uploaded a video with what I consider one of the best opportunities in the USA for junior gold mining. The project has been significantly derisked since the time I started highlighting this company. They have attracted the top financial partners to make the mine fully financed … Continue reading

Alrosa has sold $2.5 billion in diamonds so far this year

By analyst By Cecilia Jamasmie Russia’s Alrosa (MCX:ALRS), the world’s top diamond producer by output, said Monday it sold $2.5 billion worth of rough and polished precious rocks from January to June this year. From that total, rough diamonds sales totalled $2.442 billion, while polished ones fetched $54.9 million, the company said. Last month alone, the miner brought in $365 million in diamond sales — $354 million in rough rocks and $10.6 in polished ones. Alrosa Vice President Yury Okoemov said the company consider the seasonal slowdown of June officially over, adding the rough diamond market is back to being balanced. The company, which is planning to increase production by 6% to 39.2 million carats this year, appointed in March Sergei Ivanov, the son of a close advisor to Russian president Vladimir Putin, as its new president. The post Alrosa has sold $2.5 billion in diamonds so far this year … Continue reading

Breaking Vegas With Pot Profits

By Ray Blanco This post Breaking Vegas With Pot Profits appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Last week I talked about the new Nevada legislation that fully legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use on July 1. This was big news, as Las Vegas alones represents one of the largest marijuana markets on the planet. I expect Las Vegas to become the Amsterdam of the Western Hemisphere, with huge swaths of tourists flocking to indulge in Vegas’ latest legal taboo. And with respect to this, there is an important update that I need to share with you… It’s a sneak peek at the early results from last weekend in Las Vegas. The update comes from a tiny pot company working in Nevada. Here’s what they posted on their Facebook page on Sunday, July 2, one day after legalization in the state: As most of you know, yesterday adult-use cannabis became … Continue reading

Valuable Insights from Around the Web – Mon 10 Jul, 2017

By Cory A Potential Significant Change in Money Flows This post below come from Marc Chandler, Founder and Editor of Marc To Market. Marc will be on the show tomorrow but in the meantime his latest posting is very important. I have been mentioning over the past few months the massive amounts of money that have been flowing into European ETFs. It was accepted that this was simply a value play as large money managers thought that European stocks were undervalued compared to the rest of the system. Now we might be seeing a change in terms of money flowing out of these ETFs. If this happens I argue that the money will land back in the US and could result in a major boost for US stocks. Let see if that plays out… Click here to visit Marc’s website for other very informative posts summarizing data from around the … Continue reading

Resource Sector – Time to Sell or Double Down

Resource Sector – Time to Sell or Double Down? I believe most would agree that the resource sector presents the most challenging investment climate for investors. Timing is everything as you buy and sell and frankly, you better get it correct or at least very close to correct. Entering the market buying shares or stock warrants in mining companies too early sets one up for great disappointment and periods of depression. You might look up and see your positions down 10%, 20%, 50% or more. The seasoned investor knows this game and while we do not like it, it is sometimes part of the process of investing in this space. This is truly an art, so to speak, of picking your preferred companies and time the entry of your buying. Why do we continue to invest in this space is a frequent question. The answer is simple in that when … Continue reading

The Latest Bear Narrative Doesn’t Work… Literally

By Alexander Green For over eight years, I’ve listened to bearish pundits explain why this bull market is just about to end. It will expire eventually, of course, as all bull (and bear) markets do. But not for the reason currently being bandied about. I’m referring to the latest theory that full employment is on the verge of blasting wages higher, raising inflation and forcing the Federal Reserve to take interest rates higher, torpedoing stock and bond prices. It isn’t going to happen. Here’s why… It’s true that labor compensation represents about two-thirds of the total cost of production – and that full employment often accelerates price inflation. It’s also true that the official unemployment rate is at a 16-year low, and the economy is near “full employment.” However, this analysis doesn’t take into account the abysmal labor force participation rate. Believe it or not, only 55% of American adults … Continue reading