RAB’s Philip Richards: Why a Gradual Bull Market in Metals Is on Its Way

After five trying years, RAB Capital Founder and President Philip Richards sees the light at the end of the tunnel. In this interview with The Gold Report, he argues that a continued zero-interest-rate policy from the Fed will be good for gold and silver, while continued quantitative easing will be good for base metals. Many fine mining companies now trade at deep discounts relative to their NPVs, and Richards suggests a half-dozen poised to take off once the new bull market finds its legs. The Gold Report: For five years experts have confidently yet incorrectly predicted higher interest rates and an end to the Federal Reserve’s zero-interest-rate policy (ZIRP). Janet Yellen announced Oct. 28 that the Fed would not raise rates now, but might do so in December. Even so, some analysts believe the Fed might follow Europe into negative interest rate territory. What do you think? Philip Richards: The … Continue reading

Could Gold Bottom In The Next 3 Days?

November 22, 2015 Dudley Pierce Baker CommonStockWarrants.com   Perhaps many resource investors are no longer interested, flat out broke or frankly, just don’t give a shit? A true contrarian sign. On Friday as the markets were closing I received an email update from another widely followed newsletter writer who has been correctly, extremely negative on the entire commodity sector for a few years. In his update, he states that his cycle work indicates that gold will bottom on November 24-25. WOW, that is this coming Tuesday and Wednesday and precedes the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States. This is a major turnaround as he has previously been looking for a target of $1,000 or below. That $1,000 target or lower, in my opinion, could still be in play in the next 3 days as the charts look terrible and we may well breakdown in a major plunge before rebounding. Why … Continue reading

Michael Curran Goes Down-Market Shopping for Winners

Most of the low-cost gold producers are fairly valued, says Michael Curran, managing director and mining analyst with Beacon Securities, so he’s heading down-market to the advanced development opportunities and early-stage explorers that he thinks could become low-cost producers. Sure there is risk, as Curran explains in this interview with The Gold Report, but the reward could come via either a takeover bid by an established producer seeking to lower its overall costs or by supporting these companies as they transition into emerging producers. The Gold Report: Please give us two or three key investment themes that you envisage happening in the mining equities space in 2016. Michael Curran: A couple of themes we’ll see in 2016 are arguably continuations of the themes we’ve seen in 2015. The first would be turnaround stories. With a lot of producers there’s a tangible emphasis on lowering operating costs and improving their balance … Continue reading

Friday Night in Paris

  November 15, 2015 Justin Erik Halldór Smith ПОМИЛУЙ МЯ, БОЖЕ http://www.jehsmith.com/philosophy/ [I wrote this on request as a dispatch for an American publication, which ended up only running pieces from their staff writers. So I am posting it here, two days later.] A series of attacks occurred earlier this evening in Paris. While the full death toll is not known, it has already far surpassed the total number of victims in the attacks on Charlie Hebdo (and on a kosher supermarket two days later) with which we rang in this bloody year. President François Hollande had been attending a friendly match of the national team against Germany when grenades went off at the Stade de France north of Paris in St. Denis. He was whisked away of course, and a short time later declared a state of emergency throughout France. It is being reported that the borders of the entire country … Continue reading

What Every Investor Needs to Know About the Diamond Market: Dundee’s Matt O’Keefe

Investing in diamond equities is quite different from investing in gold equities, explains Matthew O’Keefe, vice president and senior analyst with Dundee Capital Markets, one of a handful of Canadian analysts covering the diamond space. O’Keefe says diamond deposits require “an order of magnitude” greater study than gold deposits in order to properly determine grade, and says diamond prices are almost exclusively driven by consumer demand. In this interview with The Gold Report, O’Keefe sheds some light on two undervalued diamond producers, as well as three promising developers. The Gold Report: You’re different from most analysts on Bay Street in that you cover both diamond producers and developers. What are some key differences between gold producers and diamond producers that investors should know about? Matthew O’Keefe: The big difference is really the drivers for the respective commodity prices. Gold prices are largely driven by currency exchange rates and the safe … Continue reading

