The Marijuana Sector: Timing the Next Upleg

Source: Streetwise Reports 05/21/2017 Canadian and U.S. marijuana stocks have taken divergent paths over the last six months, and technical analyst Clive Maund examines why. Naive investors who thought that the multi-state vote in the U.S. on November 8 in favor of legalizing the pharmaceutical and recreational use of cannabis would lead to further big gains in cannabis stocks and bought the sector shortly after the vote got a nasty lesson in the reverse logic of the stock market. What happened is that the market had already discounted the favorable outcome of the elections before the votes were even counted, and after the results were announced, and even before to some extent, the sector was hit by a wave of self-feeding profit-taking that caused most would-be buyers to shy away from it. Hence the persistent punishing downtrend in the sector that has resulted in severe losses for anyone who bought … Continue reading

TheDailyGold Premium Update #518

By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA Saturday evening we published TDG #518, a 31-page update in which we reiterated our near term cautious viewpoint and provided updates on a handful of companies. The update included a new Q&A section in which we answer subscriber questions. We covered a new company and placed it at the top of our watch list. One of the subscriber questions focused on a select group of stocks one could accumulate and hold for several years. We mentioned what would be our current top 5. ​​​​​​​The new company we placed on our watch list does have serious potential. It has an enterprise value below $20 Million, a deal with a major miner and management own a healthy chunk of the company. These are exactly the type of things I’m looking for: junior explorers with very strong fundamentals, trading at reasonable levels that imply reduced risk that have … Continue reading

Why Is Warren Buffett Holding So Much Cash?

By Kristin Orman Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.B) has a few dollars burning a hole in its pocket. And it’s sending a strong message to Mr. Market. In Buffett’s view, the valuations of large cap and megacap companies are too high. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the market is. There are still a few value plays available to regular investors. You just have to think smaller. As this week’s chart shows, Berkshire Hathaway’s cash position has more than doubled since 2008. It now sits at $96.5 billion. Cash on the balance sheet has been steadily rising for the last five quarters. A Victim of Its Own Success Buffett likes to keep $20 billion in cash on hand. That way, Berkshire Hathaway always has plenty of firepower available when it runs across an attractive acquisition candidate. It’s having trouble finding companies to buy. That’s why the company has … Continue reading

KER Politics – Sat 20 May, 2017

By Cory Trump Again In Hot Water Download audio file (0520-Politics-Full-Show.mp3) Politics Segment 1: Jeff Deist, Big Al, and Cory opine on the media vs. the President. Politics Segment 2: We continue our round table but this time focusing on the termination of the Director of the FBI. Politics Segment 3 & 4: Big Al talks taxes and economics with Professor Richard McKenzie of the National Center Policy Analysis in Dallas. Download audio file (0520-Politics-1.mp3) Download audio file (0520-Politics-2.mp3) Download audio file (0520-Politics-3.mp3) Download audio file (0520-Politics-4.mp3) …read more Source:: The Korelin Economics Report The post KER Politics – Sat 20 May, 2017 appeared first on Junior Mining Analyst. … Continue reading

Weekend Show – Sat 20 May, 2017

By Cory Politics Moving Markets Short Term But What Is the Big Picture? Download audio file (0520-KE-Report-Weekend-Show.mp3) I hope everyone had a great week and for all the Canadians listening in a great long weekend. I am currently on the east coast for a couple wedding (and baseball games and my birthday) over the next week but will still be working while on the road. I am very excited about this week’s show because I have a brand new guest to the show and the second appearance of another guest. In my consistent effort to find the brightest people who I also respect please consider checking out all our guests websites and email any questions you have regarding their services or that you would like to hear their input on. On this week’s show we focus on the general makeup of the markets and the blend of politics and economics … Continue reading

India: Why its Attempt to Go Digital Will Fail

By Jayant Bhandari India Reverts to its Irrational, Tribal Normal (Part XIII) Over the three years in which Narendra Modi has been in power, his support base has continued to increase. Indian institutions — including the courts and the media — now toe his line. The President, otherwise a ceremonial rubber-stamp post, but the last obstacle keeping Modi from implementing a police state, comes up for re-election by a vote of the legislative houses in July 2017. No one should be surprised if a Hindu fanatic is made the next President. India is rapidly entering a new phase. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on the cover of an Indian magazine in 2002, when he was the Chief Minister of the Indian province of Gujarat. During his reign in Gujarat, a civil-war like situation erupted, which seriously segregated the province’s society. It brought Hindus into a state of trance and excitement … Continue reading

Gold Somewhat Ignores Dollar Weakness

By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA The precious metals complex rebounded as expected after becoming very oversold just a few weeks ago. The rebound has been aided by weakness in the US Dollar, which plunged roughly 2% over several days. However, upon further inspection Gold’s rebound has been entirely dollar-centric. Gold has remained weak in real terms and strength in the gold stocks and Silver has been rather muted. In short, the lack of much stronger performance in the face of US Dollar weakness bodes for increasing downside risk over the near term. Gold’s recent strength has been driven entirely by Euro strength and not due to falling real interest rates, its primary fundamental driver. Macron’s win in France coupled with recent strength in European markets has supported what was an oversold and depressed Euro. This has supported Gold in US Dollar terms but only in those terms. As the chart … Continue reading

These 4 charts will turn you into a (raging) zinc price bull

By analyst By Frik Els Zinc was the best performing commodity on Friday with LME prices ending at $2,616 a tonne ($1.19 a pound), a 3.3% jump on the day, outperforming sector bellwether copper’s 2% gain. After today’s move zinc is once again in positive territory for 2017, building on a 60% gain last year on the back of dwindling supply and strong demand from the global automotive sector. Donald Lindsay CEO of Teck Resources, told investors at an industry gathering in Barcelona, Spain that among the diversified miner’s portfolio, it is most bullish about zinc’s short term prospects. Available zinc stocks fell to just over 170,000 tonnes, the lowest since October 2008 The Vancouver-based company, the world’s number 3 producer of zinc, showed a slide at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Metals & Mining Conference that sums up the historically tight market environment for zinc at the … Continue reading

Here’s What the Fed Will Do in June

By Brian Maher This post Here’s What the Fed Will Do in June appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Bears flee in headlong retreat. Order has returned to the streets… The Dow rebounded 56 points yesterday after Wednesday’s 373-point insurrection. It’s up another 142 today. Both the S&P and the Nasdaq steer a parallel course — the S&P’s up another 16 today. The Nasdaq, 29. Investors clearly “bought the dip.” Again. Watchful eyes now turn to June 13 — when the Fed’s Open Market Committee meets once more. It raised rates 0.25% last December… only the second hike in a decade. Then again this March. But markets plowed all the way past Dow 21,000… a road paved with promises of tax cuts, deregulation, infrastructure spending… The Trump “reflation trade.” But with the latest Washington intrigues — and with none of Trump’s agenda in prospect — does the Fed hazard another hike … Continue reading