Exclusive KE Report Commentary – Wed 14 Feb, 2018

By Cory David Scranton – Double Digits Up Or Down For The Market This Year? David Scranton, Founder and CEO of Sound Income Strategies shares his insights on the US markets for 2018. It already has been a much more volatile year and David thinks that will continue. We also discuss the uptrend in yields and how investors need to balance this in their portfolio. Download audio file (2018_02_13-David-Scranton.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Exclusive KE Report Commentary – Wed 14 Feb, 2018 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Allegiant Gold Begins Major Nevada Operations

Source: Bob Moriarty for Streetwise Reports 02/14/2018 The spin-out from Columbus Gold provides investors with clear choices between two entirely different vehicles, says Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold. Columbus Gold Corp. (CGT:TSX; CGTFF:OTCQX) made an intelligent business decision when they determined they should vend their non-core assets into a new company. They are retaining substantial ownership in the new vehicle but investors now have clear choices between two entirely different vehicles. I wrote about the company and the spin-out in early December. Columbus Gold will continue to advance their 45% owned gold project in French Guiana. But their partner is Russian, Nordgold, and has no particular reason to be interested in the remaining fourteen exploration projects in Nevada. The spinout company is called Allegiant Gold Ltd. (AUAU:TSX.V; AZLLF:OTCBB) and began trading on January 30, 2018. The timing could have been better as luck would have it. The overall market crash … Continue reading

All Eyes Turn to Jerome Powell

By James Rickards This post All Eyes Turn to Jerome Powell appeared first on Daily Reckoning. It’s been a wild run lately. Watching U.S. stocks plunge at one point over 10% in the past 10 days has certainly been a sobering experience for investors. After a nearly nine-year bull market, stocks have just experienced their fourth 10% correction. But as I’ve been reminding people, it wasn’t the end of the world. U.S. stocks suffered 10% corrections in August 2015 and January 2016 and bounced back quickly both times. Yet this correction is the most mysterious of all, since there is no easily identifiable cause such as the Chinese devaluation that triggered the stock market corrections in August 2015 and January 2016. At the same time, interest rates are surging and bond prices are plummeting, yet there are no signs of inflation. Finally, gold has mostly been moving in a narrow … Continue reading

The Last, Dying Breath of Sound Finance

By Brian Maher This post The Last, Dying Breath of Sound Finance appeared first on Daily Reckoning. We have it on highest authority: Rising budget deficits are “a very dangerous idea.” The president’s budget director, Mick Mulvaney, conceded the point this Sunday on Face the Nation. But like a junkie long resigned to the needle and the alley, he could only lower his eyes… and shrug his shoulders: “But it’s the world we live in.” The administration released a $4.4 trillion 2019 budget proposal yesterday. A through Z, it has it — defense increases, funding for the wall, infrastructure spending, veterans’ health care, money for opioid abuse. And the recent tax cuts mean less money to fund it all. The result? “A very dangerous idea.” If adopted, the proposal would add some $984 billion to the deficit next year… and $7 trillion over the next 10 years. But even these … Continue reading

Richard Postma – The Doctor Is In – Tue 13 Feb, 2018

By Cory A Close Look At The Long Term Gold Chart Please refer below to the 16 year monthly gold chart that Doc and I discuss. We touch on a number of technical factors and relate the moves back in 2002 and 2003 to the market today. Download audio file (2018_02_13-Doc.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post Richard Postma – The Doctor Is In – Tue 13 Feb, 2018 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Experts warn of civil unrest in Argentina as it readies to lift ban on open pit mining

By analyst By Cecilia Jamasmie Argentina’s national government is pressing ahead with its intentions to make of mining one of the pillars of job creation, and it’s holding talks with the leaders of the three provinces that declined to sign a 2017 mining act, which harmonizes taxes and regulations in hopes of attracting investment. Mining secretary, Daniel Meilán, told local paper El Diario that the government wants the leaders of Chubut, La Pampa and La Rioja, to adopt federal mining regulations and reactivate major projects that have been halted for years. Among those proposed mines currently stalled is Canada’s Pan American Silver’s (TSX:PAAS)Navidad project in Chubut, which has been on hold since 2013, when it ran afoul of provincial rules banning the use of cyanide and open-pit mining. Allowing open pit mining in the southern province of Chubut, would let Pan American Silver’s $1 billion Navidad project — the world’s … Continue reading

David Erfle – Gold Market Commentary – Tue 13 Feb, 2018

By Cory GDX – Reasons to Get Excited But Also Cautious David Erfle, the Junior Miner Junky points out some interesting recent trading in GDX. We discuss the huge volume spike on Friday right at the close and the fact that GDX has been trading in lock step with the US markets in the short term. We also look at the CoT report for silver. This is making David think silver could finally start to lead the charge higher. Download audio file (2018_02_13-David-Erfle.mp3) Click here to visit David’s site. …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post David Erfle – Gold Market Commentary – Tue 13 Feb, 2018 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Is American Energy on the Verge of a New Golden Age?

click to enlarge The 40-year-old ban restricting U.S. oil exports was lifted in December 2015, and between then and October 2017, exports skyrocketed nearly 300 percent. This has galvanized shale producers into doubling their efforts to meet growing demand. Earlier in the month, I told you the U.S. produced The U.S. has been a net importer of energy since 1953, but that’s set to change early next decade, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). In its highly anticipated Annual Energy Outlook 2018, the agency forecasts that the U.S. will become a net exporter of energy by as early as 2022, thanks in large part to the boom in shale oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production as well as the relaxation of export restrictions. A “golden age of American energy dominance,” as President Donald Trump described it back in June, could be upon us sooner than anticipated, putting the … Continue reading

Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institure for Peace and Prosperity – Tue 13 Feb, 2018

By Big Al Thought provoking words from Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams A missed opportunity? War Propaganda Overload? It Must Be Time for The Olympics! Dear Friends of the Ron Paul Institute: Ron Paul has for decades endorsed international sporting competitions between adversaries instead of pointless diplomatic talks — or worse, bombs! Though many of us cheered his answer in the Presidential Debate to a theoretical unexpected call from then-Cuban leader Castro (“I’d ask what he wants”), he has several times since then said he wishes he had responded differently. He says he would have loved to have responded to the “gotcha” question of “Fidel Castro calls you unexpectedly, what do you say to him?” with “I’d ask him if we can put together a friendly baseball game between the US and Cuba!” Sporting events are a friendly competition that should bring people together, highlighting individual human achievement and the … Continue reading

Gemfields reveals and denies fresh human rights abuse claims in Mozambique

By analyst By Cecilia Jamasmie Pallinghurst Resources’s precious gemstones miner Gemfields is standing up to disturbing allegations of human rights abuses at the company’s Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique, and disclosed it’s now target of a legal claim on behalf of 29 locals. The company, the world’s top coloured gems producer, accounting for roughly a third of the global supply of emeralds and rubies, revealed that human rights law firm Leigh Day had lodged a claim against the company and its Mozambican operating subsidiary, Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRM). The allegations, said the company, come from individuals living in or around the mine in northern Mozambique, the world’s most lucrative ruby operation. Those claims range, it said, from death and mistreatment of artisanal or unlicensed miners on the property to taking land without due process, often in collusion with security forces in the form of police or military. The legal action … Continue reading