Thom Speidel’s “Catastrophe or Democracy: Who Decides”‏ – A Reaction

November 3, 2015   Democracy is under siege. Regular citizens and voters, and those 40+% who don’t vote, have been relegated to the political margin.  There is no democracy worthy of its name, with few exceptions. Our governmental institutions, political processes, and participants, are severely compromised. One might even say they are corrupt and sorely in need or reform. Like me, Thom Speidel is totally put off by the US governing, electoral and partisan political system. I might add that I characterize the Canadian reality somewhat similarly.  Speidel calls it a deficiency in democracy because of the dominance of societal elites.  His research is thorough and he makes his case well with what he has assembled. It is clear that Mr. Speidel subscribes to a political philosophy and ideology which I would generally characterize as liberal or progressive.  If he was a European I would probably call his political persuasion … Continue reading

Insights Into the American War Machine

November 4, 2015   The American War Machine, as it has evolved, achieves its objectives under the guise of advancing the cause of democracy around the world. Also it purports to be the world’s ‘peace keeper’.  Instead this giant war machine needs enemies to maintain its position of power and legitimacy, its gigantic budgets, and the continuation of its vast private and public bureaucracies which sustain it.  From the outside and from the vantage point of scores of smaller nations, this behemoth is the American Empire. Proof of this gigantic military monster is reflected in its annual budget of $580 Billion.  This amount exceeds the aggregate total military budgets of the next ten largest spending nations combined. When the Soviet Union imploded twenty five years ago, the US Empire/War Machine lost it primary reason for existence. The Empire has since spent its time conjuring enemies to justify the maintenance of … Continue reading

Rick Rule on BNN | Top Investing Ideas

November 12, 2015 Editors Note: Many resource investors may not have access to BNN.CA so we are happy to share this recent interview of Rick Rule. Rick Rule – Top Investing Ideas Thu, Nov 12, 2015 – 6:50 PM Rick Rule, chairman, Sprott USA gives his Top Picks; Franco-Nevada, Nevsun Resources, and Altius Minerals. … Continue reading

Dundee Capital Markets’ Matt O’Keefe Calls Out Seven Mining Rerating Opportunities

Matthew O’Keefe, vice president and senior analyst with Dundee Capital Markets, says big gains—50% or greater—in mining equities can come when stocks get rerated. That typically happens when explorers make a significant discovery, developers turn into producers, and producers become even bigger producers. In this interview with The Gold Report, O’Keefe discusses two companies developing gold projects with beefy economics and five producers with healthy growth profiles. The Gold Report: Some market experts believe central banks have no more bullets left in their attempts to stimulate global economic growth and that could lead to a worldwide economic downturn. What is Dundee Capital Markets’ outlook over the next 18–24 months? Matthew O’Keefe: The strength of the U.S. dollar is still a headwind against a rising gold price. With the expectation of U.S. interest rates rising and U.S. economic data pointing to a stronger dollar, there is not much conviction that we’re … Continue reading

Is There a Bright Spot in Commodities? Ask Paul Renken

Demand for commodities is in the doldrums, but the fundamentals of uranium and lithium are favorable when compared with other materials, says Paul Renken, mining analyst for VSA Capital Ltd. In this interview with The Energy Report, Renken notes that rising demand for batteries will soon exert pressure on lithium production capacity and that well-placed uranium juniors are in position to meet demand from nuclear power plants now in development. Investors must be patient, but diligent selection will be rewarded. The Energy Report: Are existing and projected supplies of lithium sufficient, given the building of the Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA:NASDAQ) Gigafactory and the other battery manufacturing facilities that have been announced? Paul Renken: Production capacity will be more than adequate for the factories for one to two years, but we do have concern about the actual availability of the lithium to put into these batteries as the market gets going. … Continue reading